Bikepark Champéry-Morgins Opening 20th May

May 15, 2017
by bikepark-champery-morgins  

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Lead by Champéry legend, Ben Walker, the trail crew have been working hard to provide the best riding conditions for the season opening. The famous WC track has seen a number of improvements to make it smoother and more enjoyable. The Chevreuil trail has also been completely re-done to offer an alternative which is more accessible for all levels.

Most of the job is done by hand, so if you see Pierre Barreau, Numa Sneiders, Kristof Lenssens or Gaëtan Rey working on the trails, feel free to stop by to say hello. If you happen to have a fresh beer in your backpack, they will be really thankful!

Between 20th May and 15th June, the lift will be open at weekends only. After this date, the bike park will be operating every day until the end of the season. If you need any further information, don't hesitate to contact us here.

To find the Chevreuil trail, head to the start of the WC track and then continue going right for 100m along the fire road. From here, drop in the field on the left and follow the single track into the forest. Then let the flow of the freshly dug berms guide your bike through the trees.

Photo by Keno Derleyn

Same spot, different riders, different seasons, always fun. With only one week to go before the lift opens again, we hope you are as excited as we are and that we'll see you on the trails next weekend.

Video by Shaperideshoot - Riders: Julien Fournier & Gaëtan Rey - Photos by Shaperideshoot and Keno Derleyn.
More informations on our Facebook page.

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 "The famous WC track has seen a number of improvements to make it smoother and more enjoyable"

They could tarmac the entire thing from top to bottom and it would still be absolute death!

To be fair, it's actually only the middle bit that's proper death but it's still the hardest thing I've ever ridden
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 so true!!!!!!!!
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 Would be good to see a raw 100 video there.
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 YES don't do as Arnie says!:
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 Spring in the Alps...the greatest thing ever. Ski powder one day, then shred trail the next and hang out at the lake with an ice-cream in between. Long live double season!
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 Hahaha! You have never been in Whistler, Canada!. You must be joking, this winter/spring in the Alps was a joke, I would love to see your powder shots!!!...
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 Such a shame none of the other resorts follow suit. Comon Les Arcs, pull your finger out... Stop opening just for the school holidays. People don't just buy lift passes, they stay in your hotels, eat in your restaurants and drink in your bars.
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 In Morzine between 15th and 26th June. Looking at the lift opening dates on the PDS website, it would seem that with the exception of Champery, everything on the Swiss side doesnt open until the 23rd June. Does anyone know if the whole of Morgins / Champery and Les Crosets will be opening early? Having been to Morzine before, i think we will be stuck getting to Morgins / Champery unless the Mosettes lift out of Avoriaz is open.
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 Take the car to get to Morgins if you stay in Morzine. Its just a 40 Minute drive ...and you don´t have the hassel to get back to Morzine in the afternoon with your bike Wink

I have done this many times by bike. Leave Morzine by 9am in the morning...arrive in Morgins by 11:30am...ride like hell....leave Morgins by 2pm in order to get the chairlift in Les Lindaretts...arrive in Morzine by 5pm totally starved and exhausted :/

Car is way better ....
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 @weemanth: Sweet, may just do that. Have a large van so can chuck all the bikes in there. Cheers
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 Super Morzine and Lindarets is now opening on the 14/06, We are not sure if the lifts in Chatel are open on the 14th but it's possible. The link to Champery via the Mossettes chair with most likely be closed until the Passportes race. Drive, it takes 40 minutes.
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 @mtb-beds: Cheers. Do you know if all of the Champery, Les Crosets and Morgins lifts will be open from the 14th or just the main Champery lift? I guess we can see how the land lies when we are there and either ride via mosettes or drive to Champery.
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 @weemanth: Don't have to leave by 2pm. As long as you get from Morgins to the Mossettes Suisse lift before it closes (16:45) then you're fine.

From the top of the Mossettes lift it's 99% downhill all the way to Morzine:

Megagravalance run (or the Col De Chesery route)
Down through the Lindarets valley
Through the goat village
Bomb down the road at warp speed
Pass Lac Montriond
Turn left at Montriond
Pedal along the road until you get to the footbridge under the Super Morzine lift
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 @weemanth: Morgins will not be open this summer Frown due to financial issues.
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 @stryke: Nooooooooo Frown
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 @stryke: What....are you sure? FU** **** **** Frown
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 Any way to reach it from Morzine through the ski lifts? Staying in Morzine for 4 days on 1st July weekend...
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 It can be done Smile Ive not done it personally but I know loads of people that have!
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 Yep - just follow the map on the PDS website
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 Yeah you just have to go up to Avoriaz then take the blue run on the left and mid way (when it crosses the fireroad) go down and get the Mossette lift. From there you ride down to les Crosset by taking the black run "Grand Conche". One at the bottom you just have to take the chair lift to the top of the Crosset Red trail and ride down the fire road to the Champery side.
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I've went over to Les Crosset last year but a couple of thunderstorms came in so we headed back to Morzine. Easy to get to.

Question, is Champery included on the PDS lift pass?

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 @Gilly009: Yes.
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 @winko: sweet thanks mate, appreciated????
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 Cheers! Also mind that the cable car runs every 1/2 hour. Few years ago we were riding down that gravel road on top and a bunch of guys were pushing up and as we came close they said they didn't see any lift running to the top and decided that turning now was better that pushing all the way up. I explained them that big cablecar for like 50 people runs for sure every 30min but they didn't buy it and pushed on haha!
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 Yes it's easy, head for the Mossettes lift and go up and over!!
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 @Gilly009: YES IT IS!!!Go ride it.
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 @mtb-beds: oh yes, there in July. Plan is to head over there for a day ????
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 @Gilly009: Yes Champéry is included.
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 I hope the weather forecast for the weekend changes! Let's not get disappointed like last year with the shitty rain!
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 I always have a fresh beer in my backpack. Shaken, not stirred.
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 this video made me second-guess my booked and paid trip to Sweden and Norway
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 Osh Morzine or Finale Ligure every time!!
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 @mtb-beds: A bit tired to ride the same tracks every year, so at least discovering Champery would be an improvement.

Apparently there are good mountains in Bulgaria as well.

Pinkbike needs to cover more "alternative" destinations for riding.
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 @zoobab2: true, there are many good bike-parks in all parts of Europe. Scandinavia has kick-ass Are, Hafjell and Järvsö, Trysil is developing something now, Levi and Yllas are worth checking, plus a multitude of smaller parks. Eastern Europe has a bunch of unknown destinations with sick riding for days, but still - I guess nothing beats the Alps. So far only been there skiing, waiting for a chance to go biking.
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 @yxbix: Slovenia has a bunch of bikeparks and awesome trails. Also we're in the alps too Big Grin
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 @enej46: Slovenia for me is not "unknown", because Maribor. I'm sure you guys have great riding. Suggest any other locations?
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 @yxbix: Oh yeah. There is Kranjska Gora, Krvavec, Cerkno for bikeparks. The western side (Soča valley) for epic trails with views and long singletrails, coastal region with a few shuttlable hills and also lots of enduro trails. Also the whole central region has a lot of trails, so if you come here for a city break you can enjoy some riding practically in the middle of the city.
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 @enej46: hey, thanks for the useful insight, I followed you in case i am in Slovenia and want a guide
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 That berm to berm to berm to berm section so sick!!!!
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 I just can't wait anymore

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