Brett Rheeder Back On Crutches 3 Weeks Before Rampage Finals

Sep 27, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

Brett Rheeder broke his femur riding at an indoor bike park back in December, but looked to have made a full recovery. Yesterday, he posted in his Instagram stories that he is back on crutches after a recent crash, saying:

bigquotesBack on the crutches. I took a pretty mellow crash the other day but it was enough to put me back on crutches. I got to get it fixed, so I’m going to Vancouver this week to work with a physiotherapist to try to get back on the bike before I leave for Rampage in one week from now. Just thought I’d let you guys know and give you an update with where I’m at. I’m all good, but I need to be able to walk in order to do Rampage. We’ll see how this week goes and I’ll let you guys know how I do.Brett Rheeder

The setback has occurred just one week before Rheeder is scheduled to leave for Rampage. He is one of 15 athletes on the list to ride Rampage in Utah on October 15th.

We'll update this story as we find more and we hope to see Rheeder competing in Utah.


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 "I need to be able to walk in order to do Rampage"
This is where the massive divide in his ability level and mine displays itself. I need a lot more than just being able to walk to do anything on a Rampage level course.
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 Nevermind rampage level, I need to be 100% to ride jumps 5% the size of rampage ones! Well 15% really, but who's counting.
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 ooops, wrote same thing before I read comments. Yeah.
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 Like a hope and a prayer. I know that's what I'd need, and an air transport ready to get me to hospital.
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 Warrior's mentality
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 Frown I feel for brett man. I can tell Title MTB has been really rewarding, but part of him still wants to showcase his skills and Rampage was kind of his crown venue for that and it's just really sad. I think the desparation is valid, but I'm not going to downplay his recovery time because he bounced back from splitting that hip up really really fast. I hope he is well, there isn't enough discussion on the depression that follows after mountain bike injuries. Like holy shit who else has just up and sold bikes and shit and said "Im done" after getting a big injury/surgery? I've done it twice, I keep coming back but the grief that comes from just being unable to do something you love f*cking absolutely blows. Dunno if you're reading this Brett, but if you are, cheers man recovery quickly, take care of yourself (both body and mind) and just know life has a really, really, really funny way of making you feel like you took 1 step forward and 5 steps backwards... but if you zoom out, the overall trajectory is up!
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 @anchoricex: that depression is real, for certain! Broke my clavicle in 4 places and a couple ribs and have been so bummed. I have a J-hook in now that comes out in a week but it has been 3 months of sleeping on only one side. I know not being rested contributes to the malaise and darkness, I am definitely taking a break from watching Friday Fails vids and watching Jess crash at RedBull has given me nightmares...
But, even at 56 I can't imagine not bombing down some mountain trail ever again, albeit a little slower. Good advice about zooming out for a better vantage of life sometimes.
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 Understatement of the year
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 @RonniePivot: When I broke my collar bone several years ago, it made me rediscovered my love of hiking. I'd highly recommend it. If the ribs are too painful to hike, then go for scenic drive, have a camp fire, enjoy nature somehow. I'll also say that hiking alone can be boring, so a good audio book or podcast for intellectual stimulation is perfect. I know its cliche, but getting outdoors really does help.
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 @kcy4130: thanks for the advice! it is great just to be in the woods for sure!
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 Brett, not worth it. Skip Rampage this year and let your body heal up. You can go another time but screwing it up again could have lifelong consequences
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 I was thinking the same thing. I hope there isn’t huge pressure from sponsors to get to rampage at all costs.
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 Was thinking the exact same.
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 Anyone who rides rampage faces potential lifelong consequences. If he's feeling up to it, let him at it.
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 Do you know what his injury is?
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 Typical response given the World we live in today.... "Let me tell someone else how to live their life. Let me tell you how to protect you from yourself." Enough is enough.
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 Soccer players: pretend to be hurt to get penalties called on the other team..

Brett: "I need to be able to walk in order to do Rampage"
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flag markcorrigan (Sep 27, 2021 at 11:51) (Below Threshold)
 What’s your point?
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flag deco1 (Sep 27, 2021 at 14:17) (Below Threshold)
 That's the highest of level of sport in the world, super competitive sometime you need to deceive to get an advantage. Don't know why you would even bring that up on a mountain bike site though makes you seems super insecure.

