Bontrager Line Pro 30 Carbon Wheels - Review

Nov 21, 2017
by Mike Kazimer  
Bontrager Line 30

This past year has been chock full of new carbon wheels hitting the market, but when Bontrager's Line Pro 30 wheelset debuted last April they attracted a little more attention than usual. Why? Their impressive price vs. performance ratio. We're starting to see more affordable carbon wheels emerge, but there's usually some sort of sacrifice that accompanies a low price, whether that's a base-level hub, or a rim from a little-known company that may or may not answer your email if any issues arise.

The Line Pro 30 wheels are a different story, with a list of specs that's tough to beat. The 29” version weighs in at 1700 grams, has an internal rim width of 29mm, and uses a hub with only 3-degrees between engagement points.

Bontrager Line Pro 30 Details
• Intended use: trail / all-mountain / enduro
• Carbon fiber rims
• Sizes: 27.5'', 29"
• Internal width: 29mm
• External width: 34mm
• Rapid Drive 108 hubs
• Boost spacing
• 28 straight pull DT Swiss Aerolite spokes, 3x lacing pattern
• Weight: 1700 grams (actual, 29" with rim strips)
• MSRP: $1200 USD

Those features are accompanied by a $1200 USD price tag – there are wheels out there with the same specs for double that price. The Line Pro 30 wheels are available in Boost spacing only, and come stock with a Shimano freehub body - upgrading to an XD driver is an additional $100 USD.

Bontrager Line 30
Bontrager Line 30
The Line Pro 30 wheelset uses a six pawl freehub body and a 54 tooth drive ring. The pawls are offset, which creates a quick 3.4-degrees between engagement points.


Setup: I've had a few different tires on the Line Pro wheelset by this point, and in all instances there wasn't any trouble getting them seated and sealed. Bontrager uses a removable molded plastic rim strip rather than tape, which adds a few extra grams, but it's also more durable, and less likely to need replacement. The 29mm internal rim width is right in the sweet spot to work with a range of tire widths, and I had good luck with tires from 2.3" all the way up to 2.6".

Feel: The Line Pro 30 wheels have a liveliness to their handling that, when combined with the quick engaging rear hub and relatively light weight makes for a set of wheels that feels fast and precise. They're nice and stiff, yet manage to avoid feeling overly harsh or “wooden,” a trait that makes a big difference when you're spending hours plowing down rough trails. For comparison, I'd say that as far as stiffness and vibration damping go they fall in between Race Face's Next R wheels and e*thirteen's TRS SL wheels, which is a very good place to be. The Next R wheels feel a touch stiffer, and the TRS SL wheels have a slightly more damped feel out on the trail.

Durability: When it comes to evaluating a wheelset, no matter if it's carbon or aluminum, durability is a key factor to consider. After all, no one wants to buy a fancy, lightweight set of wheels only to have them the rim turned into a useless pile of carbon fragments after only one ride, and the same goes for hubs – the bearings need to survive repeated mud baths, and the pawls need to keep engaging even after months of use. For those reasons, I've been pounding on the Line 30 wheels for nearly eight months in order to see how they held up.

The result? The rims are still intact, even after countless rough rides, and some enduro racing thrown in for good measure, and all of the bearings are still spinning smoothly. The rear wheel spent about five minutes on the truing stand about halfway through the test period, but that's the only attention they've needed. In other words, the Line 30 wheels live up to the hype – carbon wheel manufacturers who are rolling out wheelsets for nearly $3,000 should take note.

Bontrager Line 30
The hookless carbon rim has an internal width of 29mm.

