Bosch Furthers Commitment to eMTB Racing with New CX Race Motor

Nov 3, 2022
by BoscheBikeSystems  
Orbea FOX Enduro rider Flo Espiñeira rides to the EWS-E series win with the Bosch Performance Line CX Race drive unit and new Race mode.

Press Release: Bosch eBike Systems

Our new Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition motor, developed with pro riders, is all about pushing the limits of eMTB riding and racing.

Days before the start of the final e-bike race of the 2022 Enduro World Series in Italy, a handful of top pros had new Bosch drive units installed on their bikes. The stakes were high, the series standings on the line. The terrain at Finale Ligure, a familiar stop on the international enduro circuit, is notoriously unforgiving: steep, rocky, as technical as it gets. The combination of burly uphill power stages and traditional descending stages demands brute strength and fearless white-knuckle speed. Together, it’s the ultimate test of racers and their machines. Twelve stages, with nowhere to hide.

Our new Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition motor was made for this. “Without a doubt, the new CX Race is a game changer,” says Flo Espiñeira of the Orbea FOX Enduro team. “It will not only take riders forward, but also the sport itself.”

Flo would know. A rookie on the e-bike circuit this year, the Chilean upstart went on to win in Italy and capture the overall title in the EWS-E pro women’s class.

Bosch Performance Line CX Race motors powered the top-three riders in the women's category at Finale Ligure. Photo: Trek/Boris Beyer


Competitive eMTB has come a long way in a few short years. Progression has been rapid. And since the beginning, we have played a major role in that progress. “We supported the EWS early on when we equipped journalists and photographers with eMTBs to help them get around the courses and give them more access and capabilities to do their work,” says Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. “This is how we got to know and love EWS racing.”

In the years that followed, we've continued to support the development of eMTB racing—not only by pioneering the motor systems that would push the sport forward, but also by backing the teams and athletes who fueled that progression.

bigquotesHaving the right products is one thing, but we also wanted to play a role in developing this community, creating the right framework to shape the future of eMTB riding and racing.Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems

Both Fleischer and Christoph Schumacher, the Bosch product manager for the CX and CX Race drive units, have consulted extensively with the UCI and race organizers from the EWS and MTB World cup to help steer the development of the sport. Topics range from optimizing the race courses for e-bikes to creating regulations to ensure clean competition by eliminating motor tuning or doping. “We find racing exciting and important to the progression of eMTB as a sport,” says Fleischer. “We also think that the professionalization of the sport can help us reach more people and show what is athletically and technically possible.”

Back in 2010, long before e-bike racing was a thing, we were busy establishing ourselves as a leader in the emergence of early eMTB technologies. The Haibike eQ XDURO, a bike that’s widely touted for being influential in the category, was powered by a Bosch motor and control unit. With 250 watts of maximum power output and 50Nm of torque, the “Classic Plus” system helped shape the future of eMTBs.

E-bikes have constantly evolved since then, and Bosch has remained at the forefront of innovation. Athletes and racers have had a direct influence on the advancement of motor technologies. Their real-world feedback is critical, and their successes riding Bosch are undeniable. In 2022, Bosch racers using new CX Race Limited Edition drive units netted more than 70 pro podiums in international XCO and Enduro races.

“We benefit enormously from the experience and knowledge of our athletes,” Fleischer says. “We are all united by one goal, which is to always keep improving. That’s why we have taken this next step and developed a drive unit that’s specially designed for eMTB racing.”

Developed with professional riders, the Performance Line CX Race offers 400 percent assistance and a longer Extended Boost.

Made for Racing

Our new CX Race drive unit is exactly what the name implies: a variation of the Performance Line CX that was developed specifically for eMTB race performance. Engineered to meet the demands of pro racers like Espiñeira and Cannondale rider Jérôme Clementz, the new Race motor looks quite similar to the Performance Line CX—but it boasts some key updates. The most notable new feature is Race mode, which helps riders accelerate quicker and power through technical terrain. The new CX Race drive has the same 85Nm of torque as the Performance Line CX motor, but Race mode delivers up to 400% of rider input compared to 340%.

