Building the Dream Enduro Bike, Episode Four – Video

May 5, 2017
by Chain Reaction Cycles  
Got any tips for tweaking your cockpit and other contact points? We spoke to Team CRC Mavic mechanic Brooks for his pro tips—let us know yours below.

Nukeproof Mega

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 Tips for contact points? Glad you asked.
Tilt the saddle forward a bit and slam it forwards - makes the boring climb a lot easier (though be careful, depending on saddle design and how far you go it can get in the way more and can mean the saddle is less supportive on descents)
f*ck lock ons, get some renthal Kevlar oldskool like.
Put your levers wherever the hell you like and don't let anyone tell you you're doing it wrong.
Don't use a tiny stem.
Narrower bars can be a good thing.
Concave pedals.
Crank length is just as important as bar width, just because there are fewer options doesn't mean you shouldn't try them.
Don't get stuck in your ways.
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 stop that now! this is pinkbike.
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 @iffy: shit sorry everyone I misspoke #lookslikeasession ?
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 Why not use a tiny stem ?
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 "Put your levers wherever the hell you like and don't let anyone tell you you're doing it wrong.
Don't use a tiny stem."

So... "don't let people tell you what to run for your brakes but you have to run the length of stem that I think is correct."
Sounds like good some solid, contradictory advice there brah!
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 @DirtyDee: I guess you're using a tiny stem? Just kidding.
I see your point but whereas I'd say lever position is 100% personal preference, stem length has tangible effects on handling and therefore the performance of the bike.
Though having said that it was meant as a tongue in cheek thing so don't take it too seriously - I personally think anything less than 50mm provides too little stability and should be banned Razz but obviously I'm not losing hair over it.
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 well you know the saying... big stem, big ..
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 @iffy: yep, big stability. That old chestnut :-D
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 Ah the dream enduro bike, one that goes up like an Xc bike but descends like a dh bike with boost wheels and 29" wheels (for this week anyhow)
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 and electronic shifting... or maybe in 4 years.
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 This Welsh guy is a gimp
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flag cunning-linguist (May 6, 2017 at 2:10) (Below Threshold)
 Isn't that all of them? Wink
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 @B0B94 Can't stand him. He's got about as much charisma as an Ellsworth.
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 @excavator666: I didn't know mechanics were paid to have charisma
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Kinda helps when you are producing an 'educational' video though doesn't it?
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 @yetiboyjay: He's talking about the Welsh fella? Brooks is Northern Irish and by all accounts a top man.
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 @BeardlessMarinRider: I' didn't know you had to be a mechanic to be Matt Cole.
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 Feel sorry for the mechanic
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 Where does everybody reckon he will finish if at all in the mega avalanche?
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 Same place as everyone else !
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 Le Mega! Oooooh la la.....
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 That was utter shit.
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 It probably had a broad audience in mind rather than PB pro riders
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Like a broad audience of idiots who can't work out for themselves what stem length, bar width and brake lever angle works for them?

It's not difficult is it. Anyone who's ridden a bike knows what works for them.
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 @yetiboyjay: This video series is for the dentist out there who earns a fortune and wants to spend as much money on a bike as possible without having a clue about it.
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 @sicmoto: Sad times but I think you are right. Wtf have things come to. Cycling is the new golf. Facepalm.
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 Did at least any of you Brits understand him?
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