Pinkbike's Take

bigquotesBontrager may not be the first name that comes to mind when it comes to aftermarket wheelsets, but the Line Pro 30 wheelset is deserving of a place on any rider's wishlist. The fact that they're only available with Boost spacing does mean that they won't work for everyone, but other than that they're a standout option, proof positive that high-end performance doesn't need to come with an astronomical price tag. Mike Kazimer


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 “The pawls need to keep engaging even after months of use”
Pretty low expectations.
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 Huge improvement over the Reynolds wheels that last 'three races'.
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 Biggest change is the hub sealing, my 28mm version have almost no internal seals serious pain in ass to keep clean.
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 Even lower, cant give a no ocean fill gaurantee. Thats right bike industry, we are going to shame the fuck out of you until you fix this problem. No one wants to contribute to ocean fill. Control your waste.
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 @Boardlife69: carbon fill? How many tonnes a year have you found to be dumped
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 i had an easton havoc rear wheel that stopped engaging after 2 hours riding. id say they were reasonable expectations for a rear hub, its not like they do anything else really...
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 @enduroFactory: Barges full. Dont know how many tons that is but its far, far, far over my .00032 gramm tolerance for ocean fill. If you've ever seen, or smelled the toxic stench on a dead beach full of ocean fill you would understand why.
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flag jaame (Nov 22, 2017 at 3:16) (Below Threshold)
 @Boardlife69: I've done an aquashit that weighed a lot more than 0.00032 grams. How's that for ocean fill?
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 @Boardlife69: 100% with you on this. Shameful.
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 @jaame: its totally cool as it's biodegradable. Carbon is plastic. Takes ages to go away, ends up in the Gyre.
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 @Boardlife69: Trek has a pretty cool carbon recycling program.
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flag jaame (Nov 22, 2017 at 15:17) (Below Threshold)
 @DGWW: what about all that lava from mauna loa? That's ocean fill that's not going anywhere. Is everyone going to cry about that, too?
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 @jaame: Isn’t lava mostly silica ? Rock ? It sinks. Plastics don’t play well with Mother Nature. Whereas lava is pretty inert overall no?
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flag jaame (Nov 24, 2017 at 4:39) (Below Threshold)
 I was trying to make a joke. I don't understand why everyone cares so much about global warming or ocean fill. The planet will change. We will adapt for a while. Eventually humans will become extinct. This will happen regardless of if we burn fossil fuels or throw QC fail carbon frames in the sea or not.
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 @jaame: I think maybe people care about it because they don’t share your ‘ignorance is bliss’ point of view on the planet. With the right attitude, we can stay on this place for a long long time.
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flag jaame (Nov 24, 2017 at 5:13) (Below Threshold)
 @DGWW: Well I plan on being here for another 50 to 60 years. What happens after that, I won't be losing any sleep over.
Our actions will make absolutely no difference to the long term future of this planet. We are merely ants, scurrying around waiting to die. When we die, it will not make any difference to anything or anyone in the grand scheme of things.
That's not to say I want to die any time soon, just that I understand how insignificant the human race is in the history of all things.
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 @jaame: I think this is a pretty shameful attitude. Its been proven that this planet is much more delicate than we originally thought, our actions do make a big impact. Choosing to ignore that is ignorance plain and simple.
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 @DGWW: "proven"? I guess it depends who you believe.
Humans are very adaptable. Just look at how many of the bastards there are these days!
Burn fossil fuels, melt the ice caps, what's the next step? All northern Canada and Russia becomes prime farmland. Antarctica becomes habitable. A few islands disappear. So what? China is making new islands, and if the islanders don't want to live there, they can claim refugee status in Germany or Australia. Not trying to be a twat, but I'm not buying the whole media BS about our impending peril. The climate will change with or without us. Humans will adapt to the changes. If we can't, we will die out. Shit happens. I don't believe we have a right to eternal survival. Change is the only constant.
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 @jaame: yes , proven. Look it up. I take it you don't have kids ?
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 @DGWW: I have two kids. I don't believe buying an electric car or crying about ocean fill, while still riding a carbon bike, is going to make any difference to my life or theirs.
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 @jaame: I just don't believe that you are right. Together we have a big impact, people have had, and will continue to have a big impact on the earth. What were talking about here is environmental stewardship. Its important, there is literally no denying it.
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 @DGWW: that's the beauty of free countries. We are each free to have our own opinions.
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 These things do ride damn well. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Bontrager has come a long way, and they run the business like a stand alone company.. Their products are really flying under the radar, but I would put money on them any day. Just look at the enduro team, how often did any of their riders have a mechanical that involved a Bontrager part? Pretty damn good work Bontrager.
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 That is until the free-hub decides to self-destruct; doesn't look like they have changed the pawl setup that blew out 3 times since the days of my Rhythm Elites which now run a DT hub out back. I could be wrong about this version, but a wheelset is only worth the quality of its drive mech IMO
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 @BadMotor: I have a rear rhythm pro hub that is loose and on a new set of bearings that didn't need replacing then I replaced the free hub. I finally realized that it is still under warranty. I have a claim in with Trek now. This hub looks like a improvement.
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 Couldn’t agree more. Bontrager is killing it.
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 @BadMotor: Yeah, they're new hubs for this year -- so not the same as the bad 3 pawl hubs on your old Rhythms
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 @BadMotor: completely different hub.
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 @BadMotor: I wish Bonti would just run dtswiss hubs then a hybrid, still do on some wheelsets.
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 @enduroFactory: in such case it's just better to buy a complete DT Swiss wheelset due to the fact how amazing their products are and how easy it is to obtain their parts, at least in Europe. Bonty offers new/another quality though, those wheels are absolutely stunning when seen in person. So definitely a treat for an "aesthetist" while DTs while being light strong and reliable, look worse than fulcrums. Their 1501 series look daft, while some time ago I was peeing myself looking at their high end wheels like 1250.
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 @WAKIdesigns: As a mechanic, I work on these wheels and ride I9 hubs, I have really become a fan of the Bontrager goods, Line Pro bar, stem , seatpost, I have been on I9 for a good 6 years and I am know selling my current set for a set of Line Pro 40's for my Stache. The hubs are really well made and I am really blown away at the quality and durability! I am not worried as the warranty ; 2 year on hubs and lifetime carbon warranty I from running alloy I9 enduro wheels to go to Carbon at same price and not really loose any hub engagement (3 vs 3.3 degree) I can't wait to ride the Line Pro 40's with 3.0 Minions
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 blah blah blah these are too expensive, I run 26" hoops from a junk yard for $15 bucks and they're way better comments incomming