Another key feature is Extended Boost. When you give the pedals a quick punch or ratchet action, the motor continues to push the bike forward for a brief moment after the pedals stop turning. This is designed to help you carry momentum over a trail obstacle until the rear wheel clears it—and that’s especially helpful when you need to lift the front wheel first, and then the rear wheel, up and over a ledge or other obstacle. The goal is smoother performance through challenging terrain, with less chance of getting hung up on rocks, roots or ruts.

Extended Boost isn’t just for climbs; we also made it to help to execute drops with greater control by providing extra momentum just before the drop. During the approach, it can be tricky to time pedal strokes exactly right. Instead of having to time the pedaling exactly right, a quick half pedal stroke provides propulsion to help clear the drop and discourage the front end from nose diving. Extended Boost is now available in two modes: the eMTB mode and Race mode. When riding in Race mode, the overrun time of Extended Boost lasts slightly longer.

Beyond the new Race mode, the CX Race Limited Edition is 200g lighter than the standard CX motor, a significant weight savings that can make the e-bike feel more dynamic and responsive. Engineered with lighter weight materials inside the drive unit, the motor weighs just 2.75kg. This makes it easier to control the bike, hit jumps with confidence, and lift or carry the bike during transport. It also offers smart walk assistance, which powers the bike forward when pushing up steep hills. In addition, the Hill Hold feature prevents the bike from rolling backwards when you’re trying to scramble up extremely steep hills and sketchy terrain.

The eBike Flow app.
Via the eBike Flow app riders can customize the performance characteristics of CX Race, a part of Bosch's smart system line of connected products. For example, a rider could fine tune the power delivery upon startup based on a course’s terrain and the surface type. The eBike Flow app can also run the new trail navigation feature while a route displays on the Kiox 300 computer. And, as with all of the smart system drive units from Bosch, the eBike Flow app allows riders to update their CX Race-equipped eMTB any time we push out a new feature.


There’s no question the CX Race Limited Edition was designed primarily for competition and the specific demands that racers face. But any experienced rider looking to up their game—to conquer technical terrain, shave seconds off their times, and aim for a new PR—can appreciate the performance advantage. After spending some time riding and racing with the CX Race drive unit, Espiñeira says it’s clear what type of rider will most appreciate its performance. “This is a motor that’s best suited for aggressive and fast riding,” Espiñeira says. “It’s more powerful, and you can feel it from the first pedal stroke. I’m still learning how to get all of the potential out of it to improve my performance, but I can definitely tell that it’s faster.”

The smart system CX Race drive unit is designed to deliver punchy, predictable power for racing and performance eMTB riding.

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 Wait until super extended boost mode, which keeps the motor turning a brief moment more than the other brief moment. And so on, until they just out a throttle on them and stop pedaling at all. Racing is racing, but call it what it is; a motor bike.
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 Any motor on a racing ebike that isn't putting out 100% of its allowable power 100% of the time it's allowed to, makes no sense to me
  • 1 0
 I wonder if the uci will define ‘brief moment’ so companies know how long the extended boost can last?
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 @fuzzhead45: That is because you would need a huge heavy battery if 100% of the time is the time taken to get round the course. The pro riders are having to do some careful battery management to complete the course.
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 @MysticMCyclist: Are racers really running out of battery in these races? The motors put out a nominal 250W and most ebike batteries are in the 300-500 watt hour range. They should be able to run non-stop at full power for 1-2 hours and these races are usually less than an hour. Are they running smaller batteries than consumers get?
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 @MysticMCyclist: Are racers really running out of battery on these races? The motors put out a nominal 250W and most ebike batteries are in the 300-500 watt hour range. They should be able to run non-stop at full power for 1-2 hours and these races are usually less than an hour. Are they running smaller batteries than consumers get?
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 @fuzzhead45: you can say that again
  • 1 1
 @fuzzhead45: I was thinking the same thing. I have an EMTB thats a couple years old now and the area that i am in is relativly flat so i can go for quite a long time on turbo. however when i take it somewhere with long sustained climbs boost eats thru the battery quick. I know that bosch motor eats up the battery a little quicker than others. maybe they make it a standard battery size just for EMTB racing. just a thought.
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 @fuzzhead45: They are putting out more than 250w and anyone who says otherwise is lying.
  • 2 2
 same old broken record comment, the ebikes being motorcycles nonsense is getting almost as tedious as the "looks like a session rubbish.
  • 11 3
 At 55yrs young I found myself having to hike certain sections of my local trail system...up to 21% grades simply are too tough for me now. I'm also 6'2" and a lean 230lbs. When I finally tried an ebike I was hooked for this very reason, I can now actually ride up all of the climbs and get 2 to 3 more laps than when I ride my regular Yeti ASR. These bikes are not mopeds or motorcyles, they handle just like other bikes in my large collection. Cheers!!!
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 I get this ^. It keeps people in the sport. What I don’t get is people asking for an ebike class for enduro and super D races. The root is “endurance.” If you want a motorized race get a YZ or KX125. Next the ask will be for a Bird or Lime e-scooter class (which could be kind of funny …)
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 @10DollarHelmet10DollarHead: this is an easy one, people like to race the bikes that they have
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flag mi-bike (Nov 4, 2022 at 1:14) (Below Threshold)
 2 or 3 more laps? This doesn't mean anything without telling us how many laps you do without the e-. Percentage wise, how much more distance does the e- get you?

