Bike Check: Loris Vergier's Santa Cruz V10 MX

Aug 25, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

A number of top DH racers seem to be moving to a mullet setup for the 2020 season, including Loris Vergier, who was on 29" wheels front and rear last season. For the French National Championships, Loris was running a stock large V10 MX frame, which is Santa Cruz's new mixed-wheel version of their downhill bike. Apart from a Chris King Buzzworks offset headset, this is the same bike that you could go and buy, although Loris is running a RAD coil shock from Fox that's likely seen some tinkering with the internals to get it set up especially for him.

Loris is also running a full cockpit from UK brand Burgtec, with his carbon bars cut down to 780mm. Shimano XTR brakes front and rear with 203mm rotors help slow things down, and for tires Loris has the common pairing of a Maxxis Assegai at the front and the DHR II out back. He's not running any inserts, due to the fact that they haven't had any problems with the Maxxis tire / Reserve rim combo that would lead them down that route.

Another interesting part of Loris' race bike this weekend is the use of a GPS tracker on the top tube, which they are using to gather data in order to generate a detailed breakdown of where extra seconds can be found for race day.

Rider Name: Loris Vergier
Team: Santa Cruz Syndicate
Instagram: @lorisvergier

Frame: Santa Cruz V10 MX
Fork: Fox 40
Shock: Fox RAD
Wheels: Reserve
Tires: Maxxis Assegai // DHR II (Front: 24psi // Rear: 30psi)
Inserts: None
Drivetrain: Shimano Saint
Brakes: Shimano XTR
Cockpit: Burgtec


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 Wonder how many calls to Jordi it took to get his bike ready for the races?
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 A bit underwhelming as a bike check goes, no rider height/weight, no frame size, etc

Also, running no inserts might be somewhat related to the 30psi in the rear tyre...
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 I run 30psi in my Minions, dont care about your opinions. seriously though, I run 30psi and have still dented my rims. I can imagine running 24psi in the front.
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flag Arierep (Aug 25, 2020 at 15:17) (Below Threshold)
 @rallyimprezive: Dude, chill
Nobody cares about what pressures do you run, do your thing and be happy.

I commented because the article attributes the lack of issues to the tyre/rim combo without mentioning the higher than average tyre pressure
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 @Arierep: aw buddy, I was making a joke. You must not have seen the music video i referring to. Look up
IFHT "Im faster than you" and enjoy. The lyrics include the "I run 30 psi in my Minions. I dont care about your opinons." It really a fun video. IFHT has a lot of funny MTB related videos.
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 Probably related to the prototype casing by maxxis.
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 @rallyimprezive: wasn't it 40psi?
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 @rallyimprezive: you're right, sorry about that.
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 Inserts do so much more than just protect the rim, well CushCore does. Supports sidewalls, adds some damping to the tyre, allows lower pressures and super grip...
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 @Arierep: No worries. Peace and love.
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 @rallyimprezive: magic Mary super gravity 22psi no problem
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 i'm amazed on how saint drivetrain is the same since 2012
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 If it ain’t broke why fix it?
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 @philmtb99: make it even better? 7 speed, nicer lever, 10 tooth small gear on the cassette (1 peice?) And then make the saint brakes like the xtr but more powerful and then they'll have mountains of cash flooding in, assuming people haven't gone for trp's awesome system yet...
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 I dont understand why the pro's need to run tricked up headsets for more reach. Why don't the manufacturers just make the frames with more reach and sell them to everyone the same as the pros race? Im no bike builder or designer and it may not be that simple, just thinking out loud..
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 The rider may wish to have reach number that falls in between frame sizes, and the reach adjust headset lets them dial it perfectly. Downhill bikes are a niche market, and bike manufactures have a challenging task to try and define bike geometries that can please the greatest variety of rider preferences and all levels of skill. The pro's tend to have a very well refined sense of "feel" for the bike, and can make minor adjustments to suit their style - again, beyond what most of us can appreciate.
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 To fit more racers on each frame size I think. I've heard each carbon mold can be close to a $1M with tooling/design and build and not everyone wants a crazy long bike. I'm personally all for more abilities to change my bike (reach,CS, mullet, etc.) so I would want Santa Cruz to bring this to the production bike.
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 @McKai: I think that's part of what the Atherton's set out to solve with their brand. A bike that can be more cost effectively manufactured to meet very specific rider needs.
The challenge for someone like me would be knowing what the heck I need. Stack, reach, top tube, seat tube angle, stand over, BB drop, and on and on. It is nice to see that a good handful of manufactures do include adjustment for some of the key bits, but keep it all with a reasonable range.
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 @McKai: a mold for a frame like this would be around 80-100k
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 Pure customization, more than any amateur they need the rig to be perfect for them while the manufacturers build sizes to fit a spectrum of riders which is always wide even with many offering xs to xxl. Some shorten reach, some like to lengthen in a specific size. Some want slacker or steeper head angle so more play with adjustable headsets or travel. Its no different than changing crank length, adjusting cockpit parts, wheels sizes, etc..
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 Because a reach adjust is usually around +/- 7mm from zero. Which gives an adjustment variation of +/-14mm. Average frame sizing is typically 25mm or 1" in reach for each frame size. This would give a maximum variation between frame sizes at around +/-10mm. A reach adjust allows for a finer tuned feel for each rider, or somebody who's in between frame sizes. Generally at a world cup level, you don't just jump on a bike and ride it. You test each possible variation of setup, and cross these variations through bracketing. All of this is put against the clock, and compared. From an engineering standpoint, its all about getting the rider as centered over the bike as possible to ensure each wheel is weighted properly. This really is all based off numbers and rider preferences.
Hope this helps Smile
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 @McKai: id say likely closer to 100k. But when you add in multiple molds, it gets up there.
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 Wireless speaker mount is the new standard, get on it manufacturers.
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 The molding is expensive
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 Also, he's running it as mullet. Wants the reach at least where it was at 29/29 w/o simply putting bars out(longer stem).
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 @jrocksdh: it would be anyways as its the exact same front end as the 29
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 You think it would just come with one of these headsets as standard?
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 @goffhorner: Chris King Buzzworks is not offered to the public. This would also mean that Santa cruz would have to engineer, and build one. Which isn't a big deal, but there is also a cost involved. For the riders who don't need one, why pay for it? Reality is the consumer pays if they buy aftermarket, or it comes as standard. At least you can have a choice (though very limited) in what headset you would like to run. Your already spending thousands on a bike, whats a couple hundred more at that point.
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 Pretty sure they have more forward bias than normal people and therefore want longer reach without a bigger frame for standover and wheelbase.
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 @jomacba: just get one off works components, their stuff works like a charm
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 @nsp234: Agreed!
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 @jomacba, @nsp234, if you lower the rear axle (with a smaller rear wheel) and leave everything else the same, then the bars move closer to you, reducing the reach a little bit.
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 Bike any of us can go buy... Maybe not??

