Bike Check: Mckay Vezina's 3 Bikes of Crankworx Summer Series

Aug 5, 2020
by Aidan Oliver  

Crankworx's Summer Series is a unique event in lots of respects. BC riders only, no spectators, but most interestingly of all, riders must compete in every discipline. That's downhill, enduro, dual slalom and air DH. As a result, we saw an array of different bikes at Silverstar, with some riders using the same bike all week and others having a fleet of 3 bikes to switch between. We took a look at Mckay Vezina's 3 Giant bikes, his Reign enduro bike, Glory downhill bike and Anthem slalom bike.

Height 5'10" / 177cm
Weight 185 lb / 83.9 kg
Age 24
Hometown Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada
Instagram @mckay_vezina

bigquotesChanging bikes between races was really fun but definitely made me nervous as I hadn't spent much time on the DH and slalom bikes. I know my enduro bike really well but hopping between bikes day to day definitely kinda made it spicy and interesting, but all of us here know how to ride a bike fairly well so within the first hour you would adapt to it. It was definitely a fun learning curve and overall all of us are going to leave this event better bike riders by spending so much time on three different bikes.Mckay Vezina

Giant Anthem
Dual Slalom Bike


bigquotesI got it specifically for the dual, I've never raced dual before but our team has a couple of these bikes that they have floating around for these kind of events and they were able to get me one here in time. It was super fun to ride, I've always wanted to try one and try the discipline and it definitely took a second to get my feet underneath me, but once I figured out how the bike worked and where I could push it, it was really coolMckay Vezina

Frame: Giant Anthem Slalom Bike 27.5" size Medium
Fork: Fox 36, 140mm
Shock: Fox DPX2 120mm
Seatpost: Giant
Tires: Maxxis Minion DHF, 2.5 WT, Double Down Casing front and rear. 27 front psi, 30 rear
Saddle: Giant Contact
Cranks: Shimano Saint 170mm
Bars: PRO Tharsis Bar 770mm, 35mm rise
Stem: PRO Tharsis Stem 40mm
Brakes: Shimano Saint, 180mm rotor front, 160mm rotor rear
Drivetrain: Shimano Saint 10 Speed, 32t chainring, Ultegra Road Cassette
Pedals: HT T1

Despite originally being from the US Mckay flies the Canadian flag.

While saving weight everywhere else on the bike, Mckay opted for max stopping power and the Saint brakes.

Opting for Minion DHF front and rear for extra rolling and a tire than Mckay's mechanic actually designed.

Small cage HT T1 pedals to save weight.

A small Ultergra road cassette.

Mckay wasn't too sure on all of his suspension settings but set psi extra stiff, compression almost fully on but kept the rebound fairly neutral.

Giant Glory Mullet
Downhill Bike


bigquotesThe Downhill boys have been testing the mullet for the last year or so and I wanted to try it. I love it, it feels really good and it definitely corners like a dream. I haven't had a downhill bike in maybe 5 years so it's been a treat to get back on one, the stability and the overall speed you can carry through the fast high speed stuff was unreal.Mckay Vezina

Frame: Giant Glory Mullet Size Large
Fork: Fox 40, 200mm
Shock: Fox Float X2 200mm
Seatpost: Giant
Tires: Maxxis Assegai, 2.5, DH Casing, 25 psi front. Maxxis DHR II, 2.4, DH Casing, 27 psi rear.
Saddle: Giant Contact
Cranks: Shimano Saint 170mm
Bars: PRO Tharsis Bar 780mm, 30mm rise, extra roll forwards
Stem: PRO Tharsis Stem 40mm
Brakes: Shimano Saint, 200mm rotor front and rear
Drivetrain: Shimano Saint 7 Speed
Pedals: HT X2

The larger platform HT X2 pedals for the DH rig.

Tried and tested full Shimano Saint on Mckay's Glory.

Mckay originally set his bike up a bit stiffer and more progressive between switching back to the same feel as his Enduro bike.

Assegai up front and DHRII in the rear.

Giant Reign
Enduro and Air DH Bike


bigquotesI started on the Reign large 29 but it was a big bike. I prefer the way that this bike cornered and with the way enduro racing's kinda gone in the last year or two in Europe, it's a lot slower riding so you don't need the high speed long wheelbase bike so I really like this bike for this kind of racingMckay Vezina

Frame: Giant Reign 29 Size Medium
Fork: Fox 38, 170mm, 110 psi, mid range HSC, fully open LSC, fast rebound
Shock: Fox DHX2, 146mm, 475lb spring, mid range HSC, fully open LSC, fast rebound
Seatpost: Fox Transfer 175mm
Tires: Maxxis Assegai, 2.5, DH Casing, 24 psi front. Maxxis DHR II, 2.4, DH Casing, 26 psi rear.
Saddle: Giant Contact
Cranks: Shimano XTR 170mm
Bars: PRO Tharsis Bar 770mm, 30mm rise
Stem: PRO Tharsis Stem 55mm
Brakes: Shimano XTR 4 piston, 200mm rotor front and rear
Drivetrain: Shimano XTR 12 Speed, 45 tooth cassette
Pedals: HT X2

A long standing bike in Giant's line up, the Reign had a full facelift and went 29" last year.

