Bike Check: Mark Scott's Santa Cruz Bronson from Ard Rock 2021

Aug 7, 2021
by Tristan Tinn  

Mark Scott is one of Santa Cruz Bikes' elite enduro athletes and probably needs little introduction. He hails from the Tweed Valley in Scotland, home to some of the UK's finest trails. Mark's origins were downhill racing but he is now well embedded in the EWS ranks. He also stretches his legs further and has competed in longer distance events such as XC and the odd epic.

At Ard Rock, Mark Scott's Bronson is built up with RockShox suspension and SRAM Eagle AXS shiny parts. He's rolling on Reserve wheels with a classic DHF and DHR II combo, though they're EXO casing because that's all he could get right now, and without inserts, he's playing with fire on the rocky terrain.

Let's take a closer look at his Bronson.

Mark Scott // Santa Cruz Bikes
Age: 28
Hometown: Innerleithen
Height: 5'9" / 175cm
Weight: 67kg
Instagram: @markscott259



Frame: Santa Cruz Bronson CC
Shock: RockShox Super Deluxe
Fork: RockShox Lyrik
Wheels: 29" front & 27.5" rear Reserve Wheels
Tires: Maxxis Minion DHF & DHR II in EXO Casing. No inserts
Drivetrain: SRAM Eagle X01 AXS with a 36t Chainring
Cockpit: Burgtec Carbon Enduro Bars at 750mm with a Burgtec Enduro MK3 Stem
Size: Medium

bigquotesParts can be hard to come by at the moment, this hasn't been built long. I'm only on EXO casings as I wasn't able to get any others. I would normally run a DH casing. I am not running any inserts despite the rocky terrain. Mark Scott

AXS on the drive. Notice Mark also runs his levers quite flat


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 These latest bike checks are rubbish, I'm sorry. Wheels: reserve, which reserve wheels, what hubs? Cockpit: burgtec? What stem, what length, which bars, how wide? No tyre pressure either
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flag vandall (Aug 7, 2021 at 4:19) (Below Threshold)
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 @vandall: butthole
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 It's just a SC commercial, as boring as SC bikes themselves so it's not surprising that PB stuff did not achieve the peak of journalism here. There are things you just have to fo and want to get over them as fast as you can. Would you be excited to do a bike check of another SC bike with stock suspension, wheels and drivetrain?
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 Agreed. The solution would be a simple print out spreadsheet with all measurements/info to filled out which is distributed amongst all "bike checkers".

Frame size
Cockpit setup ( stem length/bar width/spacers)
Tire width/psi/casing/inserts
Suspension settings
Wheels(Rim, spoke count)

Standardize this you are done
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 "Parts can be hard to come by at the moment"

Same with detailed specs on bike checks at the moment.
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 2022 bike check:

Yellow bike
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 Details are locked by paywall.
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 @kyytaM: ahahahahahha (where you can find links to buy those parts!)
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 @vandall: we’re on the internet reading about specific bike parts on a weekend ... we’re all nerds. Embrace it.
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 This is embarrassing for a “bike check”
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 Bike? Check!
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 frame size?
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 Does that bike come with a Big Mac?
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 Its Lyrik Not Lyric...
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 Pro bike checks are usually crap anyway unless they include personal touches and settings. Oh whats that? They choose to run the parts they're sponsored to run? No waaaay... get outta here.

Semi-pro or privateer checks give a better insight into what works or has been selected for a reason (even if the reason is simply affordability/availability)
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 Yeah and I'm pretty sure they can't read either. It's lyrik
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 @mrtoodles: no idea why you get down voted since that's the truth. Very rarely you will see sponsored athletes run say a Maxxis tire blacked out and in any case this will never covered in a bike check.
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 @TheBlueBear: nerd is a compliment
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 @gonpalco: affiliate links to boot.
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 @onlyDH: 2023 bike check: mountain bike
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 @Thegnarberries: lmao bike have 2 wheel. Go good.
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 Tires: DHR II