What is the warranty like on these? Can I run these on a non Trek or is that bad for the style vain as that is lets be honest, you're not buying the Carbon purely for performance.
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flag Trekslash360 (Nov 21, 2017 at 8:12) (Below Threshold)
 If you buy 15$ rims and they last you obviously aren't riding hard enough.....
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 @Trekslash360: Here we see the wild Trek enthusiast who, being so bewildered by a hint of criticism towards his beloved brand, became hindered by his own anger and failed to notice the obvious sarcasm in the critique. That poor, poor creature.
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 @Trekslash360: I would say, if your carbon rims lasts, then obviously you are not riding hard enough. Like 2 days ago I heard a story about a guy whose visit to Finale has been ruined by carbon rims and a funny advice of his pal - if you take a carbon rim to Finale, make sure you have an aluminium spare, LOL.
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I know people who can break anything... In any case I don't let anecdotal evidence influence my purchasing decisions.
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 If Trek had their way the spacing would be proprietary and only fit their bikes.

Speaking of... anyone wanna buy my DRCV shock? It'll fit any bike, as long as it is a Fuel, of certain years.
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 2 year warranty, and a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy. Think of it as a 30 day 'test ride' program
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 @lkubica: I heard that Finale is tire killer, people get flats 2 times in one run, jet I just come back from finale 11 day trip.I have 2018 fuel ex (AM bike, not fancy long travel enduro monster), with dt hub on cheep black jack ready 25 rims and conti mountainking (again all mountain tyres). Guess how many flats or bent rims I had... none!
If you don't know how to ride, you can brake anything, so just learn to ride and then buy expensive things.
P.s. next purchase will be this wheelset Smile )
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flag Trekslash360 (Nov 21, 2017 at 9:58) (Below Threshold)
 You got me! If you know how to change your name. Can you care to explain?
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 I use Bontrager wheels on my Chromag but since the Trek EP is so ridiculously good, I use Bontrager kit on everything.
They're standard wheels carry a five year warranty, not sure about carbon. I've only seen super obvious cases of abuse/idiocy result in a rejected claim, so if it is truly a JRA break then you're likely going to get a free replacement.
Also, IMHO the Bontrager tubeless system is the simplest and most reliable setup out there. I've never had a tire fail to setup on the first try, and the only time I've had a tire burp was when I was aired down to ~15psi on a standard 29x2.3 for some snow riding.
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 This is from their website. It outlines the warranty and replacement setup they have for carbon wheels.
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 @robwhynot: Not true... lot of bikes are metric now, good chance there is another bike out there that it will fit on haha.
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 I agree 100%! I use my Trek U ninja status to the fullest and the discounts are huge! I’m about to get a new set of SE-5’s and line pro 30 wheels@BikesBoatsNJeeps:
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 "blah blah blah these are too expensive, I run 26" hoops from a junk yard for $15 bucks and they're way better comments incomming"

