British Cycling's National DH MTB Series Awarded to BDS Events.

Aug 4, 2014
by Simon Paton  
BDS Events role is to deliver and promote with sustainable growth and development a series of five events that will attract the UK and World's fastest and most prominent riders to the National series.

The BDS Team will be working in conjunction with the UCI, the World's governing body for cycling at selected rounds to deliver a complete and compliant solution for British Cycling.

British Cycling National Downhill Mountain Bike Series

Richard Clarkson of British Cycling, “We are extremely pleased to have secured the services of BDS Events for the next 2 years. The quality of event that BDS delivers is second to none and 2015 promises to be a fantastic year for Downhill”.

BDS Event Director Si Paton, "British Cycling have again entrusted their National series to the tried and trusted BDS Team. We are honoured and proud to win this tender application and the whole team is thankful that they have been truly recognised for their hard work, dedication and vision. We have already started work on the 2015 series to ensure continuous improvement. On behalf of the BDS Team I would like to thank the riders and sponsors for their continued support and patronage of the series".

British Cycling National Downhill Mountain Bike Series

About British Cycling’s National Downhill Mountain Bike Series:
The pinnacle of downhill mountain bike racing in the United Kingdom and recognised globally as the leading National Series. Competitors race on the highest standard of tracks to test themselves to their limits, a proving ground for world class athletes including numerous male and female World Champions. The series is the most technologically advanced national series in the world, allowing comprehensive communication with all competitors, media partners and sponsors delivering the most active, exciting and informative social media network usage.

2015 dates for British Cycling’s National Downhill Mountain Bike Series will be released on Tuesday the 2nd of September.

To find out more about British Cycling’s National Downhill Mountain Bike Series, please visit

British Cycling National Downhill Mountain Bike Series


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 Well done si. You have done a great job. Your promotion of the series is second to none, your information distribution on social media is great and your organisation gets better year on year. From the days when you drove for 16 hours to sell stuff at an SDA in the north of Scotland to now, your commitment to the sport has always come from the heart.

Now for any race series to award the uplift in Scotland to a service where they are not late, only deliver 3 of 5 working buses, can coordinate up and down a hill (maybe that is down to a pre race briefing) and does not have one bus driver determined to crash the bus.
Oh. And if at Inners can remove the 2 mile cycle along the road for each run and the 10 minute push up at the top.
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 Not to mention taking buses suited to the job and not luxury leather seated ones.
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 Hey California get in gear with more racing! This is why the Brits have so many good riders and the US only produces a handful of top WC riders.
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 Shame you guys couldn't get the British nation champs aswell, least we'd have some coverage of the event! Keep up the good work
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 Motocross1, the BDS team never organised the National Champs. I was sunning myself on holiday with the family in the Mediteranean. Regards uplift, this years been awesome, except Ae Forest which was a disaster when two coaches broke down and another one died on Sat am. That said we will be working flat out to ensure you have a great time at British Cyclings National Downhill Mountain Bike Series. Make sure you come and say hello and chew the fat.
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 Apologies then, I must have been mistaken with something else i read. To be honest I wasn't really in the place to comment as i have not been to a BDS, my words were merely that of what i heard from other riders. I look forward to attending rounds next season and I can see for myself. I shall come and say hi to. Cheers
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 I think "second to none" would be better used to describe the Pearce Cycle series not the BDS. TPearce have it spot on and there is never a complaint to be heard about their events.

Next season will be my first racing in the BDS and sadly all i ever hear about is how bad the uplift service is (to the point where riders only get 1 practice run on Sunday). The Uplift is absolute KEY to a good event, get this right and everything else follows. BDS need to take a leaf from Pearce and stop with the tractors, trailers, buses and animal moving vehicles and get involved with the landy and smaller trailers.
National champs was organised by BDS crew and I only managed 6 runs on Saturday and that was pushing it. Every round at Pearce i have manged 10+ practice runs. I'm not hating on BDS crew I'm just saying get the uplifts sorted and it will be a world class series. Your currently being out done by lesser series.
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 The BDS never ran the National Champs - Borderline Events did (Thats myself and the team). I spoke to quite a few that got 7 and 8 runs but not much more than that. I'm not convinced it's even possible to get much more from Innerleithen just because of the logisitcs. In reality the issue is the number of National standard venues across the UK for organisers like myself to choose from. That combined with track and venue development that has occured over the past 7 years that i've been involved with events sport and we're limited to just a few that work and it would be unfair on Pearce to jump all over theirs although there are options for sure.

