Bike Check: Martha Gill's Marin Hawk Hill 27.5 - Crankworx Rotorua 2020

Mar 5, 2020
by Aidan Oliver  

EWS rider Martha Gill is changing things up a bit this year by not competing in the full EWS season but adding all 3 Crankworx stops to her calendar. Martha will be riding in Dual, Pumptrack, Air DH and (maybe) Speed & Style. This is her Marin Hawk Hill that's been set up for dual slalom and Speed & Style.
Rider Name Martha Gill // Marin Bikes
Age: 23
Hometown: Bolton, England
Instagram: @marthagmarthag

Marin Hawk Hill
Plenty of purple and blue anodized components on Martha's bike courtesy of Hope.

Marin Hawk Hill
Marin Hawk Hill Details

Frame: Marin Hawk Hill, size Medium
Shock: Fox Float
Fork: Marzocchi Z2
Wheels: Hope Pro 4 hubs laced to WTB rims
Drivetrain: Microshift/Hope Evo Cranks
Brakes: Hope Tech 3 E4
Bar/Stem: Deity

Marin Hawk Hill
No dropper needed for dual or speed & style.

Marin Hawk Hill
Martha's hometown is just a short drive from the Hope headquarters.

Marin Hawk Hill
The Marzocchi Z2 fork keeps things supple up front.

Marin Hawk Hill
Marin Hawk Hill
Hope and Crankbrothers combo for cranks and pedals.

Marin Hawk Hill
Hope Tech E4 brakes deliver plenty of stopping power, anodized purple of course..

Marin Hawk Hill
Full Deity cockpit

Marin Hawk Hill
One of Martha's new sponsors for 2020 is Microshift. Martha was tight-lipped on the details of the drivetrain, but there will be more info coming soon.


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 Is Microshift a subsidiary of Sean Connery's company, Microshoft?

Thanks; I'll be here all night.
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 I'd props you again if I could
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 A lot of yesterday and today on that bike. The colorful retro ano really makes the 90’s mtbef me happy. And supple Zoke to boot. Coolest looking Marin I’ve ever seen. Nice bike!
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 mtbef = mtber
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 I thought it was one of the ugliest ano mismatches I've seen since we went all Kooka crazy...and yet I love it!
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 @blowmyfuse: that is a name i haven't heard in a long time.
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 @big-red: they only broke if you rode them.
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 "One of Martha's new sponsors for 2020 is Microshift. Martha was tight-lipped on the details of the drivetrain, but there will be more info coming soon."

When do we get reviews of chinese transmissions like Sensah XRX, or Ltwoo A12?
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 This, so much! The world can't ignore china anymore. They really do good stuff, there are people praising sensah empire 2x11 road group at the level of shimano 105. Ztto cassetes, Bolany cassetes, exiting stuff to use a 9 speed drivetrain with 11/46 range. Hubs. Wheels. Chains(this one I still pass). E-mtb kits. Suspension forks. Inverted suspension forks. Bars. Stems. Droppers. I'd love to see long term reviews of those parts. I'm in need of cheap parts that work great, because I can't keep up with 1x12 drivetrains setting me back a year of payment.
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 @Notmeatall: Drivetrain wise, I have installed a Sunshine 42t cassette on my 9sp sram X5 from 2014, works like a charm. Dropper post, I am using a Satori Sorata Pro (88eur shipped), it was costing more then the maintenance of my Reverb.

Otherwise there is also Sride:
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 So a microshift review to read tomorrow during my morning movement....
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 *long-term review
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 I neeeed those Tech E4s in my life... and those Pro4 hubs... and those cranks in purple... Hope you want a new rider on your team? I absolutely suck at riding, but at least I'd- correction *my bike would look good
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 Such a sick bike for a very skilled rider. Excited to hear about this microshift drivetrain
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 Love the color scheme and components.
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 Said it before and I'll say it again, Marin are producing some great stuff again now.
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 Looks now they went through the Bike-Nazi program of PB comment section now... I loved your diversity and nuts Marin, I loved it...
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 Cool to see that a professional rider is sporting components that the a wider mountain biking community can afford too (Z2 fork, WTB wheels).
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 Gowaan girl... tup
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 Pinkbike did a good job of not releasing the drivetrain photos. . News or propaganda?
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 Loving this bike... bad luck on the slalom Martha - gave it the full beans against Jill K!
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 Nasty crash, still made it to the finish line:
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 Hope "pre worn" cranks? From a distance I was like "why's that sweet bike running 3 year old cranks"? Smile
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 Because of the climate emergency, you have to use the components till they rot :-)
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 perfect but the red pedals: purple or black, very nice anyway
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 she looks lire remy morton, or remy morton looks like her ??
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flag Golden-G (Mar 6, 2020 at 5:01) (Below Threshold)
 Be careful you might get kicked off PB for ‘misgendering’ some one. LOL!
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 @Golden-G: yeah sad PB is so liberal! Dead Horse
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 @Golden-G: The caps lock 'lol' really solidifies your edginess
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 Horwich massif...
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 I'm here for Chorley. I see Horwich as Chorley really not Bolton. Then there is the whole greater manchester nonsense too.
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 microSHIFT is cool now
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 It's almost as if all these 3,4,5,6k bikes aren't needed at all....
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 Couldn't quite spring for the Hope stem...
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