Video: Brasil Enduro Series Round 2 - Freezing Time in Urubici

Aug 24, 2014
by Raul Chavarria  
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After the first of round of Brasil's debutant enduro series in Rio de Janeiro, the circus headed to the south of the country, more precisely at the gorgeous Urubici in Santa Catarina, a city which the geography speaks for itself.

Brasil Enduro Series 2 - Freezing time in Urubic
Stunning views and cold weather, that's all Urubici is about.

Urubici is know as one of the few Brazilian cities where snow can come down from the sky during winter time. Even being this exact time of year, just the rain and low temperatures came to the party.

Brasil Enduro Series 2 - Freezing time in Urubic
Start time reminders will dictate race day for a rider.

Long, loooong, I mean, really long day.

Urubici's total distance was not for the untrained Enduro riders. Counting the liaisons, waiting time for start and the stage times, riders were on a long, 7-ish hour bike ride.

Brasil Enduro Series 2 - Freezing time in Urubic
Splitting boys from the girls and the from men from the women on the loose and slippery rock garden.

If you include an extra day for training, that's a journey that would take a little more than a couple of spaghetti bowls to maintain your carb levels up to the ideal point. But nothing that a local dish of Entrevero (a local cuisine made with meat and a nut called "Pinhão") and a cold beer wouldn't heal the riders.

Lead changes on rankings

When he concluded the opening race of the series in Rio de Janeiro, Nataniel Giacomozzi (HUPI Bikes/Santa Cruz) promised that he would give his best to take the bigger trophy home when racing in his home state. He not only accomplished this but moved to the first place on the Pro Men's category. "I'm really happy to win at my home state. But what made this complete was winning this in Father's day. Mine is here today, and my biggest joy is dedicating the victory to him", said the stage champion.

Brasil Enduro Series 2 - Freezing time in Urubic
Nataniel on his path to victory.

Pro Men podium was completed - from second to fifth - with the following riders : Ronny Renke (Soul Cycles/Shimano), Thiago Velardi (Bike Tech Jardins), Thiago Boaretto (Viper) and Diego Neumann (Da Bomb).

Different from the hard match on the Pro Men, Pro Women was a women versus mountain solo battle. Bia Ferragi (Viper), the only lady that came to Urubici, weren't frightened by the cold or the venue and completed the 3 stages in 31min07.

Brasil Enduro Series 2 - Freezing time in Urubic
Bia Ferragi was the only woman to compete. She's tougher than you. For sure.

Here's your winners of each category:
* Expert - Rafael Pereira (Bike & Adventure)
* Master 1 - Felipe Bortoletti (Morro Abaixo)
* Master 2 - Gustavo Henrique (Inter Trilhas)
* Master 3 - Normando Pereira
* Senior - Robert Marent (Santinha Bike Bros)
* Amateur - Maurício Bernardi (Alutech Cycles/German Bikes)

Improvements and end Balance

After the intermediate round of the Shimano Brasil Enduro Series, the organizers celebrated the results. "The most positive point of Urubuci was the location and how the event headquarters was positioned in the map regarding where the stages were. We chose to do all stages on a single mountain. This made it easier for us and for the athletes as the liaison stages were accessible the Shimano neutral support" said Daniel Bender, one of BES' organizers.

Brasil Enduro Series 2 - Freezing time in Urubic
The minds behind BES, Daniel Bender and Theo Duarte celebrate the improvements.

The next and final round will take place in Campos do Jordão, in São Paulo state. The city is one of the old destinations of mountain biking in São Paulo due to its geography. The race will take place in the weekend of November 1st and 2nd.

Yes, this is a drone shot.

Shimano Brasil Enduro Series is sponsored by Shimano, Viper, HUPI Bikes and Santa Cruz Bikes, and supported by Session Brasil, Maxxis/Calypso, Exceed Nutrition, Specialized e Bike & Adventure.

The Urubici round was supported by the City Hall of Urubici, the Health and Tourism Office and the local Fireman force. SESC, Serrasul Ecoturismo and Diretrix were also supporters of this race.

Website : http://www.brasilenduroseries.com.br/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brasilenduroseries

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 I've been traveling all over Europe, USA, Canada and Japan and I can say that this place is one of the most beaultifull places on earth.
with a strong money Brazil has tons of brands like Trek, Giant and Specialized doing money here and race organizers are doing a great job in some races loke this Enduro Series.
lets open your eyes and look at this epic view and trails.
maybe 2016 enduro World Series in Brazil for an epic race?
in 2005/6 we had an amazing World Cup in Balneario Camboriu with a short track but amazing beach and city why not World Cup Downhill in Brazil again???
  • 5 0
 We encourage our neighbours to take part and come visit us on the next round for lots of MTB and fun! There are fights straight to Guarulhos (GRU AIRPORT), once you rent a car its just 1:20 hour trip until Campos do Jordão mountains.
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 Parabéns a todos que estão organizando esse evento ficou muito legal...Esse tipo de competição só tem a cresce no Brasil...
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 it's us in the tape!
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 A 100km da minha terra natal (Lages/SC) e eu nao pude ir... kill me, kill me nooooow!!!
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 Parabens, evento top ano que vem iremos correr ulguma etapa !!!!!!! #Impinatiu
  • 2 0
 Muito bom espero que ano que vem esteja no mesmo formato ou ainda melhor, pois queremos ir participar de alguma etapa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Very well done. Parabéns pelo evento e pela edição.
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 Show, Show, Parabéns a todos...
  • 3 0
 Parabéns. Post bacana no site bacana. Evento nota 1000. Ainda vou.
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 Parabéns pela organização! Ano que vem, tendo uma etapa nas queridas Minas Gerais, estaremos lá se Deus quiser.

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