Pearce to a great job and have the fortunate ability to fix and maintain their own fleet of landys which I'm sure will take a massive beating at every round and surely will need constant welding.

The Pearce also do a great job because their venues are all close to their HQ. Totally their own doing, own development and down to their own hard work and thats the secret to their sucess. However a National series cannot rely on taking 10 landys around the UK with drivers, drivers accom, fuel and meals.

Believe me that if I could have hired 10 landys with trailers at Innerleithen then I would have - But it's not that easy. Even on the monday prior to the event all 5 buses cancelled on me and I had to find all the buses with drivers that we used.

I'm sure Si will figure it and Borderline will be investing in new venues and tracks for 2015 to try and help move things forward.
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 I'll keep saying it - nant gwrtheyrn
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 Well said Mike, uplift is the biggest problem for Downhill in the UK, closely followed by parking and pit area. It's great to see the good state that DH in Britain is in however that's leading to some difficult times. We desperately need good regional level racing as the top level is moving further out of the reach of amateur racers. Personally I believe we can all work together to deliver the best we can for our racers, spectators and our sponsors. It's shaping up to be a great end to an exciting season and things are looking good for 2015. Let's go racing!
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 who neg propped me? Nant G has everything. The uplift road is the best in the country by miles, awesome new finish area, pits, parking, the lot.
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It's in the ass end of no-where & has terrible medical access (as seen last time). If held in the middle of summer it might be a good event, but definitely not in the first week of April...
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 It's more central than fort bill, though granted medical access isn't great, but then that's true for a lot of places.
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 Sam264. I think it's a bit harsh to say all the other series are poorly organised. As an organiser myself and that of some very good events and that of some I'd like to forget it really is a tough job and much harder running regional events than national events. Of which I've done them all right from grass roots push up events with 90 riders through to 3 successful National Championship events with 300+ riders.

And whilst I'm not going to say we can't make improvements they were by no means poorly organised by any stretch and certainly Bala last year was voted as amazing on every level.
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 Organising races is not easy! just remember that. People have to give up a,ot to put on your events, yes they get paid but its nothing to the hours you have to put in to get that event sorted. I take my hat off to anyone who steps up to run a race, no matter how good or bad they tried. Well done Si. Now all we need is a proper offroad riders orgainsation that promotes offroad sport. But thats another can of worms.
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 Rat sure did give me a fun time...
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 Sam 264, I went to prop you and pressed wrong arrow by mistake. Dates had to be finalised yesterday with BC/UCI. I've contacted Nant G main man and liaised with Si Ward and Tom Fryer. There are no free dates in 2015 so I have asked Nant G to pencil in 2 provisional dates for 2016.
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 Si, Nant G has the potential to be a good venue. It's a bit of a pain to get to, but when you're there it's a nice place. But it would be amazing if you could schedule a race for a bank holiday weekend in the Summer. Last time it was wet, & cold & dark by the end of practice.

It would be great to have an event there in the summer and have everyone on the beach for a BBQ in the evening. My 2c...

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 It's not really that hard to get to, it's a lot more central than many scottish or southern places (fort bill, glencoe, combe syd - yes i realise those first two have gondola access).

As for wet and cold - it's north wales, some of the grimmest days of riding I've had were in the middle of summer!
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 also no worries si haha - not trying to be a troll, just think Nant is an awesome venue and was disappointed that there was only ever the one BDS round there! Would be awesome to see it return to this neck of the woods.
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Driving from the South West, it took longer to get to Nant G, than it did to Fort William for us. I appreciate most people don't travel from the South West, and travelling is a part of the sport. But if there is a race there it would be good to use the Bank Holiday so that most people could make a decent trip out of it.

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 You drove the wrong way then!
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 those steep woods race was so amazing. never seen a DH track steep like that... congrats to racers that has the courage to race there.
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 Great work Si by you all the team well done and all the best with 2015
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 To be honest, it's not hard to look good against the rest of the poorly organised UK race series'

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