Brendan Fairclough Has Hand Infection Due to Splinter

Jun 9, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  
After getting a splinter in his hand at Schladming Brendan opted for a bit of home surgery and paid the price with a concerning infection that he hopes won t spoil the week ahead.

Brendan Fairclough shared on Instagram today that a splinter in his hand led to an infection that required a trip to the hospital after he tried to remove it.

He said in an Instagram story update that he has had the splinter for about three weeks now. In Schladming last week, he tried to "self-operate" and dig it out, but that plan didn't work. After riding yesterday, his hand swelled up badly and felt "like it was on fire," so he went to the hospital, where he was given antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

bigquotesMoral of the story is don't self-operate with dirty scalpels and needles.Brendan Fairclough

He is currently still on antibiotics and plans to see the doctor again in the morning. He doesn't know yet whether he can ride this weekend, but we hope to see him back on the bike ASAP. We will update you when we know more, and in the meantime, we wish Brendan all the best.


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 The only time a hand job ends badly.
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 I see you’ve never met Callous-Carly.
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flag TheMrSteve (Jun 9, 2021 at 14:11) (Below Threshold)
 If this doesn’t make PB comment of the year I don’t know what will!
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 @TheMrSteve: only 8 minutes and 16 upvotes already...I'd say it has a pretty good shot.
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 Hopefully it still ends with a happy ending.
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 ...or they just rip yo ding-a-ling off. That wouldn't be terribly great either.
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flag danstonQ (Jun 9, 2021 at 15:13) (Below Threshold)
 @TheMrSteve: work out your english... and you subtleness by the way, sucker.
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 @imnotdanny: " ...I'd say it has a pretty good shot.". Pun intended?
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 @SlinkySammy: or sandpaper Sally
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 @blowmyfuse: not intended, but it works out I'd say
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 @SlinkySammy: dude. Freshman year of college I went out with a girl named Carly who played softball. Was actually painful. She’s married to a woman now.
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 @TheMrSteve: Dick Pound.
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 @SlinkySammy: Callous Carly sounds like Schwalbe’s next rubber
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 @danstonQ: his English is correct it's yours that's wrong you numpty! lol
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 Mrs Palmer and her five daughters out of business for a while
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 @kieran not when your mum is involved...
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 @SlinkySammy: Palmala and her five sisters!!
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 Scalpels aren't known for their capable handling. Too twitchy. Looks like now he's a Lefty.
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 Looks like this Session is now a Habit
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flag danstonQ (Jun 9, 2021 at 15:14) (Below Threshold)
 @Connerv6: and?
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 @danstonQ: you must be new here
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 And he's certainly more of a Genius on the bike rather than off of it
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 @Connerv6: he likes to take risks, he’s a real Gambler
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 Not the first time he’s had a small prick in his hand Smile
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flag foxinsocks (Jun 9, 2021 at 21:35) (Below Threshold)
 Where's the P.C police?
You must jump valiantly to quench the flames of this potentially inappropriate joke before Brendog has a chance to get offended. C'mon.

Touché to you, sir.
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 Apparently people thought i was serious...
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 Pulling a splinter out is now called ‘self operate’

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 I think the genius is for xc duty right...
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 everyone leave the splinter removal, hangnails and papercuts to the HERO FRONTLINE WORKERS!
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 I'm holding on to the sliver of hope that he will pull through.
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 I remember when I stepped into a sea urchin in Portugal and had a few needles stuck in my heel. Some high af surf hippie at the hostel insisted he knew what he was doing and young and dumb as I was I let him. Didn’t get a single one out. Took the bus to the hospital the next day. Had a few splinters pop out months later still. Get that shit looked at properly, having random pointy things stuck in your extremities is never fun.
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 Dude, they are lethal. Fair play to you
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 Hopefully he can pass a drug test after the antibiotics....
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 And that he's avoiding borrowing water bottles....
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 @korev: his risk of holding the wrong bottle is cut in half anyway.
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 Straight in to my team he goes!
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 Too funny! Wink
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 that headline is a piece of work
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 I thought he'd been attacked by a mutant Ninja rat sensei
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 Don't take any strange antibiotic enhancers my dude...
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 Name checks out...
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 That looks like some awkward bandaging. He'll have to pull it off with his other hand.
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 The bandages?
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 Not Fair Claw
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 I know we report/read on athlete injuries, but infection is a new one compared to the broken/tore things we're used to. Death to bad bacteria!
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 Have you not heard about this guy called Martin Maes?
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 @parkisatool: what happened to him?
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 @An-Undocumented-Worker: According to him, he took antibiotics to fight an infection at a race. Those antibiotics were banned by WADA so he got suspended for doping. Funny enough, he is not at the same level now as he was before that happened, so draw your own conclusions...
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 @parkisatool: good recap

Now sit back and watch the downvotes roll over you

PED related comments go direttissima below the threshold, unfortunately
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 I had a similar issue with splinters leading to a bad infection. It was likely MRSA or something similar. No amount of traditional antibiotics would get rid of the infection in my thumb.
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 Probably all that f*cking around with those makeshift ramps at his house...gotta pay attention to that shit ...septic poisoning can really f*ck you up..been there done that!Smile
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 jumps over his sketchy roof with a sketchy ramp he build on his land rover with a sketchy run in, but a splinter is what takes him out. what a mad lad.
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 *tries to jump
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 With all the hand cleanser currently in the world with which you could clean any injuries or tools it’s pretty good going managing to get a an infection from a splinter
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 Jam a dirty piece of wood deep into your flesh and see how much a bit of hand sanitizer on the surface actually helps you...
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 DIY YeewwwTooob Surgery goes poorly.
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 Brendan got robbed.
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 You beat me to it...
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 A prick in the hand is worth a week off the bike
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 Peter Parker moves right there
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 In my house they say "eating teaches drinking"
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 Bren what are you doing lad...
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 lol anyone surprised
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 He wasnt going to be on my team but I hope he recovers quick and races - he's a good fella.
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flag parkisatool (Jun 9, 2021 at 18:15) (Below Threshold)
 Why the f*ck do you think anyone gives a shit about your team?
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 @parkisatool: easy now…
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