Brendan Fairclough Signs for 3 More Years with Scott

Feb 19, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

Scott has announced it has re-signed Brendan Fairclough for another three years.

Alongside racing World Cups, Scott says the 33 year old will be "producing numerous edits, TV Shows and perhaps even more films in the future”. Brendan is on a slighlty different program to the rest of his Scott Factory teammates and will be running a size Large gambler, with Fox suspension, TRP drivetrain and brakes, DMR cranks, grips and pedals, Enve wheels, Maxxis tires and Deity cockpit, saddle and seatpost and Troy Lee clothing.

bigquotesThis company has outdone itself constantly moving forward and in my opinion building the best, sexiest bikes on the planet. Super proud and excited to continue my relationship with the SCOTT Family for another three years. We have more big projects in store for you, cant wait!Brendan Fairclough

bigquotesHaving worked with Brendan for many years now, it was only natural to want to continue the relationship.WIth all of the successful projects behind us, and a good idea of what's to come, we're looking forward to working together with Brendan for the years to come.Julian Wagner, SCOTT Sports MTB Marketing Manager


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 Brendan has Sparked the interest of lots of folks for the sport and, I'm sure he'll help tip the Scale for some to choose Scott as the brand of choice. His social media is getting so popular I'm sure he could have held them for Ransom for a great deal. He's also the prefect person to plug their ebikes. I'm no Gambler, but it doesn't take a Genius to put money on him for some wins on the World Cup this year. Take it for what it's worth... that's just my Aspect of things.
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 Very good.
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 @jjt0071: The whole pun thread in dropped in one post.
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flag RedBurn (Feb 19, 2021 at 13:53) (Below Threshold)
 No WC win coming tho ????
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 That was amazing ....................nooooooot ! Hehe
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 Great Scott!
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 A pretty good ON3P ski if you ask me! but keeping Brendan isn't a bad idea either Wink
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 Nac nac who’s there?
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 Freeracing edits = the future
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 I think the man has been one of the hardest working and most creative riders during the pandemic!!
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 Old house jumping = the past
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 I would love to have seen a review of the new Gambler as part of DH bike week
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 Has the Gambler changed much since the 2019 review?

At first glance it seems like more or less the same frame.
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 Sick. He should team up with Dangerholm though
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Unchanged only now white instead if yellow and 2021 fox shoxk
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 @Waldon83: This Dangerholm guy sucks!! Wouldn't you agree @bicyclerider ???
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 If by sucks, you mean is epic, then yes.... he sucks for days.
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 He's got the legs of a girl?? What are you talking about?
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 He doesn't wanna Gamble with his career....
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 He is clearly a genius!
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 @winko: A bright spark for the Scott brand
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 Scott might Scale up due to increased sales.
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 Good for him! But I want to see Brendan ride those new one-piece Syncros wheels. That'll really prove how strong/durable they are
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 Brendog did not get robbed!!
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 Running out of popcorn here, can someone Bob down the shops for me , cos I don’t want @mtb-scotland to find out I’ve left the house.
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 Is there something in his SCOTT contract that says he can not jump houses? If not there should be!
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 Pretty sure his wife has that covered hahaha
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 Fair enough for Brendan. I loved his content this year, so I hope this will enable him to continue doing that. Also curious whether this will allow him a house (or a run in) that he CAN jump over ????
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 House destroyer...
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 Oh thank god. My anxiety can go away now for 3 years
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 great move by scott to re-sign brandog
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 Brilliant photography, who's the photographer?
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 Cheers, I’m lucky to get to work with Brendan!!
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 The easiest decision a Marketing exec will ever have to make...
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 Scott bikes is cool. Brandon drives brand to next level with his silly antics and great personality.
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 I agree with him on scott make sexist bike on market...
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 Some proper panshot Friday content as well
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 Death Grip 2??
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 Does this mean I get free Scott bikes?
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 Lovely kit and bike.
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 No Scott Pilgrim
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 Looks like a session!
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