Dropouts/derailleur hanger look to be a custom 450mm set. Lack of anodizing makes it seem unlikely they're stock parts. Stock v10s can only go front or back (445 or 455). This is right in the middle at 450. Probably needs a custom brake adaptor too

Here's the stock setup
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 Yeah, Loris has had that setup on the 29. Your right, it would need to be a custom brake adapter.
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 Yeah, lots of changes actually.
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 No Saint brakes?? Has anyone used both saint and XTR? What would you recommend for sea to sky level gnar?
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 Sram's, maguras, trickstuff, trp all of those are great
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 I had Saint's for awhile on my dh bike and this year got a new set of XTR's. In terms of power, modulation etc...I don't honestly notice much of a difference. Got em for a steal and they saved a few grams.
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 Shigura for everything
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 I have run saint, and xtr levers with Saint calipers and now full xtr. They all seem about the same in terms of power. I like to run my levers really close to the bar and only the xtr Levers can get close enough for my liking while the saint doesn’t regardless of caliper.
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 @kram: Thanks, I like to run my levers far out and have the bite point far out as well with very little sponge before the brake kicks in. Tough to do with sram so saint may be the brake for me.
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 @onlyDH: can you run other levers with magura calipers? I like the magura lever (although it would ne nice if they made an aluminum one i don't think i'll be switching anytime soon) can you use trp levers with it? I heard some people use the trickstuff levers but that would be way too expensive...
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 @Bikerdude137: I haven’t tried anything other than XT and levers. There is a shigura group on Facebook that has been pretty helpful.

I would like to get some trickstuff DRT levers and pair them up with MT7 calipers, but cost...
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 That's not the front tire he raced with, and the rear says Test Pilot. Not sure if it's an all new un named tire or a new Shorty?
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 Thought maybe the MX would mean it came with a throttle
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flag Bikerdude137 (Aug 25, 2020 at 15:11) (Below Threshold)
 i thought that was called an e bike?
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 It looks like the e-bike lovers beat the e-bike haters, tbh i think e-bikes are cool just not for me
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 Did I miss the weight somewhere? looks awesome.
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 This can’t be Loris’s bike, the angle of the brake levers are no where near flat enough.
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 is he also suffering from a third ball? Maybe since he doesn't dh the third ball doesn't affect him as much? Who knows
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 Flat brakes conspiracy vibes
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 @dj100procentenduro: never thought of it that way but by far the funniest way to put it lol
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 is this a mistake or is the shock a proto... new one came out 2 months ago and looks exactly the same
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 internals are probably much more refined as opposed to the general tune available to the consumers. Set the baseline for the specific rider/bike and then the adjustments can fine tune it for the specific track. Our (general public) shocks come with a baseline tune and we use the knobs to adjust to our specific rider and bike preferences.
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 compression stack still uses shims, so there is really lots you can do to these in terms of tuning.
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 Is he running a STFU chain silencer?
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 looks like it
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 I mean, you could easily look
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 put one on my v10 and it did STFU.
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 PROTOTYPE CABLE ENDS!!! I was the first to spot it!
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 Why’s the fork decal read “40”? Is the “49” nomenclature gone?
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 Yup it’s just a 40 now
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 Are mullets because downhillers know 27.5 are better but bike companies have to sell 29er frames OR is it because everyone now seem to like 29 better so bike companies have loads of 27.5 components they need to shift so they do a season running it at the back to help sell all the old stock.
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 The only 27.5 components are rims and tyres. Santa Cruz make their own rims and have a full range of 27.5 bikes using them (inc the brand new 5010). I doubt very much Maxxis are driving trade teams to run 27.5 wheels to clear their dead stock of tyres.
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 Mullets are ideally an adaptation for shorter riders who struggle to get enough clearance off the back wheel, as well as those who feel it may be a personal preference. Santa Cruz only offers the MX in a medium and large. The XL is 29 only, as most riders on that bike would be tall enough to fit.
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 you know if you had read any of the articles talking about mullets you would know why, but instead you come in here and say it's a manufacturer trying to get rid of old parts?
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 Is it just me or is that paint job (especially in that shot of the rear shock) looking pretty "homemade" to say the least?
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 Maybe its my screen or the photos but the bike look mid 2000s short....
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 Does Santa Cruz sell the v10 as a mullet?
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 What's the doodad on his top tube?
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