Bike Shops and Overheard Conversations - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

Jul 7, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  
Kate had an uncanny knack for knowing just how far to jump on her very first run.

"I'd do it on a downhill bike." - Guy who definitely should not do it.

"It might be a little big, but it was half the price of the one in the bike shop." - Internet shopper.

"I thought I would always be a hardtail guy but I think I want to try a full-suspension again. Who am I?"


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 These 4 are great! It's been so interesting to see these cartoons evolve over time. Keep it up!
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 the bat bike is still my favorite!!!
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 I feel the last one on a personal level #hardtailvsdualsus #lifedecisions #whoami
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 I've just gone back to a hardtail. So much fun. For now...
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 The trick is to have both
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 @g0shj0sh10: definitely but I'm fairly sure I'll end up just riding one the whole time.... And I do love my Hightower
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 love my stylus but my ankles do not.
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 Lost track of how many times I've heard the downhill bike excuse lol
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 Sometimes it's true! There's a couple drops on my favourite trail that I always hit when I'm on a rental DH but avoid on my personal 125mm bike
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 "Yeah, I'd give it a go but I have to be able to drive home"

Me in every situation in Morzine
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 @src248: didn't say it wasn't me using the excuse lol - that's why I sold my dh bike, so I can whus out of big stuff now haha
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 that online one, but bike shops selling end of year run outs and not being concerned with fit.
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 Id never do that in anny of the shops i worked at. Always propper fit and then price.
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 We constantly tell people no when they try to buy a bike thatys the wrong size just because it's a good deal, and then proceed to inform them why.
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 In an old shop I worked at a guy bought a bike the wrong size because it was cheap, despite our warnings it was a stupid thing to do. He then complained it was the wrong and insisted we buy him the right size...
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 In many reviews (not so much in threads and forums) hardtails are assessed as a compromise to a full sus, often as something for people who can't spend the money or want a winter bike for crappy conditions. While this may be true in some cases it's not for the people who lie awake thinking about a hardcore hardtail (sounds a bit wrong..). For me, hardtail desire is based on a few indisputable truths.
1. A hardtail with decent geo, low standover and good components is going to be mint to ride, jump and piss about on, especially if your local trails are lacking in truly massive features.
2. Twin-triangle frames are minimalist aesthetic perfection and even a clean full-sus shape is a compromise.
3. Harder to quantify but for anyone building a bike, starting with a basic frame is more honest than taking something that has already been assembled beyond basic fabrication.
Taken to an extreme, most bike types represent a compromise. Hardtails are an option with pros and cons and can definitely be lusted after in their own right.
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 The last one reminds me of myself with some of my customers. Some come in looking for repairs and I swear some just come in to kill time and then ask why I'm running behind on fixing bikes....ya can't win Wink
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 I kinda want to build up another hard tail as an all mountain bike.
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 Depending on where you live and what your trails are like, I say go for it! Hardtails make boring trails fun again.
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 @hardtailparty: what you meant to say was hardtails make smooth trails rougher ????
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 I did exactly that last year - built up a Kona Honzo ST. So much freaking fun, I find myself wanting to ride it more often than my Trek Fuel.
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 @nurseben: What I meant to say is hardtails make boring trails fun again. Cornering, sprinting, and climbing on a hardtail is like nothing else (provided you're on an appropriate trail). So many people are out there riding 160mm enduro bikes on green/blue trails, which is fine, they can do whatever they want. But for most blues and greens, I'll pick the hardtail every time.
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 @hardtailparty: live in Oregon. Used to be all I needed for black rock back in the day. Everything should still be hitable up there on a hardtail.
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 hardtail riders float over terrain in stead of plowing into shit it's just a different way of riding.
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 I've been the guy in the last comic. Tough day....
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 The only hardtail I have left is actually the Fairdale Taj.
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 The "tell me about your childhood" cartoon (last one) could easily be Jordy on Dialed at any of the World Cups.
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 Downhill park one is hilarious because you hear it every 15 min out there.
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 Love the cartoons - keep them coming !
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 Should've put balls on that giraffe...
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 Girl giraffes don't need them
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 @mongoose24: times are changing
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flag pinnityafairy (Jul 7, 2019 at 6:59) (Below Threshold)
 @mongoose24: on a frisky night they need them or at least craving them;-)
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 One of the best weeks so far!
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 Brilliant Taj. Keep them going please
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 Rattled to death
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 Taj, get the squish bike, no need to get treated to death....
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 that's what my kids bikes look like. Not!
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