Bontrager's Line Dropper Post - Sea Otter 2016

Apr 15, 2016
by Mike Kazimer  
Sea Otter 2016

Trek dropper post

Bontrager Drop Line Dropper Post

For many mountain bikers, dropper posts have become an essential component, as necessary as disc brakes and front suspension. Sure, it's possible to ride down tricky descents with your seat raised sky-high, but do you really want to? Bontrager's new Drop Line dropper post was designed with simplicity and reliability in mind, and uses a hydraulically locking cartridge to hold the seat in place at any point during its travel.

The post is cable actuated by a small remote that's mounted under the handlebar, the spot where a shifter used to reside before 1x drivetrains took over (although there will be a front shifter compatible remote available as well). The cable's tension is adjusted at the remote, and the fix head slots into a mechanism at the base of the post, which simplifies setup and makes it easy to remove the post entirely if necessary. When basic maintenance is necessary it only takes a 2, 2.5, and an 8mm Allen key to tear the post down – no special tools required.

The Drop Line is designed for bikes with a 31.6mm seat tube that can accept an internally routed post, and will retail for $299.99 USD when they become available in early June. Three version will be offered, with either 100, 125, or 150mm of drop. Weights range from a claimed 565 grams for the 100mm drop version up to 624 grams for the 150mm version.

Bontrager dropper
A small cable-actuated remote is mounted under the handlebar.


