Locals: Incycle's Bruce Klein - Video

Feb 28, 2016
by Suspended Productions  
Locals Episode 2! Coming at you from Pasadena, California with the most excited rider you’ll ever meet, Bruce Klein. Bruce’s stoked is next level. Hyped on being stoked about being pumped. He's got this burning motivation that’s so intense you can’t help but get inspired. His eagerness to learn and absorb keeps him improving and has pushed him up the ranks quickly.

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Bruce Klein

As a bit of a late bloomer to the DH race scene, he's done nothing but turn heads. In 2013, he did his first race at the Fontana Winter series. Immediately seeing it as his calling, Bruce put his nose to the grindstone and turned all his focuses on racing. 2014 started with a broken collar bone but he would end up on multiple DH Podiums and win the Junior class at the Winter Park EWS. Although he said he loved enduro, his true passion lies with DH.

Bruce Klein

Getting a taste of what could be, Bruce stepped it up to another level for 2015. He would prove to be a dominant force in the National Series winning almost half the rounds and podiuming at several others. These stellar results landed him a US team spot for Mount Saint Anne, Windham and the World Championships. His full throttle mentality got the best of him at world champs, in the last corner. He washed the front end and had to run with his bike across the line to a 12th place finish.

Bruce Klein

2016 brings Bruce’s rookie year in the Pro class and we couldn't be more excited to see what kind of damage he can do. His schedule will now focus more on World Cups and only a few national rounds. Bruce chose to finish his last year of high school online so he can focus 100% on his dream. Now filling his days with workouts and rides with the homies. Seeing someone come up so fast and to be so unbelievably excited about a sport is refreshing. Keep your eyes peeled for this flying ball of excitement.

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 I hope to see Bruce in the Intense Factory racing program in the near future
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 best clip from SoCal Ive seen so far, so raw, so over the edge, pushing it, you can even tell on some sections how he almost lost it by an inch, Great Job!! Now being a local too, need to find this trail Right now!!!
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 Simi Valley? Some of it looks that way at least.
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 That's the funny thing about the socal scene. Not even the locals know where the trails are. Impossible to share a trail with someone without it getting ripped out a month later. And no that is not Simi Valley.
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flag somismtb (Feb 28, 2016 at 23:23) (Below Threshold)
 Definitely not Simi, I wish. Looks too be more eastern desertish. Try Riverside.
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 looks sorta like teds to me...
  • 5 3
 looks like a session
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 Only started racing in 2013?!?! Damn
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 Thanks for the fresh, rad video! I needed that taste of what's to come... It's about 60 degrees with blue sky here, but there's about 3' of rock-solid, stupid snow on the trails.
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 Downhill fatbike anyone?
  • 4 1
 how about a dirt jump fatbike
  • 7 1
 I want a DJ fatty. Kids always rutting up the local jumps. Fat tyre don't care.
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 These should be on the pinkbike home page!
  • 3 0
 They Are!
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 Contagious! His gaps and redirection are motivating!
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 Awesome to see a local rider not riding Telonix trail! Pedal pussy!
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 Great job! I love the whoops section!
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 Yes on the e21 son! not my fave, but a classic BM all the same! Smile he corners very well, holds loads of speed and doesn't push too hard, looks a bit Peaty-esque! Good work squire!
  • 5 2
 Gotta love SoCal. Such heroic dirt
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 Sabbath and SoCal! Oh yeah and it looks like he kicks ass!
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 cool vid but make it longer so you don't have to mess with the song. Children of the grave by Black Sabbath is too good to chop up!
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 These local vids get me wet.
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 sick edit this dood go's pretty fast
  • 2 0
 Nice BMW in the background of the first picture there, classic!
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  • 2 0
 This guy is super fast
  • 2 0
 That guy is rampant
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 Yew! Yea Bruce. Stoked to see sabbath made the final cut.
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 Dude rips. Intense M16 looks good
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 uhhhhh.... can you get that shat off the hood please. thanks! lol sick car
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 Nice 02 in the background!
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