Bike Check: Noga Korem's GT Fury - Les Gets DH World Cup 2021

Jun 30, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Noga Korem is usually out pedaling her way to EWS top-10s, but this weekend, she'll be in Les Gets mixing it up with the downhill ladies. As the eighth-place woman at the 2020 Leogang World Champs and the fifth place woman at the 2020 Crankworx Innsbruck DH, she can get along with the big bike nearly as well as she rides her enduro bike, which is a high bar considering her handful of EWS podiums.

The new track at Les Gets has handed riders and mechanics a challenge with bike setup. The weather is uncertain, but any more moisture will likely make the already waterlogged trails perilous, so riders will spend the next few days experimenting with tires, suspension setup, and other tweaks to try to give themselves the best chance at success. Noga said after the track walk today that she's already out of her comfort zone, so we can be sure that it will be a spicy race.

Sven Martin Photo
Noga Korem // GT Factory Racing
Age: 29
Home Country: Israel
Instagram: @nogakorem

Noga Korem GT Fury
Number 20 plate for Noga this weekend.

Noga Korem GT Fury
Michelin adopted OneUp's naming scheme and called this product exactly what it is. Noga will be running Michelin DH Mud tires. No tire inserts for her.
Frame: GT Fury
Shock: Fox DHX2, 375 lb spring
Fork: Fox 40, 4 tokens and 47 psi
Suspension settings: Fairly open and slow, but expected to change throughout the weekend.
Wheels: 27.5" Stan's Flow EX
Tires: Michelin DH Mud, 17/21psi F/R, but pressure may change with conditions.
Drivetrain: Shimano Saint
Brakes: Shimano Saint
Cockpit: Race Face Atlas stem and OneUp Carbon Handlebar at 780mm

Noga Korem GT Fury
Noga Korem GT Fury
The OneUp Carbon Handlebar is paired with an Atlas stem.

Noga Korem GT Fury
Noga Korem GT Fury
For frame adjustment options, it's short and low.

Noga Korem GT Fury - Flattened brake lever so it effectively finishes it s pull stroke closest to the bar.
Her front lever is bent to somewhat flatten the abrupt hook design at the end, extending the lever just enough to make the stroke longer. Noga runs the Saints over XTRs because the Saint stroke ends closer to the bar.

Noga Korem GT Fury
Noga Korem GT Fury
Mud guard and spikes... it's going to be a good one. The team plans to experiment with fully cut, half cut, and uncut options.

Noga Korem GT Fury
Noga Korem GT Fury
The saddle and mud guard celebrate Noga's Israeli roots.

Noga Korem GT Fury
Noga is starting out with her settings open and slow, but her team expects to dial things up over the next few days as the conditions change and Noga settles in on the track. Her whole setup is based on the feel of her enduro bike, but as she spends more time on this bike, things may change.

Noga Korem GT Fury
Happy racing, Noga!

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 @GotchaJimmy: agreed. just dont like when people bring politics to a rider spotlight, or racing in general. All of our countries and govt's are guilty of bad shit. just pisses me off that as soon as i seen who the rider was, someone would bring stuff up that has nothing to do with her. she is just a rad racer, like any rad racer from any other country.
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 @jason475: I think there's room to acknowledge Noga for her individual achievements as an excellent rider but also be conscious of the atrocities committed by the country she proudly represents.
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 I'd like to say 2 things:
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 Michelin mud tires are the only thing that are properly named. Their lineup is a nightmare to navigate.
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 I also run bent brake levers. But it's mostly because I'm poor and unskilled
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 Rare seeing dual 27.5" these days! Awesome to see!
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 Bringin 27.5” back…
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 Looks like I'm not the only one that likes taking pretty pictures of my bike without mud
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 Whats the point of doing a feature on a bike that is already old news, its been exactly the same for the last 2 years and before the season is out probably all of the riders will be on the brand new bike! Its a waste of your time, the photographers time, the readers time and my time that I am having to write this comment as I won't get this time back in my life haha
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 Good luck Noga! we all Love You
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 Dead sexy race bike!
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 „ The team plans to experiment with fully cut, half cut, and uncut options.“

Sounds like a girl I once knew
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 Go noga
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 Why are there so many riders, like Noga, not available on the DH Fantasy team selection?
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 I guess that it comes down to how many races those people that are not available rode in the last or the last two seasons.
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 Pinkbike could you please amend your text, she did not finish 5th at crankworks 2021, that was eleonora farina, Noga placed 5th in 2020
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 when will her name be available on fantasy?
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 Go Noga go!
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 erm...elle finished 5th at crankworx,there doesnt seem to be a result for her at all at crankworx but good luck for the race this weekend Noga
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 she was 5th last year in the dh
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 Go Noga!!!
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 Fantasy update?
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 I'm not usually a fan of the GT Fury but this is pretty sick looking. I have to admit though, it looks like a Session.
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 "Mud guard and spikes... it's going to be a good one" - RIP Reece Wilson
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 Very cool
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 Brilliant stuff. No stupid ridiculous faddy Mullet Bikes to be seen here. Just the same size wheels all round like all bikes should have.
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 You know the front triangle's carbon right? Or have you moved on from that particular crusade?
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My mission continues......
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 Malka Amitit!!! Tni Barosh Alufa.
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 Noga Korem is such a “pro rider” name haha
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 17 psi? That is definitely freaking low;
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 For a lighter rider it’s fine
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 I bet you never tried Michelin DH tires. Their sidewalls are so stiff that you could probably get to the bottom with no air at all.
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 She runs 47 psi in the fork so she is probably feather light.
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 @Tasso75: I've had a French DH tire, a Mavic DH option. It was so supportive, I was running it with 20 psi without inserts. I weight 100kg. Her 17 psi is certainly high pressure for her weight.
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 @Tasso75: is't that opposite of what types suppose to do?
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 Beauty ™
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 Go Noga!

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