Video: Semenuk's Line - Red Bull Rampage 2015

Oct 13, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  




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 Looks like Semenuk have something Under his sleeves for finals... His little smile was saying something
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 his face is gonna be sore for weeks after that little smirk. I cant imagine the sort of muscle atrophy he must have to deal with
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 I know he has cork 7s, flat drop flips and a flip can to tuck in his back. If Rampage was about tricks only he would win for sure. Gonna be a great show on Saturday
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 Semenuk has style for miles. In slopestyle, he's done very similar runs to others and gotten much higher scores for that exact reason. You can't ignore his plethora of super stylish dh bike movie segments. I think amplitude is the only thing he is missing over a rider like Zink, Lacondeguy, or Aggy. He's probably the most calculated on normal sized (huge for humans) jumps. Aggy and Andreu on those massive 60ft jumps is a different type of calculated. He'd win for sure if he could add that type of style to his bag o tricks. This just leaves him as one potential winner, whereas I think Aggy and Andreu are the most likelies.
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flag netracer-enduro (Oct 14, 2015 at 5:59) (Below Threshold)
 Semenuk is a phenomenal rider, there is no doubt about that however i do feel he gets marked higher than others considering what he does, its like the judges are looking for places to mark him up and places to mark others down, i do not actually think he rides with that much style, he does however pull of insane tricks very smoothly, there is no doubt he is one of the best but i think alot of people just assume he is the best without actually looking at other peoples runs
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 I think you are wrong because if we are consider the greater picture of steeze, semenuk has style and ease, with an emphasis on the ease like almost no others in the sport.
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 would be great if Semenuk incorporate the Ninja Drop from his Unreal segment into his rampage run Wink
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 Is it called a ninja drop? I always thought it was an acid drop, like it is in skateboarding
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 I think that is most personable I have seen him. He mostly seems mechanized but he appears to be having fun with this one. Going to be a great show.
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 I too thought he seemed a lot more comfortable in front of the camera. It's nice if he can (a) perform at a world class level, and (b) actually enjoy the experience as well.
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 I could imagine he doesn't feel that much pressure on him for this one. In a slopestyle comp he knows exactly what to do to be on the top step but in rampage judging is (imo) almost a little more subjective and therefore you can't exactly calculate on what will win. So he can just have fun with this one, shred his line how he wants to and hope for the best. I might be completely wrong though
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 Couldn't agree more. First time it's not been robot semenuk. This line issue with rampage though is becoming a thing. The organizers need to deal with it for next year big time, because the scoring is going to be unfair if riders literally dont have access to some terrain.
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 did you guys know there will be a trackpreview by claudio? he said on his instagram that will be soon on
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 I really hope he gets to the bottom in one piece , sure he's a skilled dude but this is a different game , good luck Claudio !
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 @bigburd, sounds like he's already done the course preview and the video will be up soon. Claudio's insane! Glad he made it out in one piece! mega respect.
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 this is a joke right?
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 It's his year. Who else is feeling that?
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 I think aggy's was ment to win last year. After his injury, he should win this year as long as he has a good line
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 Brandon definitely for the win! The guy matured a lot in a year!

Those crazy s**t he displayed this year on a big bike might gave him a lot of confidence and training for the extreme.
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 What a terrible video player
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 Yeah, I hate all this free content.
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 Brendon Semenuk for the win!
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 this kind of frustration.. when you know that you won't be able to watch it live
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 so stoked to see what moves he busts out. sure hope the weather forecast is wrong
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 Is Alexander wearing a fake, Humpty-Hump, nose and glasses disguise?!
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 alexander is really semenuk but with a mustache, glasses and wig. they even talk very similar.
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 Is that a Canadian hipster?
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 there are no hipsters anymore. the trend has been dowloaded into the masses.
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 gluten free is the new hipster
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 according to most of the non-mountain biking population - most of us are hipsters.. Elitist mountain bikers, who drink mostly IPAs, wear flannels, smoke weed, pretend we are all pro photographers, all with an affinity for obscure alternative/punk/old school hip hop/metal. And we all hate hipsters - which makes us even more hipster.
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 all those facts @angrynipples just make us sound like snobby a*sholes, not hipsters. see theres the confusion. wtf is a hipster, actually.
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 I could be wrong, but I believe a hipster was an old wooden ship used in the Civil War era
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 I eat gluten free, don't drink beer, wear flannels, hate waiting for friends taking pictures on rides, and love punk rock. I think I have an internal hipster syndrome that my body is trying to fight off
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 RAMPAGE. Best thing to ever happen to mountain biking. That is all.
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 Looks like Matthew McConaughey joined Brandon's dig team..
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 His line looks scary. Holy shit
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 I think that is the most I have ever heard Brandon say...
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 Brendan and Brandon for the top steps!!!!
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 Am I the only one who can't look at Brandon and not see this dude:
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