Bosch Updates eBike Flow App To Offer More Motor Tuning and Route Planning

Feb 23, 2023
by Matt Beer  

Bosch has announced highly customizable updates to their navigation and output in their Smart System via the eBike Flow app.

We’ve always been impressed with the smooth and powerful Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System, but the additional tuning options are said to make that motor even more sporty and individual. Both the eMTB and Tour+ mode dynamics can be customized further than before. Bosch states that this should allow lighter eMTB riders to improve the tuning for their power, speed, and torque outputs.

Bosch has also increased the ability to tune the navigation in finer detail, allowing for highly personalized routes in the map display. Most importantly for commuting, the new functions let users know where Class 3 eBikes can be ridden and highlights their tracks by popularity. In addition to the heat function for routes, trail difficulty is color-coded too. The routes can then be selected by either overlay.
All of these additional features to the eBike Flow app are downloadable from the rider’s preferred app store and come at no additional cost. Furthermore, four additional languages have been added to the eBike Flow app, such as Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Czech.

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 Is this the update which has problems with Trek bikes?

Here are a few more people with the same problem:

I have a Trek Rail 9.8 XT (2022/23), here is the effect the kilometer on your system are stored as double and your average speed is also double. Current speed is normal.

I had contact with Bosch support, they have no solution by now.
I had contact with two local Trek Dealer (in Germany)- they have no information about the issue.
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 I’m bumping this to my friend and regular riding buddy who just got a Rail and seems to be having some issues like this.
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 ...would be sweet if they put down about twenty horsepower, now that would be a fun e-bike! Waitin'...
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 One month later - still no solution from Bosch.
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 The latest software update has now solved the error of the double km/miles.
The excess km/miles stored have not been deleted.
According to a phone call with Bosch service, they do not (yet?) know anything about compensation.
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 The best motor gets even better.
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 You ever drove a panasonic gx ultimate?
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 All in an effort to move to the subscription based model.
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 yeah, let the ediots pay!
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 I'm not into this kind of stuff but I'm just curious, what do they mean by the navigation service? The images just show something on a cellphone but is that just what they offer or does the display on the handlebar give directions too (and the phone is just for route planning)? For commuting etc I also plan my route on a phone and use my watch (Suunto) for nativation. It just shows a track (without a map) and turn-by-turn navigation which is sufficient for me. I can imagine something like that could be useful on a handlebar display too. If it is only on the phone, I see no advantage over a cellphone service like OsmAnd.
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 There is a map with turn by turn navigation on the Kiox display (handlebars) you plan the route in the phone before hand. It uploads via the app and Bluetooth.

Also yes this update is buggy for Trek bikes. I won’t update until it’s fixed.
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 @JNZ: Thanks, that's clear. Suunto moved from a web-based platform (that could be accessed from a regular laptop or desktop computer) to something app-based and for me that's a whole lot less convenient as my cellphone has only a 4" screen. And my phone only worked with buttons until they made the shift. Luckily the Suunto software does allow you to import a .gpx track so I can make the route in a different application and use their app merely for the transfer. I prefer as it can sync with Suunto directly. If there is something that works well with the Kiox application, that would be nice. I don't really plan routes for mountainbiking though, I just ride the trails as they are. But I do go a lot of places on my big heavy steel (unassisted) commuter and then it is nice to have my watch as a guide. Somehow I feel that's also the audience that Bosch is aiming for. Mountainbikers are a niche, the ones with pedal assist even more so. I think most people get their stuff for commuting so that's what their software is aimed at. If it works well for these people, it works well enough.
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 Why this App is not available in South America; I has a Crafty R purchased at an official distributor in Chile but can not use the App because it is not available for South America. Very dissapointed!
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 Look Bosch the only update people really want is the abilities derestrict it without you getting the hump !
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 While it’s illegal to that in the UK and Europe, that’s not likely to happen.
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 @Ozak42: It’s not illegal to derestrict an ebike , you just can’t use it in public places. If you set the motor to the US 20mph limit and Bosch see , they will void the motor warranty which doesn’t make sense to me !
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 @Matt115lamb: a feature to bypass the 25km/h limit is illegal on public roads in uk and eu, even if you only use it offroad
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 @kanioni: Are you sure , my car can go 140mph but the speed is 70mph !
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 @Matt115lamb: You're absolutely free to ride your assisted bike at 140mph and both Bosch and the law won't mind. So don't worry. You're just not allowed to have assistance up to that speed.

You came here asking for us to spoonfeed you the traffic laws?
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 @vinay: matey I know the law and it as I said “ it’s not illegal to derestrict an ebike , you just can’t use it in public places ” ie ride it above the legal limit on roads or non private places ! It’s not illegal to ride a derestricted bike at 10mph on the road !
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 @Matt115lamb: Alright, fair. People are free to derestrict an e-bike and ride it in their private places. I can't quite imagine it, but do you think there is an audience for that? People who do have a private piece of land where they can and want to ride their assisted bikes at higher speeds?

Maybe the law is different in your country than it is in mine (or I need to check again) but I thought for an e-bike to be road-legal it has to be restricted at the speed it is certified for. So 25km/h or 45km/h if it has the licence and insurance for that. And whichever you're using, you're free to go faster, you just shouldn't get the pedal assistance at these higher speeds. The other way around though, (at least over here in The Netherlands) one isn't allowed to ride a derestricted e-bike on public roads even if you ride slowly. Just like one isn't allowed to ride a motorbike on a bicycle lane. Either way, with the rules in your place, wouldn't make derestricting the bike even less fun? On a regular e-bike, at least people can use the assistance to climb up the hill and ride the descends as fast as they want. From what I understand from your explanation, once derestricted people have to descend (on public trails) within these speed limits. Can't see the fun in that. So it would only add something to those who can ride their bikes on private land.
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 @Matt115lamb: Anywhere where the public has access to is classed as a public place, that includes all your bike parks ,trail centres, public roads, local hills etc etc. If you have an accident on your derestricted bike (even while under the legal assist limit) then you better have a good lawyer!
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 @Medacus: absolute nonsense, you crash a lambo at 70mph , you won’t get the book thrown at you cos it’s capable of 200mph !
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 @Matt115lamb: Fill your boots pal, you clearly DON'T know the law as much as you bang on about and its laughable that you're comparing a "Lambo" to an ebike with a modification that put it into a different class category in the UK and to ride that bike on any public accessed areas they it needs to be registered just like any other motorbike... It's ignorant knobs like you that will fcuk it up for everyone els
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 @Medacus: Don’t worry dude I won’t ruin the Uk ebike industry !
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 @Matt115lamb: Maybe you will maybe you won't but I do look forward to the day when people like you come on sites like this crying about being done for Driving/Riding Otherwise In Accordance with a Driving Licence
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 @Medacus: You must have a great life Wink
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 @Matt115lamb: LOL, classic come back from from a village idiot... PS, I cant complain Smile
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 @kanioni: No it's not illegal to derestrict. It's illegal to ride a derestricted ebike on roads. Same as motos. If you only ride tracks you don't need to register it.
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 I N C O M I N G.
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 I just eat more salty potatoes,water and coffee. Happy Friday mates!
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 Possibly the biggest flop is the look and style of the onboard shifter and display. How flopping ugly.
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 The newest era of tuners
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 I wouldn’t trust these remote tunes. Take your e-bike to be professionally calibrated on a dyno.
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