2015 BMC Speedfox: Lightweight Mid-Travel Trailbike

Jul 7, 2014
by Richard Cunningham  
BMC Speedfox SF01 XX1 2015

Outfitted with SRAM XX1 and a Reverb Stealth dropper post, The Speedfox SF01 XX1 features a full carbon chassis and modern 29er- trail geometry. With 130 millimeter of wheel travel on both ends, it slots between heavy, enduro racing machines and less capable XC-style trailbikes.

BMC, the Swiss bike maker that is defined by racing has a new addition to the brand's lineup for 2015 that is designed for mountain bikers who are not, by definition, racers. Enter the BMC Speedfox - a cunning new mountain bike that packs all the vital features required by those seeking high quality, the latest technology, and most important of all, pure enjoyment. For nimble mountain goats and downhill junkies alike, the new Speedfox does it all, guaranteeing that the adventurous element to mountain biking remains the focus of every ride. Efficient and light, this mountain bike is capable of handling the most demanding trails. It is uncomplicated to maintain and ideal for riders who want to make the most of the time available to simply enjoy the ride. BMC's Big Wheel Concept (BWC) has been applied to accommodate 29-inch wheels with a geometry that employs classic BMC features such as short chainstays, a slack head angle, generous top tube lengths, short stems, and minimal stack height. Making it easier for riders to enjoy increased stability at high speeds and gain confidence on technical terrain – without compromising on agility.

BMC Speedfox SF01 XTR 2015

The Shimano XTR-equipped version of the Speedfox SF01 is nearly identical to the SRAM XX1 version, with a two-by-eleven drivetrain and a chainstay-mounted chain guide.

The Speedfox is an amalgamation of features already implemented on its wilder cousins, the Trailfox and the Fourstroke. Its 130-millimeter-travel Advanced Pivot System (APS) suspension provides that extra bit of control on sustained descents, and added comfort for long days in the saddle. It is further complemented with 435-millimeter chainstays, a 68.5-degree head angle, and an increased offset fork, all of which contribute to a highly balanced geometry. The frame's 607-millimeter stack and a 435-millimeter reach (size M), short chain stays, and a long reach - coupled with a short stem and a low bottom bracket and slack head angle - all work together to keep the bike stable and its rider confident on the roughest of trails. To achieve a consistent ride feeling across the spectrum of three Speedfox models, each bike has the same stem length.

BMC Speedfox SF02 X0 2015

Using the same frame metrics as the SF01 carbon models, the Speedfox SF02 uses an aluminum rear suspension and a carbon front section. Three models are offered, outfitted in either SRAM X0 one-by-eleven or Shimano XT or an XT/SLX combination of components.

The full carbon SF01 chassis will be sold separately. BMC's
APS suspension is the now-popular dual-link arrangement. Its
rocker-driven shock makes room for a standard bottle mount.

Speedfox Details:

• The drive-side chainstay features a chain guide and protector plate to protect its rear triangle from
unpredicted ride events.
• Speedfox frame features internal cable routing that enter the head tube for an extra-neat look
• Three Models in five sizes - Nobody misses out
• Frame sizes from XS to XL,
• Speedfox SF01 has a full carbon frame and comes in two specs: Shimano XTR or SRAM XX1.
• Speedfox SF02 has a carbon frame and an alloy rear triangle, with three specs: SRAM X.0, Shimano XT or
• Speedfox SF03 is an all alloy frame, offered in two specs: Shimano XT/SLX or Deore.
• Prices and weights TBD, September 2014

BMC Speedfox SF03 Deore 2015

BMC's entry level Speedfox is the SF03-series that sports an all aluminum chassis and can be had with either a Shimano XT/SLX component ensemble, or with the lower priced Deore group shown here.