So true people on here love to make comments like this. Thanks for putting this out first before people had a chance to complain about the price. $1200 for a carbon set of wheels is a great deal, but I can still beat it with Light Bicycle.
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2 years on all wheels, regardless of materials. And I agree on the rest, they stand behind their product and their tubeless is a breeze to set up. Ive done several with just a regular floor pump, didn’t even need a compressor. I’m running these wheels on my 2018 slash and I’m absolutely in love. Noticeable improvement in ride quality and instant engagement in the hub. Full disclosure I paid EP pricing, but even at retail I think they’re worth every penny.
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 @kevinseven: God Bless Ninja Status
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 I saw an Enduro 29 running these wheels in YouTube. It felt like seeing LeBron walking on Pumas.
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 Shouldn't have said that, now Alex Chamberlin will go out and get a new bike frame, wheels, grips, brakes, pedals, tires and drivetrain just because you said that. Poor Alex. The richest college student in modern history.
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 Good to hear these work well. I wish the Bontrager website was easier to use to learn this product info. The site is really in need of an update. And calling my LBS yielded nada - employees had no idea when Line 30s were available nor what they cost.
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 Bad shop, Dexter has availability, which is typically pretty reliable, and estimated delivery dates. If they don't know how to type "Line 30" into a search engine, then I wouldn't trust them to service my ride.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: no kidding. Gotta keep up with everything bontrager to get those juicy ninja discounts...
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 @j-t-g: it's a hassle, but the discount from cost is hefty. I'm not a fanboi, but paying less than a 1/3 of list will put you on a lot of Trek/Bontrager kit. I'm most impressed with their tires these days, I use the XR4 team issue on my mountain rig and find them to be grippy and long wearing, and they set up perfectly on the TLR rims. I use the AW2 TLRs on my commuter/road bike in a 700x28 and they have great grip, and wear well, almost 3000mi on a rear and double that for the front. I've been avoiding their helmets and shoes otherwise, I'm really happy with nearly everything I end up purchasing.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: Their tyres are great. I was on SE4/XR4's on my MTB and R3 Tubeless on my road one and all of them were great. One of the XR4's came defective and was changed by the shop no questions asked. I have moved since to other brands, but I find their products to be great.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: why would you avoid their helmets? 30 days to try them out and a 1 year no questions asked replacement if damaged during a crash... and that goes for folks with EP pricing.... get your shit together man!

I am using the Rythem shoe s and christ almighty they are f*cking comfy, stiff and breathe well
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: Give their helmets and shoes a shot, the warranty is nuts. I crashed my helmet 11 months after purchase, in a race - and I got the replacement handed to me no questions asked. All my helmets, from road/TT to trail, are now Bontrager.