How is it possible that your ebike handles just like all other bikes in your "large collection"? Not even two different meat-powered bikes handle "just the same"!
  • 3 0
 @mi-bike: Percentage wise I get ~50% more riding in, but remember I'm hiking part of the climbs with my regular bikes so that is part of the difference. And some of the climbs that I can handle instead of going 5 - 7mph, I'm going closer to 12mph on my emtb.

My other comment is just the fact that on Pinkbike so many comments are about emtb's riding more like a motorcycle. Having owned a KTM 525-XCW for many years I can tell you that nothing is further from the truth. They ride surprising spry (2022 YT Decoy 29). The extra weight is a hindrance, but the performance is still similar and at the end of the day I am spent!!!! To your point though, yes all bikes ride a bit differently.

I started mountain biking back in 1991, and I own a Yeti ASR, Yeti ARC, Niner Air 9 Carbon, Surly Wednesday, Funk Pro Comp, Nishiki Alien, Cervelo R3 and several others (bmx, tandem, etc....).
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 @10DollarHelmet10DollarHead: I get it. I just ride to get outside and stay outside as much as I can. It's much better than going to the gym and breathing everybody's else's air. I still enjoy watching "normal' bike racing, I raced cross country (novice then sport) for 10yrs. I also call emtb's emtb's. I don't use the term analog or acoustic to describe what are "regular" mountain bikes.
  • 2 1
 No one has any issue with people getting Ebikes to keep them riding, litereally never seen anyone take any issue with that, be it through age or injury.

What people have issues with is people who are perfectly capable of riding an acoustic bike using them for a performance boost, riding up trails/in extreme mud when they'd normally stay home etc. And racing them for people who are capable of riding acoustics? why the f*ck?
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 The hikers want mountain bikes banned, Equestrians want mountain bikes to be banned, Mountain bikers want e-bikes banned, e-bikers want sor-rons banned. As long as a rider is being safe, riding within their limits and displaying sufficient trail etiquette, all is well, and at the very least I can handle level 1 pedal assist bikes. That being said, this article is about racing and race e-motors. Racing is a whole different animal.
  • 5 0
 Been mtbing for over 25 years mostly been a great group of people to be about but when you hear some of the anti ebike comments you realize how many dicks there are out there. Get over yourselves folks and just ride what you like and stop trying to impose your misguided beliefs on others
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 I don't give a hoot about this EEB content but good for FLO from PBA winning the damn EWS-E SERIES!!!
  • 2 0
 Congratulations to Flo as well. I don’t care about ebikes one way or the other, in fact I plan to get one when I hit 65. But I can tell you this, competition with ebikes will become like any other motorized sport; it’s about how much you spend and how much you can cheat without being caught.

