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Bruce Klein Announces Retirement From Full Time Racing

Jan 3, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

American downhill racer Bruce Klein has announced on social media that he is stepping away from full-time racing. Klein has spent 10 years as a full-time racer and has ridden for the Commencal 100% and KHS Racing team among others. Klein has won many races on the US domestic circuit and has twice picked up a medal at the Canadian Open DH race at Crankworx Whistler.

Bruce Klein

bigquotesHappy New Year y’all.

As 2021 begins, I have decided to step away from my racing career. I have spent the last 10 years of my life dedicated to mountain bike racing and enjoying all the incredible opportunities this path provided. All the friends, fans, media crew, sponsors, and good times along the way have made for memories I will never forget. Starting at the bottom and working all the way to the top level of this sport is an experience I am very proud of. To everyone involved throughout the years, that this career has graced me with the chance of interacting with, a massive thank you for all the good times! It’s been a hell of a ride
Bruce Klein

Bruce Klein has been a total animal on this track all week and it translated to on track performance. 9th place for the American.
Bruce Klein is a powerhouse and was muscling his way throve the rocks and roots during training. He hasn t has the best of seasons but sure does look good so far in Snowshoe

We will miss seeing Bruce on the circuit and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


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 Bruce also won the unofficial long jump contest at Les Gets in 2019. 86ft (26m).
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 That was sick ????????
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 Shhhh that was the other site's contest we can't talk about it here Wink
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 @Artikay13: you mean it is vital not to talk about it ?
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 I hope this award is at the top of his resume. That was such a massive send.
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 Thanks for the inspiration Bruce! Always pinned, and with a friendly vibe in the pits. Congrats on a legit racing career and good luck in the future you wild man!
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 I only had one interaction with him at a local DH race. I was nervously eyeballing a pretty sketch section and he took the time to stop and show me the line. I'm just a random middle aged dude. Nice guy that absolutely shreds.
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 Seeing you race at Mammoth in person really made me understand what Pinned meant and why some people are Pros and the rest of us aren't. My Fantasy DH teams will miss you. Best of luck in future endeavors.
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 I wish with these types of announcements, they give some sort of insight of future plans or different path they've decided to take; as long as it's not a personal situation that doesn't need to be discussed.

Cheers Bruce!
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 probably just find a normal job that will actually pay you and probably much more low stress situation. These guys dont get paid shit and its pathetic.
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 @SD-Cyclist: Out of curiosity what's a ballpark salary for these mid-level pros? The guys that ride full-time but aren't getting rich that is - not superstar top 1%
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 @honda50r: not enough to make a living. Unless you’re top 20 - 30 consistently you aren’t making enough to live off riding your bike. I’d say only the top 10ish guys are making 6 figures +
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 @honda50r: My guess would be in the mid to low 10's of thousands. Definitely a side job is required and the racing is more about the passion than anything.
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 I always hoped Bruce would make it, seems like the all too familiar story of injuries and inconsistent results. Really puts into perspective how serious the competition is cause Bruce is gnarly as they come,
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 Best of luck for the future Bruce, cheers!
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 See ya at Fontuky!!
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 Rad rider..good of luck dude
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 Good luck with your future ventures Bruce! Than, Eames, and I will miss seeing you in a USA jersey but we know you will excel at anything you do. Godspeed!
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 Been a pleasure working with you boys! Thanks for the great memories
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 Big fan of Bruce! Best of luck!
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 Bummer. I remember seeing him race at Fontana way back in the day. Thought he was going to have a huge racing career! Best of luck to him in whatever he's going to do now!
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 Good luck and best wishes to Bruce. He definitely has the physical gifts and talent. Seems too soon, but we all must choose our own path. Go get it BK.
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 This is the way...
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 This is what happens when the top US riders can't make a living wage. What a shame. I was expecting a bunch of top 25 finishes in WCs, if not higher, out of this super talented rider. Got to make the decision to make a living at a certain point. Gwin, put him on the team! You've siphoned enough money out of the sport...
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 cheers from Trestle Brucy!
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 Do it your way brotha. Best of luck to you!
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 I was wondering what happen! Best of luck!
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 All the best with your next chapter of life buddy!
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 Shame, awesome rider, love his style and commitment.
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 Will miss seeing you at the races. Good luck in your future endeavors!
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 But Bruce, you’re a household name when it comes to KHS. Don’t quit now, you’ve still got a few good years left !!!
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 Having heard someone for the first time when they officially end their career on the front page of PB... all the best dude!
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