Even more so regarding shoes: I came into the shop with a sparkling clean MTB shoe with a delaminating sole, a result of a bad choice of cleaning material - absolutely my mistake. Since the model wasn't in stock any more, I was upgraded to the newer BOA-dial version (the Cambion) for the difference in MSRPs, so about $20.
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 These are a very good option for anyone looking for a high quality carbon wheelset. Very competitive price for the quality and weight and if you purchase them through your local dealer/bike store there should be no problem with any warranty and speed of parts turn around time. I have run the 27.5 wheelset since mid-summer and destroyed a rear rim in this time. I had a full warranty replacement rear wheel back on my bike in less than two weeks. Beat that... Great job Trek. I would definitely recommend these wheels, they take a regular British Colombia all weather beating and love them.
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 you lost me at straight pull and 28 holes.
  • 6 1
 How can this be a credible review without a pro rider bashing them down a set of stairs without a tire on? I thought that was the new standard?! ;-)
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 "Bontrager may not be the first name that comes to mind when it comes to aftermarket wheelsets"
Hey Mike, way way way back, custom aftermarket wheel sets were all that Keith Bontrager was known for.
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 the only complaint I have with chinese carbon rims is that they would delaminate from the heat generated by rim brakes....well, that's not an issue anymore. So buy cheap chinese rims and a good set of hubs and're set.
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 I considered these and also the Carbon Traverse when I bought new wheels. Both in the same price range. Then I noticed the 24 spoke (WTF) front Traverse. How TF do they spec that on the Sworks Enduro. So they're out of consideration. Then I started playing around with the online wheel builder sites. I wouldn't call these Bontrager wheels cheap. Go mess around on Fanatik wheel builder. $1000 gets you a wicked set of carbon wheels. And no, they aren't paying me lol. But they can. Please.
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 The 108 points of engagement is great. I'd suggest cleaning out the original grease from the hub and replace it with a light oil. The pawls can get stuck against the freehub and not engaging the drivenut. Given servicing the hub is so easy, keeping the hub in good shape will no chore.
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 Does anyone know who is making these hubs for Trek/Bontrager? It's nice that the rims and wheels themselves are built here in the US. To me these look great and with haggling, sales, Black Friday and cyber Monday deals you should be able to get them for under $1,000 US. Pretty good. One thing they need is a steel free hub body for the Shimano driver. Big cassettes and aluminum free hub body's aren't a good mix. I believe they are considering this though. I'm guessing a 35mm internal width will be coming at some point but 29mm is still a very versatile inner width.
  • 1 0
 I've got a bontrager racelite wheelset from around 2008 and they are labeled "Bontrager by DT Swiss" and a quick comparison looks like they are just rebranded 350s. Is it safe to assume DT is still making hubs for Bonti?
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 why straight pull spokes?
  • 3 2
 Because bling
  • 3 4
 Less fatigue on the spoke heads.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Nov 21, 2017 at 8:58) (Below Threshold)
 @Broth-Ratchurch: that is an interesting scientific fact, yet it does not mean much for straight pull DT competitions. A troll like me went to Hafjell. I broke 2 straight pull spokes at their spoke heads. One in the rear one in the front. I may have never had such a great weekend and may have never let go off the brakes so much, but I rarely break spokes and if I do it's often on very stiff rims like carbon or EX729 on my DJ bike. And I often break them under the nipple.
  • 8 3
 Less time consuming and therefore cheaper to build in a factory is the real reason.
  • 6 2
 @Broth-Ratchurch: Too bad breaking only one means you're shit out of luck to find replacements in all areas of the world that aren't bike mecca's...
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 @WAKIdesigns: I'm only tagging you into this because folks read your comments far more so I am just gonna ride your comment lightning...

If you have Bontrager line wheels in any model including the carbon models you can go to trek and order a 10 pack of spokes specifically for your wheels.
So yeah it's a pain finding straightpull spokes depending where you are in the world but if you know you are gonna be gone for a while a little pack of spokes can be ordered.
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 @2bigwheels: I love Bontrager products. I’ve seen their high end wheels in person today and I would never chose some Enve pish or German zupa fahrad lightweight or whatever over them. Their tyres are my current favorite. I still prefer Minions dhf for DH but their XC tyres are best of all I have tried.