Full XTR everywhere on Mckay's Reign.

Mckay prefers the feel of a coil shock but admitted maybe an air would be better for events like the Air DH.

Custom mud guard is a nice touch.

Big 55mm stem to stretch out the front end.

Like many Enduro racers, Mckay opts for the 45 tooth cassette over the 52 as it allows him to run a shorter cage mech keeping it away from any pesky rocks.

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 It's nice to have 120mm of travel on all his bikes!
  • 18 3
 Cool article, but difficult to read with spelling errors littered throughout!
  • 12 3
 Sorry if it was tough to read, we put this up late after a long day on the hill. The errors should be fixed now.
  • 15 0
 I don't think 185lb is 66kg.
  • 7 0
 Its not 132lbs either which they used for Adrien dailly lol
  • 7 1
 It really isn't that hard to convert metric to standard. Why does pinkbike have such a hard time with this?
  • 1 2
 Not sure what planet you can get a 10 speed Ultegra cassette with 10-45 range , and how that would be considered small or used on a DS setup.
  • 10 0
 I love that Giant anthem with that vintage 36 fork
  • 7 0
 So even the team riders telling Giant that they fucked up the sizing on the Reign29 with that huge gap between the M and L models - 455 vs. 490 reach.
  • 2 0
 The comment regarding choosing a medium for the shorter wheelbase is interesting, considering how the industry trend has been longer/slacker/etc. If the courses are getting techier/slower speed, then the trend seems to not be driven by racing requirements?
  • 5 0
 Ding ding ding we have a winner, you are correct sir.
  • 3 0
 Giant just f*cked up the sizing and the gap in reach between the M and L modell.

"With a 38mm jump in reach from our medium to our large..."

First they tried to explain it with the teams needs, but now that Vezina´s on a M and streching it with a 60mm stem...
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 @TEAM-ROBOT: Interesting stance from Team "YOUR BIKE IS TOO SMALL BRO" Robot.
  • 4 0
 What tire did his mechanic design?
  • 3 0
 Opting for Minion DHF front and rear for extra rolling and a tire than Mckay's mechanic actually designed ? Smile ))))
  • 14 0
 Colin Bailey is the Giant Team DH Mechanic, he designed the DHF.
  • 2 0
 @isaacschmidt: Wow, pretty cool. Legend!
  • 12 0
 @Staktup: definitely! I think 90% of us owe that man a thank you.
  • 11 0
 @isaacschmidt: Spomer actually started a GoFundMe campaign, as Bailey doesn't get royalties from Maxxis (for various reasons). So anyone who wants, can show their appreciation.
  • 2 0
 @SkipSkovhugger: Thanks! I wasn't aware.
  • 1 0
 How are they getting 120mm out back on that anthem? I believe it is 90mm stock, are they over shocking it? What effect does that have on the BB height and handling? Or maybe it's only posible with 27,5?
  • 3 1
 I think it’s a typo. All his bikes say 120 in back.
  • 1 1
 Over shocking is an understatement lol it's an xc bike with a 36 and a piggyback shock. I'm starting to feel underforked on my old reign with 32mm rs revs after seeing the new trance get a 36 and now an anthem.
  • 2 0
 Anthem 27.5, which is what he's running is 110mm out back. Anthem 29, which is the race bike, is 90mm out back.
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 Where do I send my resume to be an editor for articles? I got hukt on fonix at an early age.

Joking aside, interesting to read peoples' reasoning and logic for some of their choices.
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 Mckway running 3 tires on his Anthem - that's a bold strategy cotton let's see how it works out for him
  • 2 0
 the 29" Reign looks pretty temptig
  • 1 0
 120mm travel Reign? Huh? Did they somehow manage to short stroke one with a shorter stroke DHX2?
  • 1 0
 Rockstar is finally back on a DH. Hey Pinkbike. He’s on 29” DH = fox 49
  • 2 0
 That’s no longer the case with the 2021 suspension so even though you’re right because he’s still on the 2020 stuff it is better to just call it by stanchion diameter as it has always been instead of wheel size now more than ever since almost everyone has a 29er at least in the front.
  • 1 0
 They stopped calling them the 49 last year because damn near everyone was on 29ers by then. Still only 40mm stantions so no reason to call it anything but the 40. With your logic a fox 32 29er should be a fox 39 then right.
  • 2 2
 Looks like a session Jk please don't say this, it actually works more similarly to a santa cruz then a session...
  • 6 4
 What is Air DH?
  • 4 1
 i don't know why people downvoted you, kind of a dick thing to do to someone who's just asking a question
Air dh is a race down a jump trail, always timed so no steeze points (although scrubs are generally a good option)
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 Custom mud guard. Puts stickers on it Smile
  • 1 0
 Only custom part on my bike that you'll ever see
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 Gee Bill! How come your Mom lets you have 3 bikes?
  • 8 10
 Full of spelling and other mistakes. Definitely not a 10-45 Ultergra cassette on Mckway's dual bike
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