Bike Check: Noel Niederberger's NS Decade

Feb 11, 2018
by Sebastian Sternemann  
Noel with his small NS Decade pumptrack bike

Noel Neiderberger is a Swiss World Cup DH racer who rides for the NS-Bikes Factory Team. He's also a force to be reckoned with out on the pumptrack, and decided to bring his hardtail to the first stop of the Downmall race series in Ulm, Germany. That gamble paid off, and he ended up taking the win, and 500€ for his efforts.

Noel's weapon of choice was a fairly standard NS Decade hardtail set up as a singlespeed - the Crankbrothers Mallet pedals are the only component that are a little out of place on a dirtjumper.

There's plenty of housing for tossing barspins, although it was all about speed during Noel's race run.

The cockpit consists of a Spank Spike stem, Spank Spike Race bar, a SRAM Level TL brake and a Shimano XT brake, plus some DMR grips.


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 Let's be honest, this is a shitty bike check. Only 4 pictures and little info, come on guys you can do better.
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 I can't believe we live in 2018 and supposedly "epic" bikes still have no integrated chain tugs and companies making them don't sell any chain tugs for their frames.Yeah damn right I'm speaking to you NS and Dartmoor. Like the gentleman here, I had to use modded DMR chain tugs for my frame... fk... next time I'm dropping money on the Spec P3
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 My beddo is pretty much the same and has them
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 There's a lot to be said about, "it's 2018 and..........." I'd say the late 1990's were more advanced.
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 So true haha they are such a pain without chain tensioner, I have a canyon stitched now which has built in tensioners which make life so much more easy ????
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 Pump track should be chainless anyway :-), removing chain tugs saves weight.
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 don't blame the frame manufacturer. This bike is designed around a dedicate SS bolt on hub, not some XC converted QR.
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 @BoneDog: BRAVO
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 @WAKIdesigns I can't believe we live in 2018 and you still can't GET A PROPER HUB with enough clamping force, oversized axle, large diameter caps, big bolts. Degrease all relevant surfaces, use grease for threads. Crank down. Done.
Surprisingly similar story is using head locks to avoid headset comming loose instead of getting proper stem with decent sized bolts and degreasing the steer tube. Keep it silly, simple. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

This was regarding wheel slipping in horizontal dropouts. If your problem is lack of third hand needed for about 5 seconds during rear wheel clamping then the choice it to get overcomplicated, more expensive dropout designs/chain tugs, adding weight to your bike, killing the clean look for techonology fetish sake. Innovation for innovation’s sake.

If NS will get integrarted dropout - then this type:
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 @erenes: ok I got your philosophy and I can respect that. I’d still rather have an integrated chain tug and der hanger option. BTW You make your own hubs and stems and DJ/Street folks love fetishes too so you’d sell your BMTBX stuff without any probs.
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- Im aware integrated chaintensioner would add value / feature for many end-customers. However I decided we wont make it now / not top priority.
- optional derailluer hangers are available separately for NS frames with horizontal dropouts.
- NS Surge is a frame with sliding dropouts allowing to use singlespeed with 'sliding vertical dropouts' (not a dirt frame btw)
- mtbmx is dead, 24" is dead, rigid forks are dead, 36h is dead Smile
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 @erenes: i’m on your zircus atm. I tried to get 36h hubs but it’s hard as hell. Now I need a wide foot sprocket so that regular one doesn’t eat the Hope body. Why do we make alloy freehub bodies?!
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 Nice setup. For me personally, when I build a park/DJ bike and use a front brake, I route it through the steer tube and out the stem cap so if I want to mess around and do bar spins or practice tailwhips it prevents it from getting caught up on the frame.
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 I think the front brake is purpose instaled just for this particular event...
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 Since this is a race article... what's the gear ratio shown?
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 No barspins with those front brakes like that Cmon pinkbike this is by far the worst bike check we have ever seen !!!!
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 You know what I love about these bike checks, the looks of "well used" scratched and nicked all over the bike!
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 TLDR: one gear, one fork that's pumped so hard you can barely consider it 'suspension' and a couple of brakes.
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 Looks like an NS decade
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 because it is a Decade and not Circus
  • 2 2 is
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 First DJ bike with spd's pedals Smile
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 Boi that’s crankbrothers not shimano
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 @lindblomxc: Oh sorry ! Clipless if that make you happy ! Ta
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 @allbiker: I am appeased
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 This bike is well, meh... lets see special builds with true custom mods, and attention to detail. Not your average pro riders spare parts bike for weekend training...
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 That's not a pair of levels..
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"the cockpit consists of... , a SRAM Level TL brake and a Shimano XT brake, ..."
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 @tacoma73: thats after it was edited..
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