I only commented on the fact that just because spokes are straight pull it doesn’t mean they won’t fail by the spoke head. I was laughing hard when I saw 2 broken spokes in my wheels. The problem is that if someone builds his own wheels with sp, it’s a freaking pain in the ass, compared to jbend. Especially when you order round spokes
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 @WAKIdesigns: for sure! I also agree lacing wheels with straight pull requires some serious wheel wizardry... I can barely get through buildi g a standard wheel haha

But your comment was a perfect place for me to comment about the replacement spokes that can be purchased...thats why I I replied to your comment.

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 @2bigwheels: You can also buy plenty of straight pull spokes on Bike Components de
  • 1 0
 @WAKIdesigns: yup you can. but for a lot of people its gonna be just as easy to order these wheels from their local shop and have em get some spokes as well.

I wasnt saying so much that the only place to buy them is through trek.
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 @2bigwheels: I wasn’t disagreeing with you, now we sound a bit doctor doctor Razz
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 @WAKIdesigns: I concur. lol
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 While you guys are doing reviews of reasonably priced wheels from brands, will you check out the Royal (Specialized) Traverse SL 6Fattie? $1500, 30mm width, DT 350 54t internals, seems pretty comparable.
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 Better yet the new We Are One wheels. Canadian made carbon rims, hope hubs, $1500 cad including shipping and 5 year warranty. That's pretty much the gold standard we should be measuring against right now.
  • 2 2
 @ratedgg13: yea but these are cheaper and with strait pull hubs
I would say these are the new gold standard
  • 4 0
 @ratedgg13: I agree, only "issue" with them is they're heavier than the competition, but that might be by design to last longer...if I was buying new rims today it would be We Are One
  • 1 0
 @Zaeius: Cool! Thanks
  • 1 0
 @nick1957: no, they're the almost identical price if OP got his numbers right, and the USD price listed in the article converted to CAD is almost identical as well (I didn't price check).
  • 3 0

1200 USD vs 1500 CAD.... We Are Ones are cheaper based on the conversion.

And in what world is a Trek straight-pull hub a superior option to a Hope Pro4?
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 @Quinn-39: The Bontrager hubs win when it comes to PoE, which isn't everything, I know, but some people care about it. We'll just have to wait and see if these new hubs from Bontrager hold up well.
  • 1 0
 @Quinn-39: what is the warrenty like with the WeareOne wheels? I havent done much reading on these guys.

Also...Lol yet again... a wheel review and a WEAreOne being superior comment has shown up lol. Its a conspiracy!!! lol
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 @2bigwheels: haha I think I posted both comments. I don't even own a set of their wheels, but I'm working with a company who has been testing them and results are great. It's a 5 year, no questions asked warranty which is pretty amazing.
  • 2 0
 Been running for 3 seasons. I absolutely love this wheelset. I've smashed through rock garden after rock garden in the Rockies and ridden tons of Junction/Moab/Sedona desert stuff on them and they just keep going. Nearly indestructible in my experience. A couple of 10 minute trues here and there and they just keep going. Would highly recommend.
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 @ross005: remove the plastic strips and replace with rim tape to shed 70-100g
  • 1 0
 @Quinn-39: hope hubs are very good but they are surrounded by urban myth of invincibility don’t get me wrong I run them on my hard tail. changed bearings once . good if weighty, simple and strong are your priority
  • 8 5
 That Minion looks like it's hiding cause it doesn't want to embarass the SE5
  • 3 0
 Before and after pictures please. I'd like to see how the rims and bearings look after all that riding. Cheers
  • 2 0
 prices seem to be dropping in the carbon bullshit sale. Maybe people are getting the fact that Alu is fine and lasts just as long and almost weighs the same.
  • 3 0
 Nope. It's when there are 40 companies making the same shit, they are forced to lower their price because who would buy the 3000 dollar wheels when they could spend 1200. Simple economics.
  • 1 1
 Ibis has 742's and 942's on sale with I9-torch hubs $1400USD or $1100USD without I9. They're 35mm internal and a touch lighter than these.....just sayin'. But applaud Bontrager for these "inexpensive" carbon options, they seem pretty decent and make it tough for someone to justify DOUBLE for some other brands. More and more of these coming out over the next few years and by 2020 we'll be seeing carbon hoops for $500USD. Just close your eyes on the "ocean fill" though if you buy them.
  • 3 2
 I’ve ridden several different sets of these all with hub engagement issues. Also the alloy rimed version. They skip under power and make strange noises during tech climbs. No thank you Bontrager.
  • 1 1
 I have witnessed first hand a set of these cracking near the bead! They were 3 weeks old and we were riding down a loose rock garden in Pisgah. Didn’t hear what happened with the warranty. My alum enduro I9 are still smooth and straight.
  • 2 0
 I bought some of these as an upgrade for my Hightower..... so far I’m very impressed! They have transformed the ride????????
  • 5 6
 I just can't see buying Bontrager wheels as an aftermarket option, but I can see why so many brands are cutting complete build costs by supplying their own line of carbon hoops. It's nice to be able to buy a $5000 bike and not feel like you need to instantly replace the wheelset.
  • 6 10
flag wibblywobbly (Nov 21, 2017 at 8:34) (Below Threshold)
 I feel you bruh. I'm just going to say that I'm a snob and it's hard being a snob sometimes. Something about the Bontrager name just screams "too cheap for real parts", no matter how good the product actually is.

