Buehler to Continue with the Knolly Family for 2015

Mar 3, 2015
by Danielle Baker  
Garett Buehler Images

bigquotesWe have always been, and continue to be stoked having Garett as part of our Factory Team. He has progressed very well over the past few years riding our bikes and continues to elevate his game as one of the premier Big Mountain riders in the industry. In addition to his skills in the saddle Garett has been a fantastic ambassador linking us with sales and athlete sponsorship opportunities over the past couple years. It's one thing to make industry leading technology, but another to have a character as strong as Garett representing the brand and riding our bikes. In short he's the full package and we could not be happier having him as part of our family. -Knolly Bikes

This past year Garett has had a somewhat singular focus in designing and completing a trail in Nelson, BC for the 'Builder' movie. Doing what he loves most, being outdoors, Garett, along with friends - especially Alex Volokov, got the job done. "I have never really built something which was such an ongoing process, finally completing it was quite rewarding.” Pride in the project aside, he says “most of all the simple things were the best; hanging out with friends who lent a hand in the forest, and lots of good laughs and sore backs!

Knolly Team Trip Photo Harookz

bigquotesI have a lot of respect for Garett, he is also one of the nicest most genuine kids I've ever met. The cool thing about him is that he's a true freerider, and always has been. He's constantly up in the mountains, and riding and shooting some of the gnarliest lines on the planet. His riding speaks for itself. -Graham Agassiz

Growing up in Nelson has helped my career and I definitely feel like I’ve been in the right place at the right time in many ways.” Driven by his passion for riding and the outdoors he finds that he never lacks in motivation when he wakes up in the morning. In fact it is his passion for the outdoors that has always pushed him to pursue mountain biking. “The travel that has come with riding professionally has been awesome, but I’m also enjoying being home. Being able to make that decision it what I love about this career. It is a huge bonus.” He adds, “I like variety and things are always changing outside, there is never a dull moment.

Garett Buehler Images

bigquotesI met Garett at Rampage in 2013. I could tell right away that we were gonna be hanging out a lot that week. I haven't been riding as much as I wanted with Garett, but with the Fest Series in Canada there is gonna be a lot of riding going down in the future and I can't wait, Garett is a legit dude! -Makken

When he wasn't deep in the woods, shovel in hand, Garett was in attendance at Sorge’s Hoff Fest at Retallack, where he “had a blast” and Jordie’s Jump-Ship where he “enjoyed some golf course time.” Always a great experience, he found a couple of weeks to coach kids in Whistler - "seeing kids progress is rewarding and I always have a good time riding with them" - as well as adventuring to Peru on a ten day back-country adventure in search of a lost Inca road, and working on projects sponsored by Knolly, Adidas Eyewear, Royal/7 IDP, Gravity, Spank, and SR Suntour.

Garett Buehler Images

bigquotesGarett is the man. He is the quiet killer type for sure. He's got all the elements on his side to make a badass free rider. He and all those guys that ski and board big mountain snow lines have the craziest confidence and line choices on a bike. Plus he's got a yard that is a dream come true for anyone who likes jumping big bikes. I'm pumped to see the gnarly things he gets himself into this year. -Jeff Herbertson

Variety and diverse experiences have added to Garett's creativity when it comes to designing trails and choosing his big mountain lines; “time off the bike has always been important to me. I enjoy hanging out with friends, snowboarding, I’ve done some backpacking travel adventures, learned how to surf, and have worked different jobs at times. It all helps with the balance and enhances the experience of life I believe.” The crossover between his interests has likely never been more apparent than that feeling of "skiing" he experienced recently; "Tippie, Doerfling, and I were carving down Todd Pitt for an SR Suntour shoot, it was like carving a big face with your buddies, except we were in a gravel pit. Those guys are fun to ride with!

Garett Buehler Images

bigquotesI had a blast riding and hanging out with Garett. He brings that vibe to the session that we all started riding for. He's a mellow guy that's always ready to send something big and he doesn't do it without his big smile. -Nico Vink

Moving into this year and the coming 2015 season with Knolly, Garett says, “Knolly’s support is great, it feels like a perfect fit for where I am at and they give me a lot of freedom to ride and do what I want! I am excited to be back on the crew and can’t wait to see what the year has in store!

Garett Buehler Images

All photos shot by Margus Riga.

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 You have to stay with Knolly to be on a Podium... fact
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 looks like 26 is still rolling
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 26 for lyfe dawg
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 We must have stund season 4 with Garett, James, Mike and Steve !
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 id pay for that
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 They'd be silly to part ways with Buelher
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 Addaaah boooy Buuueehhhleerr!
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 I've been a fan ever since the Endorphin video. One of the greatest trail riding videos ever.
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 Great rider and even a greater person!
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 Still killing it. Smile
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 Knolly has a solid crew,Riding solid bikes,Good to see everyone together for a few more years.
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 Oh yeah
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 Pb has been asking the same old question on every page for the last 2 months but that's ok? ...
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 no way could he ride out that corner in the 2nd picture.
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