Bryn Atkinson Bike Check

Jun 16, 2010
by Jordan Holmes  
Bryn Atkinson along with Jill Kintner are both part of the Transition Racing team along with Lars Sternberg. Back at the US Open, I was able to take a few minutes with Bryn and talk about his race bike.

Check inside for 2 videos with Transition Racing team mates Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner...Bryn Atkinson's Transition TR450 is one fine piece of work. As well, Ambrose got a chance to do a course breakdown with Jill Kintner, so that video is also included.

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More updates on the team available at the Transition Bikes Blog.


  • + 7
 Chicks on podiums kick azz!
  • + 9
 yes but why would you want to win a snow board at a bike race
  • + 5
 Why not? The race is at a ski resort - you know those places with lifts? I would be pumped to win a prize that I could use in the off season!
  • + 1
 i wish the UK had more places that double up as a DH resort and snow in the off, grrr shame on our island Razz i would be more than happy to get a snowbaord at a DH race!
  • + 2
 Tr. the little company that could and now does...all the time! congrats to them. They're having a great season so far!
  • + 1
 I`m wondering how tough those wheels really are, and how expensive they are too...
  • + 1
 They are pretty bomber wheels, I have the Iodines and ran them most of last season with not a ding in them. I would guess that these are a lot burlier.
  • + 1
 haha, you can hear us yell for Brian at 1:23 in the video. i was hoping he was doing a video interview
  • + 1
 Well you've obviously a bit stupid, as his name is BRYN - Prenounced brin
  • + 0
 Oh, it gets worse, you actually shouted "BRIAN". Would be nice if you knew the name of the person you shouted for really.
  • + 1
 thats the joke. apparently you missed it.congrats
  • + 3
 I'd say you just took the bait :L
  • + 1
 youre a dope
  • + 1
 som big dint in Bryn Atkinson's rear rim there. but that transition 450 is so sick !

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