Same goes for Syncros, Roval and any thing with a house brand name on it. At least it isn't Light Bicycle. Everyone says they are great, but that's like the dude who buys a 12$ Timex and brags about how it keeps better time than a Rolex.
  • 9 0
 @wibblywobbly: Timex is also way lighter than a Rolex. I know which watch I'd prefer to pedal up a hill.
  • 10 1
 I can't tell if you guys are being sarcastic... But if you're not, you're using your bike to convey that you ultimately have more $$ than other riders and only ride aftermarket boutique parts and judge those who go in-house for gear as being cheap and somehow "less important or special" than you.

Performance is performance regardless of price tag. Just cause you have a Timex doesn't mean you aren't successful, just like if you ride Light bike rims or Bontrager rims doesn't mean you can't rip. I've never understood the arrogance behind judging other people for the cost of the things they buy. It has zero impact on you. Granted, the guy who brags about his Timex being better than a Rolex is doing the same exact thing.

But hey what the hell do I know.
  • 6 0
 @wibblywobbly: there was a day, when Keith Bontrager's name on a product commanded a certain amount of respect, unfortunately, you likely weren't alive then. Those of us that have been riding MTB since the 80's can recall those days. Maybe when you grow up you'll understand.
  • 1 0
 @snowwcold55: No, I actually was being serious. But I don't ride boutique parts, or have a bike that cost more $$$ than you. I ride a 2013 Covert 29, and the only reason I don't run OEM wheels is because I taco'd the front rim, and broke the free hub in the rear. They got replaced one at a time when they broke with stronger, but reasonably priced aluminum wheels. However, when I do buy nice parts the vanity in me wants to go with a name brand over a house brand dispite the quality assuming the cost is close to the same.
  • 9 6
 Stans flow mk3. 600 bucks. Superb wheelset.
  • 10 1
 If I had a dollar every time someone comes into a carbon wheelset review thread and says Stans Flow, I could afford the new ENVEs. People looking for carbon don't care about Stans wheelsets, get over it.
  • 3 2
 @dimetera413: the ocean next to your dentists' practice cant be filled with used stans flow
  • 2 1
 Except those neo hubs are gah-bage.
  • 3 3
 Lets face it: Any new Carbon wheel has hoops made in the same factory, the only news is how good the hubs are and how low the price is - other than that everything else is filler
  • 2 1
 Geez they look identical to the cheap Chinese Carbon rims I bought....I wonder if they are one and the same just with Bontrager decals on them....
  • 1 0
 Another day waking up to 'I Got You Babe' (if anyone gets the reference)