Actual bike tires: DHF/DHR II

How has the editing/write up quality gotten worse since you got bought out? It's like every article.
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 RS Lyrik in this is spelled as Lyric...
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Front wheel 29inch
Rear wheel 27.5inch
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 Outdoor probably decided they had 30% too much staff and fired a bunch of people. Oh and they'd like the remaining staff to increase overall output by 15% as well.
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 Bike check? Might as well just post a picture of his bike and call it good.
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 Today’s bike check:
“I’m sponsored by Santa Cruz and SRAM and everything on my bike is by them because that’s what I have to have. PS it’s the best, honest “

I much prefer privateer bike checks where they’ve slaved over their choices pick what they want and to Min/Max their build.
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 Bike check: confirmed it is a bike.
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 How can he ride Enduro on 35mm forks? I thought you’d die without having 38mm forks these days!!
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 Camera: Canon EOS R6. Lens: RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM. Shutter speed:1/1250. Aperture: 3.2. Focal length: 100.0mm. ISO speed: 160
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 Would prefer this info in video format please.
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 Spelled lyrik wrong. Is this Bicycling? mt bike action?
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 I love rockshox lyrics. Music to my ears.
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 Sorry, but as a professional racer I would not be trusting my results to Exo casings. I know he would have to spend money out of his own pocket, but tires ARE AVAILABLE retail. A simple Google search will find whatever you need, just have to be willing to pay for it right now.
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 Didn’t see the athlete pay survey? DH rubber is expensive $$
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 So much negativity with the bike check. It seems the components and setup are pretty self explanatory from the pics? Looks like a sick bike and it's interesting to see people riding a Bronson at this level... these days it seems like mostly just 29ers at these events.
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 That front tire with DHF thread and Minion DHF written on the side of surely falls under "Tires: Maxxis Minion DHR II EXO"
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 These bike checks are a waste of space. Just show a pic from the Santa Cruz website! How about frame size( I guess it looks like medium) tire size, bar width/ height, dropper length, saddle, any little special setup tricks he uses.
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 Running Exo casings on an event called "Ard Rock"...
Very best wishes mate
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 Aside from there being almost Zero information in this..
Fak, what fuking chainring. Looks like a damn 36!?
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 It’s cool, us mountain bike gear dorks don’t care about specifics or anything.
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It even says it on the side of the fork.
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 Isn´t a contradiction to say you only got EXO tires but usually use DH casing and then saying you´re not using tire inserts? I would use tire inserts if having only EXO casing... or not?
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 Its a Santa Cruz. Well Done.
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 What brakes, bar width, rise etc, it’s a pretty loose bike check
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 Brakes are Code RSC, no idea on bar width but it looks like about a 30mm rise. They look like Burgtec RideWide which are available in 15 and 30mm rises.
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 What pressure is he running in those exos? I'm not half as fast and have punctured all my exos within a handful of rides
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 Simply put air into them and all your problems will be gone ! I was a firm beliver in the DH casing for enduro hype (easy since I come from the DH world) and this summer I put a DHF exo on the front since it was all that was left in my garage. So far it did 10 days of Park riding (flow and natural) in the Alps with no problem. But I riding them at 1.8bars, no grip problem if you load it properly and I am 85kg, "fast" rider.
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 I took a closer look and noticed that the little plastic front fender only keeps the fork bridge clean.
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 This is an advertisement, not a bike check
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 NOTICE “he runs his levers quite flat”….it’s all in the detail….some people should read the article instead of skimming through it
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 A Spot more than a bike check
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 Written by Tristan "Biscuit" Tinn
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 Is it a mullet? PB has been pushing that all bikes should be mullet, so hopefully it’s a mullet.
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 Yeah latest Bronson is a mullet
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 wow; that was a bland bike check...
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 I’ll sit back and relish this paint sceme.
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 Looks more like ketchup and Dijon mustard to me.
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 Well we know it belongs to a real weiner @UnInc126
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 @UnInc126: that hot dog paint job needs mustard yellow decals
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 This is a low point for PB, came on fellows you can do way better!!!!!
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 This article is certified hot garbage
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 Can they change the title to 'bike'.
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 Bike check: Yellow bike for yellow haired rider.
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 38t chainring.
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 No chain guide..
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 looks like a session
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 Nobody cares
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