Any wagers on when the first scandal shows takes flight?
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 The hardest working team in Bosch must be their legal team.. Constantly printing down increased power and extended periods without pedaling in the spec sheet but not violating the rules. The would win Penn&Teller:Fool us with ease.
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 Why is it that people who hate e-bikes and anything related feel the need to open articles about them and make stupid comments about how much they hate them. The constant whining and complaining, ffs get a life and stfu! They’re fun and people like them. No one cares if you don’t.
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 As much as I had liked my first go into eMtb, I will be leaving it for now due to a bad experience with Trek and Bosch. Had a motor failure on a Trek Rail, and diagnosis was to replace the motor, it's out of warranty, so bang. No help from Trek or Bosch. I will be getting the bike fixed then selling straight away. Won't be dealing with either company in the future. For Trek that should be easy, for Bosch, no eMtb motors, no appliances, no power tools.. Likely not good to post when pissed off but here I go.
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 It actually is illegal in the united states because of latency throttle laws. But Bosch if you want to end up with the litigation and get the entire E bike market shut down so that way you can try and beat brose and shimano well, go ahead you will anyways.
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 Comments here crack me up. eBikes are motos that's why they're so damn fun. They're not mtn bikes nor are they replacements for mtn bikes. They're DH all the time, full boost all the time or go home. Not a moto guy so for me they're awesome, especially on tight moto trails where I pass them. But eBike racing, WTAF. Just as dumb as fatbike racing with limitations on tire size etc.
  • 3 0
 Then don’t make it a limited edition! Let all of us who want it have it
  • 2 1
 Limited edition as in they’ll limit the amount they make once people stop buying them or the next thing that’s limited edition comes along.
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 Supply and command
  • 6 4
 I remember when it was "its pedal assisted" its not a motor!!!
They have no shame now and call it what it is, a motor.
  • 6 6
 Moped racing... no thanks. I've no more interest in this than watching:
- motor assisted climbing of El Capitan
- motor assisted weight lifting
- motor assisted rowing eights
  • 3 1
 I’d rather watch a no doping controls racing category than an e motor assisted category.
  • 1 0
 Though racing we get lighter motors and ultimately lighter bikes for non racers to ride. I like that. I'm 75 and still riding.
  • 11 13
 No e bikes are for getting fit . No one will talk about more power . Never . These are gutless motor bikes . Total f*cking joke .
E bikes are pretending to be pedal bikes .
Total f*cking joke .
Next year . More power .
Don't you feel the laughter from the people using meat power . ? E bikes which are gutless motor bikes do not have any place with actually pedal bicycles.
What Happened to the f*cking e bike filter !!!!
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 If they need a motor to reach the top of the next run, then why not just ride the lift? Isn't "E-enduro" just becoming "Downhill"?!
  • 12 14
 More Ebike BS. When does this shit end? These things need to be banded off normal mt-bike trials before they destroy mt-biking completely! All to apprise a bunch lazy c*nts! Pandora's box needs to be closed
  • 14 6
 What's up ? Can't afford one ?
  • 5 10
flag Darknut (Nov 3, 2022 at 10:57) (Below Threshold)
 @MysticMCyclist: I just not a lazy c*nt
  • 10 3
 @Darknut: but it looks like you were one during grammar class
  • 7 2
 I bet you’ll shuttle all day in your big ol truck though.
Riders acting like goons and scaring other trail users closes trail. That usually happens downhill where e-bikes are largely at a disadvantage to a DH or Enduro bike.
Trail wear is negligible especially if it’s a trail that gets shuttled anyway.
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 @MysticMCyclist: Can’t afford the shame and embarrassment is all
  • 2 1
 I thought this would be about a cyclocross e-bike motor.
  • 1 1
 Ha, I thought the exact same thing.
  • 1 0
 “Oh yeah bro, I moto and mtb at the same time”
  • 2 3
 The limit of emtb-racing is mx and mtb. Everything inbetween is a joke. That would be emtb-racing.
  • 8 9
 How'd this get by the moped content filter?
  • 12 12
 God damn I hate ebikes.
  • 2 3
 Ye boi #Ebikes rule.

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