bigquotesI spent the past year with an incredibly diverse, passionate, and talented group of builders, riders, filmmakers, and photographers working on bringing Builder to life. I've wanted to make a mountain bike movie ever since I saw The Collective, when I was 13, and last year I decided to take a break from university and fully commit myself to this project. It was an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to make this movie: thank you to everyone who has watched the film or enjoyed one of the photo essays. I hope the movie inspires you to head out building or riding! Thank you to Pinkbike and all the people who helped make Builder possible.

Scott Secco, director

iTunes - Google Play - Vimeo on Demand - XBox Video - Amazon Video

Pre-order your copy of Builder on DVD/Blu Ray here.

Builder Movie.

Builder World Tour
World Premiere - Monterey, California, USA - April 17
Calgary, Alberta, Canada - April 23rd
Corvallis, Oregon, USA - April 25th
Mt. Buller, Australia - April 25th
Victoria, BC, Canada - May 6th
Sooke, BC, Canada - May 8th
MSS Bike Park, Quebec, Canada - May 8th
Prince George BC, Canada - May 9th
Vancouver BC, Canada - May 15th
Kaupanger, Norway - May 15th
Kendal, Cumbria, Uk - May 15th
Whistler BC, Canada - May 16th
Mission BC, Canada - May 16th
Squamish BC, Canada - May 17th
Boulder, CO, USA - May 18th
Quadra Island, BC, Canada - May 22nd
Merritt, BC, Canada - May 22nd
Coleman, AB, Canada - May 22nd
Extreme Zone Cycles, Santiago, Chile - May 22nd
Banbridge, Northern Ireland - July 2nd
Cordoba, Argentina - May 22nd
Moscow, Russia - May 22nd
Krakow, Poland - May 22nd
Angelfire Bike Park NM, USA - May 24th
Campbell River, BC, Canada - May 26th
Novato, California, USA - May 29th
Valemount, BC, Canada - May 29th
Rossland, BC, Canada - May 30th
Bristol, England - June 4th
Hood River OR, USA - June 4th
Bracknell, England - June 8th
Revelstoke, BC, Canada - June 11th
Bellingham, WA, USA - June 11th
Penticton, BC, Canada - June 19th
St Louis, MO, USA - June 24th
Koblenz, Germany - June 24th
Silverstar Mountain Resort - June 27th
Glasgow, Scotland - June 27th
Stowe, VT, USA - June 27th
Juneau, AK, USA - June 30
Innsbruck, Austria - July 7th
Canmore, AB, Canada - July 8th
Crankworx Les 2 Alpes, France - July 11th
Monthey, Switzerland - July 11th
Taichung City, Taiwan - July 25th
Tucson, AZ, USA - July 29th

Please contact if you are interested in hosting a screening


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  • + 49
 @scottsecco any chance in the future of getting all the guys to sign a bunch of dvd's and selling the dvd's on pinkbike as autographed copys? id love to have it on dvd and above that id love to hang the dvd case on my wall with these legends autographs on it.
  • + 7
 This is actually a really cool idea
  • + 6
 Plus one. that would be killer
  • + 10
 You the man @scottsecco !!!! Stoked to know you've got plenty for 2015 alongside builder, can't wait to see the rest of your summer on film!
  • + 9
 thank the builder lord it's available on Google play and in HD. no work is getting done for the next hour while I watch it....
  • + 2
 oh man...everything is said. what an inspiring movie.......i have to go right away to refine our trails i think we some of the Speed jumps and rollers like in the lopes Segment, only a bit downsized ;-)......thanks to make it available on the german iTunes store

i truly love pinkbike
  • + 2
 Good on y'all. Finally got around to watchin' this last night & HOLY SHIT SHERLOCK!!!! Those little kids!!! Goldstone's rollin' what, like 16"s? He's got smaller wheels than a BMX & he's boostin' & bustin'!!!!

Then Duffy, WTF?!!!! Over-vert dirt? HTF do you even build that?!!! O.o That guy is off heezy. Open loop flip whip. Dude's breakin' barriers & settin' standards left right & center, one after the other. Get on that guy Red Bull!!!!