2017 has definitely been the year of the carbon wheel review.
  • 1 0
 6 bolt, straight pull, 28 hole, aluminum freehub, all do not want. Aerolite spokes are illogical if they're trying to go for value. Sapim Laser or Dt competition, please.
  • 3 2
 These look really good. Trek was running them in DH and Enduro this year...
  • 3 1
 Yea the Trek team with unlimited wheel sets. No privateer can run carbon rims, They don't last!! !
  • 1 0
 I wish they made the font logo a little bigger, it doesn't scream "BONTRAGER" enough atm.
  • 3 1
 The only wheel higher on my list are the santacruz reserve wheel.
  • 2 0
 Nothing here that convinces me Santa Cruz shouldn't be my next wheelset.
  • 1 0
 These look awesome and sound great! They’d be perfect for my 29er build tup @theminsta
  • 1 0
 I'd just go custom and save $300usd!!
  • 1 2
 Are these more or less the same as the new Raceface wheels? Seems like everyone found a decent hub/rim maker and is watering down the market.
  • 1 0
 They are basically DT SWISS hubs missing the Star Ratchet... Bontrager was using DT SWISS for a long time but when the latest iteration of Bontrager hubs came out they said they were now Bontrager hubs... yet they really didn't change designs soo.... take their comments for what they are worth lol.
  • 1 1
 For the Canadians here...

Front wheel ~ 729.00CAD
Rear Wheel ~ 859.00CAD

Total before tax ~ $1588.00CAD
  • 2 0
 Nice wheels
  • 1 1
 "cheap" wheels with shit hubs. Get what you pay for with hubs and wheels. No short cuts.
  • 4 5
 1700g is pretty hefty for carbon. Maybe they were going for durability.
  • 3 1
 That's the new 'thing'. All manufacturers are pushing for improved durability, even if it adds weight.
  • 9 3
 1700g are really good for 29er! And the price is unbeatable for Carbon ! I had it in my hand a week ago and could see it! Are very well processed !
  • 3 1
 @Soilsledding: finally
  • 2 1
 Not compared to Roval and Santa Cruz "enduro" wheels, these are actually lighter as I've seen weights at the 1800+ grams reported for those. Considering they are $300 more that's not a bad deal.
  • 1 0
 @ryan83: roval traverse 29 aluminum: $600 and 1780g
Traverse carbon 29: $1500 (yes it's more) 1577g.
I guess if I had expounded on my point I would have said yes it's an ok price for carbon but not really much lighter than some nice alloy wheels at better much lower price. Although I suppose I shouldn't negate the durability and stiffness factors of carbon. It's hard though not to bag on Trek.
  • 1 0
 @longlongpelaman: I stand corrected. I thought I remember reading actual at 1800 grams for the carbon ones. It goes to show, never trust the internet. As a side note, my alloy rovals were probably the worst bike purchase I've ever had. Hubs broke, super flexy and were trashed within 6 months. The DT XM481's that replaced them have been much better.
  • 1 0
 @ryan83: DT is always the better choice.
  • 1 0
 @longlongpelaman: It´s the same ! DT Swiss builds the wheels for Bontrager !
  • 6 8
 I stopped reading after 28 hole steaight pull
  • 3 0
 Seem to work for their Enduro team and DH team... you harder on parts then either of those teams?
  • 1 0
 @2bigwheels: from what I have seen any national level racer avoids carbon rims!
  • 1 0
 @MX298: I don't disagree there has been a lot of talk of Pro riders staying away from the carbon wheels but the line pro wheels were in fact used during the EWS season and DH season and no one had a mechanical due to a broken carbon wheel.... Maybe that's just some really good luck on their part or maybe they are a decently durable carbon wheelset.

I have the Line Elite 30 so all the same build but just the alloy hoops instead, I thought about the carbon offering but I wanted to wait a full year and see some proper reviews first. so far looks like Bontrager has a good carbon wheel out there.... Thank god I work at a shop that deals trek haha, makes things a lot cheaper haha.
  • 1 0
 @2bigwheels: I think tire inserts (foam) may help. I have been to a few (pro-grt) national level downhill race and seen piles of carbon wheels behind team vans. All the fast enduro guy I have been around would rather finish on a dented aluminum rim then chance it on carbon. And our Trek dealer sucks so no Treks in my garage!
  • 2 0
 @MX298: I run a Huck Norris DH in my rear wheel. probably one of the smarter purchases I have made haha
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