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 So is Trek is going to make thing that there dealers can sell, not just spec their bike with. Fantastic!
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 Now they just need to stop making bikes with ridiculously LOOOOOONG seat masts so you could actually USE a 150mm dropper post!!! Then they could spec their own post on their bikes... Smile
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 ^^THIS. Riders who genuinely need a 21.5-22" seat tube to accommodate their 38-39" legs must be in a vanishingly tiny minority... compared to the number of taller-than-average-but-still-perfectly-normal riders who just want to run a dropper post the way it should be run - OUT OF THE WAY.
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 @Franziskaner: I've been waiting for a 175mm post for years.
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 Weirdly enough... On a 19.5" Fuel EX, I could probably run a 175mm dropper. I guess I have a long inseam.
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flag tdryan242 (Apr 16, 2016 at 8:46) (Below Threshold)
 I am 5,11 and ride a 2015 remedy 29 size 18.5" with a 150mm reverb stealth on in it with 2 inches room to spare. if you cant run a 150mm post on your trail bike then you're buying too big of a frame size.
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 @tdryan242: That's exactly the point I am making. You're an averagely tall guy with longish legs on an averagely large bike, running the right length dropper. Good for you. My point is that us taller guys, many of us with normal length legs - ie. not Gisele Bundchen's - mostly don't need or want a 22" seat tube, but we can't buy smaller frames because they'll be much too small for us in the areas that matter - reach & stack.
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 @Franziskaner: Huh? I'm 6'5" running a 21" Slash. Have 150mm and could easily throw a 175mm dropper on there. 35" inseam, so not crazy there either. Similar story on my Fuel EX, although I don't really need more than the 125mm that's on it right now for that bike. Trek's seat tubes have never struck me as too long.
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 @Franziskaner: If you're a guy with Gisele Bundchen's legs, you got bigger problems. . .
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 Finally a post that has the cable head at the other end, that took too long!
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 RockShox, Thomson, KS.... have been doing it for years. You have a bit of a nap?
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 @bender-oz: rockshox is hydraulic... you been napping too?
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 Specialized command post?
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 Giant as well
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 Where in the article does it mention where the cable head is situated?
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 @seraph: In the bit where it says it connects to the bottom of the post.....
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 Trek has been specing their base models with the ks Lev, it'll been interesting to see if this replaces that or of the new bontrager post will be on those same models
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 Hell, I've purchased two Slashes('12,'15) that came with Reverbs. After the '12's Reverb took a dump for no apparent reason about 2-weeks in, I replaced it with a Lev, so I did so on the '15 as well.
I WISH they both came with Levs.. would've saved me $$$$
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 The new lower specced Farley ex has a KS still, while the higher spec one has a bonty one
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 @YoKev: I have three reverbs and I can't afford to ride them. But most everything from Sram hydraulic is suspect.
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 someone please make a reliable dropper post. (besides 9pointCool -good luck finding one of those
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 9point8 are running a wait list with a posted 8-12 week lead time. So if you want one put your name on the wait list and acticipate that it will be with you in about 12 weeks time.
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 The Fox DOSS and the Gravity Dropper Turbo.
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 the new RF one is made by 9point, or so ive heard
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 @poosk: not made by 9.8, they licensed the mechanism from them. and they're already having problems. the 9.8 is the one you want, have fun on the wait list
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 @upchuckyeager & @poosk I have ridden the RF Turbine and the 9point8 and even though RF have licenced the technology the 9point8 is better in every sense. Only 'weak' point to the 9point8 is that they should have a slightly longer (5mm?) rear angle adjust bolt for the seat clamp.
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 5 or 6 years ago, I decided to try a dropper post. I went with the original: Gravity Dropper. When the newer posts came out, I tried a couple. They always failed. That Gravity Dropper never fails, I can rebuild it in my garage, it's pretty light, decent price, and the best customer service from good Montana folks. If you can get past the machinist aesthetic, you will never need another post. I secretly hope they do a stealth model but it doesn't matter because I've got it set up pretty good on my Smuggler. Life is too short to wait for your warranty dropper to get shipped back. Ha!
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 Agreed - love my Gravity Dropper !
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 I would try GD (assuming they had a stealth-routed model with 125mm of drop and lost the stanchion boot), but I can't get past the speed and force with which the head rockets back up on the upstroke. I've launched tools across the room with customers' posts before. That's not something I want beneath my crown jewels!
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 @seraph: It's crazy that someone didn't buy/partner with GD during the early "rush" to get a dropper post to market. Heck, if they lost the "boot" they'd have had TONS of people buying the things...
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 Sure, it's possible to ride down tricky descents with your seat raised sky-high, but do you really want to?
This was the comment from the above article.
Sometimes I wonder if these writers even ride mountain bikes. The trails around here would kill, if you tried to ride the down hill sections with your seat up.
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 Watch a world cup XC race. Those guys are riding down some seriously insane terrain at times with seats sky high. For us mortals? Dropper for days.
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flag dorse (Apr 16, 2016 at 11:09) (Below Threshold)
 @jmusuperman: Yes they are talented pros riding groomed trail.
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 @dorse: World Cup, not Olympics.
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 @jmusuperman: would be an interesting test to have them go back to back "decent only" to see if their times improved. Obviously few XC race guys want the dropper post for the rest of the race. And I'm sure many of them have tested them and found that "overall" the weight is not worth the added benefit on the decent.

And as much as there are some very tough XC races. They are "mostly" NOT won on the descents...
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 @stiingya: I agree. Although in my XC experience the races aren't won on the descents so much as the climbs. In the greater scheme of the lap or race you spend so much more time climbing that I could see lower weight and riskier handling winning out. Of course a lack of dropper doesn't seem to hold people like Schurter back one bit.
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 I really like the simplicity of the aesthetics, and the trigger looks perfect... nice design.
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 Ass-piring to new heights!!!!
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 Does every company make a dropper post? When is the dropper bubble going to pop?
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 love they put a suntour dropper advert at the top of the bontrager post launch
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 Welcome to my world Bontrager! Review pleeeeeease?
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 I love life...
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 I love lamp
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 All these companies making drop her posts. The price will surely drop, please start puns here :
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 i love carpet
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 Would be more interesting if they would drop the weight down.
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 Cheap, light, reliable. Choose two.
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 @MtbSince84: good one
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 @MtbSince84: The term is "cheap, light, strong; pick two".
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 @seraph: In this context I think strong and reliable are synonyms
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