I's gonna complain that I's sorry to see Intense as a spon, naturally then they gotta put BL in the flick, but I's actually a bit impressed with his seggy. Sure, still a monumental douche, don't get me wrong nothing will ever change that & I'm sure that you'd never see said douche spend any more than 2 minutes on a tool to build anything, especially if a camera wasn't watching, but his riding had a lil' skosh of steez, then a surprise with a new that was old & now new again trick followed by the ultimate of all circus tricks! Who knew he had those in him? Ô.Ô

Once again, like @jerryhazard mentioned, props for all the buying options. Solid price for a super solid video (even nailed down the tunes pretty good in it) & easily accessible to those that are anti-iTunes. Smile
  • + 1
 Dang, forgot props for Chase & Hauck. Props for puttin' 'em in the vid & props to 'em for killin' it in the vid. Musta still been in a daze over all the gnarly I'd seen the night before. Ya don't just forget props for them legendaries! Fack! :s
  • + 3
 Bought it on Google Play the other day. Thanks for listening to the community and providing it on multiple digital distribution channels!
  • + 1
 A million thanks for putting this on Vimeo on Demand!! I went through the buy on iTunes, transcode, play on my weak little media pc routine for Won't Back Down....won't be doing that again, ever. Just not possible for any film to be worth that much hassle, and the usual "Bbuy the DVD" option is a non starter for me due to shipping costs and lack of an optical drive.
  • + 1
 @scottsecco thank you for making it available on the French itunes Store ! I haven't been able to pre-order it, but I'm finally able to buy it ! Now I'm looking forward to see more of you work in the future ! Keep the good things rollin' !

Cheers from France !
  • + 1
 Bought it on iTunes, sick video. And great idea for a video too! Really innovative way to get a traditional sick mtn bike video, but going about from a slightly different angle.

Really enjoyed it.

Also, where is the Video Premier in Novato tomorrow?
  • + 2
 Awesome overall with good camera angles! Plus the riding is insane! Scott did a great job showcasing the skills of all the riders involved!
  • + 2
 Bought it yesterday in HD on iTunes! Can´t wait to watch it with my kids and pals!
  • + 2
 I ordered on Blu-ray. I still think it's the best way to view films, lossless audio and video.
  • + 3
 COME ON ONTERRIBLE..................step up!
  • + 2
 in spain theres also not a chance on buying it from itunes, hopefully it can change...
  • + 1
 What about Google play?
  • + 1
 same here in México , not on available on iTunes
  • + 2
 @scottsecco yeeesss, thanks!! download succeeded! hope that next year you can make a next one !!
  • + 2
 @scottsecco it was a pleasure working on such a cool project with you. You killed it buddy!
  • + 2
 Order the DVD everyone! Scott gets more $$$ to make his next masterpiece creation and beer habit!!
  • + 1
 How is it showing in valemont and Merritt and not Kamloops or Kelowna???? No one even lives or rides in valemont and Merritt ffs
  • + 3
 We rely on local organizers to host premieres. If you want one in Kamloops or Kelowna, make it happen!
  • + 2
 Just watched it last night. Such a kickass movie
  • + 2
 Praise the Lord! @scottsecco you are awesome!!
  • + 1
 @scottsecco i can't find it in the belgian store; what do i do? for me thats the only way i can download it Frown
  • + 1
 nah it doesnt but thanks! i just changed the store settings so now it works !!
  • + 2
 Thanks for all the purchasing formats! Very cool, and great job!
  • + 1
 Oh, the anticipation, I can't wait!

Any chance of it appearing on AmazonUK?
  • + 1
 I thought I saw a link to the soundtrack. Anyone?
  • + 4
 @neorider: Here you go!

Original Score by Oliver Bradshaw

Darren Berrecloth
‘’If Heaven is Hell’’
By Tokyo Blade

Ry Claw
‘’On and On’’
By Raven

Jackson Goldstone & Seth Sherlock
‘’Goshen ’97’’
By Strand of Oaks

Brian Lopes
‘’Shadow Shaker’’
By The Heavy Eyes

Garett Buehler
‘’The Path Before Me’’
By Buffalo Killers

Aaron Chase & Adam Hauck
‘’Do It Up’’
By DL Incognito

Stephen & Peter Matthews
By American Sharks

Mike Kinrade
‘’The Valley’’
By The Oh Hellos

Geoff Gulevich
‘’Let’s Live For Today’'
By The Grass Roots

James Doerfling
‘’One Hand On The Buffalo’’
By The Heavy Eyes

Matt Macduff
‘’Heavier Than Metal’’
By Skull Fist

''Feel Me Now''
By The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer
  • + 2
 @neorider A short EP is also available here ->
  • + 1
 the premiere should come to china, we need it!
  • + 1
 can't wait to watch it tonight. surely one of this years highlights
  • + 1
 Please come to Southampton in England, so that I can join in too
  • + 2
 Ordered the dvd
  • + 1
 Not available on Google play in Sweden...
  • + 1
 I think so..
  • + 1
 Thank you!!!!
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