Bike Check Tom Isted's GT La Bomba

Oct 23, 2020
by Nick Bentley  

During DMR Dirtwars round 4 at Redhill Extreme we caught up with GT Bicycles's Tom Isted to take a look at his 2020 GT La Bomba.

Tom came into the Dirtwars event fresh from his 11th place at Crankworx Innsbruck. His new 2020 GT La Bomba is set up pretty simply with an emphasis on the bike been clean and quiet. The GT rider keeps his cables cut to a minimum before they go into his Shadow Bmx gyro, keeping his full FSA cockpit nice and clean to avoid any hang-ups when doing barspins. Tom is very much a fit and forget kind of rider with a simple approach to bike set up.

Tom's Sponsors are: GT Bikes, SR Suntour, Fox, FSA, Fabric, Carder tech, Kenda Tyres, Etnies, and Profile Racing.

Tom Isted // GT Bicycles
Age: 28
Hometown: Liskeard
Height: 6ft
Weight: 65Kg
Instagram: @tom_isted

When asked what tire pressures and fork pressure he is running tom just simply replied I pump them up until they're hard and leave them. You can't beat that for simplicity and going by feel.

There is a BMX gyro fitted to the La Bomba with the cables cut as short as they can be to keep them out of the way with some electrical tape (its not a jump bike if there isn't any tape, right?) used to keep the tiny cables tight to the bars.
GT La Bomba Details
Frame: 2020 GT Bicycles La Bomba
Shock: N/A
Fork: SR Suntor Auron 100mm]
Wheels: Profile Raceing 26"
Tires: Kenda Booster
Drivetrain: FSA
Brakes: BMX Gyro Cable disc
Cockpit: FSA
Size: Medium
Weight: Tom has no idea of the weight
More info: GT Bicycles

bigquotesI pump them up until they're hard and leave them.Tom Isted

A complete FSA cockpit with a 10mm rise bar and a 50mm stem. New for 2020 the La Bomba comes in a red colorway.

Continuing the super clean theme of this bike the back end has no chain tensioners and the chain is running supper tight, pulling the wheel in as much as it can. The freehub on the super-fast rolling Profile Racing wheelset gives off one of the best noises out there, as well as being a super solid wheel build.

Tom is sponsored by UK pedal company Carder tech and he uses the two twelve platform pedal on his slopestyle bike.

The FSA drivetrain is as tight as it can go whilst still allowing for some pedaling to keep the pedals as still as possible when in the air.

Tom uses a BMX shadow Gyro to keep barspins tangle free.

The build is finished off with a GT Bicycles Seatpost and clamp and a fabric saddle.


  • 23 0
 Umm it's definitely La Bomba, not El Bomba
  • 49 2
 Elbiker9 are you sure about that?
  • 9 16
flag big-G-84 (Oct 24, 2020 at 0:25) (Below Threshold)
 @PJSANAB: dude, it says la bomba on the top tube
  • 7 1
 @big-G-84: dude, it looks like you didn't get the joke, it says it right on the top tube
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 Love the dirt jumper content.
  • 7 0
 I appreciate pink bike for all they do and I understand they pump out loads of articles but the basic English and spelling in these articles is absolutely appalling. Do they not check them at all before they press ‘publish’?
  • 3 0
 I think there are a lot of contributors. Most of them probably failed their high school English exams.
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 This article is supper tight!
  • 2 1
 @b0cephus: At the end of the day, we're reading about bikes. Spelling and grammer will always come second to content.
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 Is the chain on backwards?
  • 3 0
  • 3 0
 @kanioni: so that’s why I’m not going anywhere fast!!
  • 2 5
 @nojzilla its just a half link chain, a lot of BMX riders use them.
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 @IamtheNIGHTRIDER: wow thanx for that info........
  • 5 0
 @IamtheNIGHTRIDER: and it's also on backwards
  • 1 0
 Interesting! Does it make any difference?
  • 2 0
 @Startgas: I've heard they stretch/wear faster if mounted the wrong way
  • 1 0
 I'm not just saying this to be argumentative. How does the chain know if it's the right way on or not? Are the forces applied differently if force is applied from A to B vs. B to A?

I am open to being educated. It could well be that you are right - I'm strugging to see how it could make any difference myself but I am not dismissing it.
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 @jaame: if you take a look at a half link chain the plates are thick an thin in one link as aposed to a regular chain that has two parts, one thick an one thin to one link. ( how wide narrow chain rings work)
The area of the plates on a half link chain that narrows on the single link has a leading edge so the thicker part pulls the thinner.
Apparently, if mounted the wrong way with the thinner pulling the thick will prematurely stretch the chain an wear on teeth
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 @nojzilla: that's very interesting. I have had one before and didn't know that. I wonder if I had it on the right way around.
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 @IamtheNIGHTRIDER: it is a half link chain. and it is also installed backwards
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 Is the wheel brand actually called "Profile Raceing" because that's hilarious.
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 The hubs are made by Profile racing ( legendary bmx brand)
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 @chriskink: they also make some pretty sweet mtb stuff. Those chromo cranks are lustworthy.
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 I don't get it. How can you go rideing without hubs on your bike?
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 I wanna know what's in all these pro riders SR Suntour suspension. You don't see them on ANY dirt jump bikes other than the pro's. And as for the MTB stuff you only find it on low end bikes? Rarely ever see them at the trails. Yet these boys have been riding them for years so they must be decent? Why don't they introduce a budget dirt jump for like the one tom and Sam Reynolds use? Or do they get special internals?
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 I’ve got one on mine. The only reason you don’t see them if because you have to lower then to get them down to 100mm travel which a lot of people aren’t bothered to do. They’re great forks but it takes a long time to change perception
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 @Joebohobo: How does it compare to the 36 831 or Pike DJ?
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 @J1BB: not quite as stiff as those two, but considering It was less than £180 when the fox 36 is £900, so I’m way happier to sacrifice a tiny bit of stiffness for the price. Other than that there’s not much difference I find. For a DJ fork you don’t need anything fancy! Just something to soak up the big hits and smooth things out a tiny bit
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 Has anyone ever wondered what's the reach on this thing? Since it's not published I crunched the numbers myself and it comes down to about 440mm for the size large. I will be uploading a picture to my profile. To put this into perspective that's about a s long as the Transition PBJ long, 10mm longer than the Norco Rampage large, 17mm longer than the Specialized P3 and 26mm longer than the Trek Ticket. Cheers
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 "Wheels: Profile Raceing 26"" (Typo alert!)

Those look like DT Swiss rims to me, on Profile hubs.
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 Also it’s not a shadow gyro, but Shadow Conspiracy gyro
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 Interesting to see such a tall rider use a short rise bar. Clearance must be an issue.
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 Wish I knew about those kenda boosters, just bought some ikons, will check them out!!
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 Best looking dirt jumper i have ever seen!
  • 1 0
 Just give the kid his bmx bike already! Is there some rule about wheel size in these contests?
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 E bike filter didn't pick it up
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 Pet peeve = half-link chains installed backwards
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 Why are there 2 cables on the bar when there is only 1 brake?

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