Plus at least soccer is fair and you get to watch the best play the best. Rampage this year where going to get to watch a whole bunch of washed up old timers like Zink and Strait do there usual runs down the hill whilst much better riders miss out. Absolute joke. and why I that?, because there good mates with the organizer. That would be funny if it wasn't so sad.
Rampage is nothing more then a circle jerk showpiece event this year, definitely not a competitive sporting event that's for sure.
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 @deco1: that went from a Soccer fanboy butt hurt that someone took a dig at soccer flops to WTF in no time flat.
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flag deco1 (Sep 27, 2021 at 14:51) (Below Threshold)
 @daugherd: Sounds like that's coming from a Cam Zink fanboy.
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 @deco1: tell me you aint shit on a bike without actually telling me you aint shit.
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 @deco1: Why are you even on this site then? There are plenty of other websites that are all about playing with balls if that's your preference, no judgement.
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 @deco1: zink and strait can get automatic entries for life as far as I’m concerned. Also did you see Zinks realmtb segment this year?!
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 @deco1: nah bud. We don’t need to even know who Cam Zink is to know you’re off your rocker.
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 @deco1: Had to slide in to the DMs to talk shit about a video i posted 5 years ago. super pathetic bro
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 @deepstrut: yup... @deco1 didn't have the balls to talk shit publicly so he slid into my DMs too... definitely a pathetic turd...
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 "I just need to be able to walk, to do rampage"....really man? Love the passion, but, let's be smart here.
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 pressure from sponsors is real I think it’s customary to say something like that so they don’t think he’s “slacking off”
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 @chummyweim: So we should all ask his sponsors to chill the F out or we might all just start boycotting them? I know I would 1,000% be more willing to buy from a brand that values Brett's life over his performances.
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flag geerumm (Sep 27, 2021 at 17:27) (Below Threshold)
 Typical response given the World we live in today.... "Let me tell someone else how to live their life. Let me tell you how to protect you from yourself." Enough is enough.
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 Be careful, not worth getting back into before your fully healed. Better off riding Rampage next year when your 100%.
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flag geerumm (Sep 27, 2021 at 17:27) (Below Threshold)
 Typical response given the World we live in today.... "Let me tell someone else how to live their life. Let me tell you how to protect you from yourself." Enough is enough.
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 Has there been any news on Fairclough's recovery process yet? Wonder if he'll be able to make it...
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 Bring in Dylan stark
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 wait how is he not already in rampage
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 Anyone know who the first back up rider is for rampage? Bummer for Brett, hope he's ok, but certainly not the place to send when not 100%.
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 You are! Congrats and good luck!
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 Having healthy knees is a necessity for Rampage, but what most people don't know. It is also a necessity to be able to shred fat grinds on heely's.
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 most logical commment out of all this hahaha
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 Brett Rheeder will podium just to prove pink bike commenters wrong.
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 this seems not reasonable at all
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 sooooo, tommy G is probably going to be in, SICK
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 Only if he promises to string Caution Tape across the entrance and pretend to poach it in his Finals Run
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 Won't matter who is out. No FreeRacer shall win the Rampage.
*By decree of the Skull & Bones Society -Rampage Charter
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 Do people not realize how insanely fast Zink, Strait, and Andreu were as juniors? All previous winners who could do it again this year. TMAC ain't slow, and Brendan could bring it home too. Semenuk may be the odds-on favorite (4 times baby!) but I wouldn't count the quick bois out just yet.
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 @DirtCrab: always read my my posts as sarcasm.

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 @blowmyfuse: lol noted!
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 @DirtCrab: To add to this: Semenuk is extremely f*cking fast too.

Source: I've done some races, done some very piss poor follow cam footage of some pretty gnarly racers in the PNW... and when I went to Coast Gravity I tagged along on a Semenuk train on one of the tech trails. Dude f*cking whooped us all and was waiting for high fives at the bottom. Couple of friends we were with were avid downhill racers too. He just f*cking smoked us, I don't know if that's just because he's just very at home on a bike and extremely athletic and is super comfortable taking really calculated but huge risks on his bike, but he doesn't even race and just made us feel like scrubs lol.
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 @anchoricex: Growing up with the Whistler bike park in his backyard definitely helped. He used to race XC as a grom too. The dude is VERY fast. To think that Brett has been doing well at some local (still national level), and Semenuk has years (maybe even a decade?) of big bike riding over him, that he would also be a machine at racing. His rally career is also proving the guy knows how to read terrain and go fast as f*ck. I so badly want to see him do a DH race.
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 .....I'm all good. I just need a way larger sack of nuts to be able to do Rampage. ....and a bubble suit
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 Brett you are a boss! Get the physio done and stomp a sick run at Rampage!
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 Place norbs on an injury reserve list!
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 You got this. Good to see you’ve ditched the crutches already. Time for good food, physio and sleep.
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 Man, what a crutch.
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 plenty of athletes have sawn off plaster casts, in order to compete......
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 Injuries aged him up quick.
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 Someone give him a Red Bull fuck legs he needs wings.
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 Well he's out.
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 Reed Boggs
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 Believe he's 3rd alternate. Tommy G would be next up.
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