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 This is how bike manufacturers must feel when their new bike gets put on pink bike. toonclips.com/600/5390.jpg
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 "Prices and weights TBD, September 2014", thanks for nothing. BUT, they are pretty!
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 Does BMC stand for Bring MasterCard?
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 Buy a BMC if you want to support their road cycling team -US$25 millions in 2013 was the cost of the team to operate. Doesn't make any sense to me especially when you're a brand that small!
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 Bring Multiple Creditcards
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 Don't get me wrong, top of the line BMC are pretty good but way too expensive though. High end carbon frame -and only them- are made in Switzerland. You still have to pay for their pro team. Time road bikes are still made in France and everything is done in house -including the fiber which is unique in the industry. As a result a frame from Time is expensive and the company can't afford to sponsor a pro team anymore ...
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 So what's the stem length that all sizes uses?
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 @Richie rocket, ya companies like intense sure do it right.
That is, dont start the marketing until the specs are out, and the stock is in!
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 Lemme guess... it's gonna be really expensive and roadies will be the only ones to buy Wink
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 Lemme guess, you didn't read the whole thing where they mention that an aluminum version with Deore will be released too?
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 Lemme guess, you dont understand what a guess is.
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flag wakaba (Jul 7, 2014 at 20:25) (Below Threshold)
 Heavy road bike with heavy wheels. I think I stick with my equally capable vintage crosser.
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 badman comment dude your knarly
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 First Look/Press Releases should be kept where they belong, in the sidebar where the advertisements are (under the PB socks). The main bar should be restricted to you know, real mtb journalism reviews and stories, events etc. Instead we have here a cut and pasted release, posted by one of PB journalists. The cunning speed fox does it all! (Says BMC)
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 Why even bother signing your name to this "First Look"? Are these even your words RC?
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 Nope. Bishopsmike, it's a press release, I tried to make that clear in the title. Normally, press releases are labled as "PB Staff" to protect the innocent. PB runs press releases all the time in various form. Lots of them sneak past as video releases. We post the ones that we think will be interesting or of value to PB readers. When I post one, I make sure to tag it as such in the title or underline to ensure that readers know it's not a PB presentation. - RC
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 Thanks for the reply. I guess I got confused since other articles are titled "By: RaceFace", etc., so at least we know to expect the thick layer of syrup over everything. It's just not what I understand "first look" to mean. All good.
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 The "first look" title was an experiment. I moved "press release" to the underline because I thought the bike was important and nobody had seen it yet.
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 'Speed fox' is my nick name in the bedroom...
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 Less capable XC bikes? I think this guy didn't get that memo...

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 Looks rather sexy ... but light ? Give me a f*ckin number already !
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 4.78lbs for the carbon carbon frame according to bike rumor. 28 some odd lbs for the deore alloy complete.
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 Wow 28 for alloy, they got to be close to 25 - 26 for the high end version
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 Id really like to try that BMC out , all BMC bikes Ive seen are well built and spec'd. good fit and finishing
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 When did 130mm become all-mountain?
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 July 7th 2014
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 Surely "first look" implies you have a real bike to look at? This is a glorified press release!
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 "geometry that employs classic BMC features such as short chainstays, a slack head angle, generous top tube lengths". Classic? I had a 2007 Trailfox, it had a long chain stay, steep head angle, and short top tube.
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 Sees 29er and light weight trail bike in title. Goes straight to the comments.
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 Looks like a Fox 32 up front. Bummer. Could be an interesting bike if that fork didn't bend over and collapse in turns over 5 mph.
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 did someone say 2x11? is that the first on a mountain bike?
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 Speedfox?? When is the honey badger model being released?
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 All I can say is; looks real nice.
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 what's a chainguide? what's a front derailleur?

I know, I know, more of a question for Shimano than BMC. Just saying.
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 "Lightweight Mid-Travel Trailbike" THIS is a revolution.
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 Nice rendering?
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 looks like a giant trance.
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 Is BMC the last one on the only 29"?
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 Ninner, Trek, Giant, Specialized, Scott BMC should i stop now? do some research before you make the obvious mistake.
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 I hope that's a typo... "SRAM XX0"
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 Yawn...the pinkbike comment onslaught begins now!
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