Wheelie Poppin’ and Bunny Hoppin’ - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

Apr 7, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  

It didn't take long for my dog Monty to make it into these comics, and to be a bit of a jerk while doing so.

I actually built a bike for fence rides once.

MENTIONS: @Tajlucas


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 The video in the link is awesome!
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 Agree, the real long and low benchmark.
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 @Riggbeck: It was just a 2x4, not the whole bench.
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 Agreed. I loved those old fairdale flyer step through BMX things. Hit me up if you have one in oz!
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 Are these guys stay at home dads running amuck or something?
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 The LEGEND that is Taj - Any BMXer will (Should) know.
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 I had Hoffman Taj in dark blue back in the day...still my all time favorite bike.
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 @jeremy3220: mine is sitting on the shelf. Chrome, one of the US made one inch frames. Got it back at a memorial jam for the guy that sold it to me after it had been around a few people an the last owner cracked the down tube. It'll be on that shelf for eved
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 Thunder Dome if only we had not had that earthquake in Washington state.... Taj you are 1 of 1
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 Taj and Joe Rich, Terrible1 legends. Lots of crazy footage and pics in BMX mags. Great Era.
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 Ha, that fast plant is so great. Thanks for the clever cartoons, @Tajlucas.
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 Will someone please get that as a tattoo.
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 @blevinci: @mikelevy I’ll pay a sketchy guy at a Chilliwack Tim Hortons parking lot to stick-n-poke this next to Dostoevsky.
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 i wish i had the fast plant on a poster
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 Love these weekly reminders to lighten the f@$& up Wink
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 Awesome! It'd be great to see Taj on a mtb. I bought a lot of issues of "ride bmx" to see what Taj had found in the streets to throw style off of. Most likely the reason I had to wear ernie's for a number of years
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 They're so bad they're good!
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flag dingus (Apr 7, 2019 at 1:40) (Below Threshold)
 They're so good they're bad! Oh hohoho
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 I like. Only thing i would have preffered is the "Nose Wheelie" to be on the front wheel.
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 That video.... Awesome.
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 It's like catchphrase off the TV, "say what you see". I even have the noise in my head when someone buzzes in.
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 It's good but it isn't right!
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 Video is rad!
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 Am I the only one that doesn’t get these? Dude has a cool illustrative style and talent for sure, but these just aren’t funny.
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 No, you’re not alone.. Let the quirky people have their fun, it’s harmless.
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 Grow a sense of humor! You Commie.
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flag Apex06 (Apr 7, 2019 at 10:29) (Below Threshold)
 @tigerteeuwen: bro, we think the same way just from the opposite angle.. these jokes remind us of the odd quite Star Wars t shirt wearing nerd in the back of class that always had crusted snot around his nostrils.
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 @Apex06: ah, yes, that kid with the Star Wars shirt that also happened to be one of the most accomplished bmx riders out there. Fond memories. All hail the backbenchers!
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 The video makes up for the any cartoons you didn't care for
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 Bunny Hop one gave me a laugh.
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 when do the tee shirts get released, haha
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 Still want a barcode. Would love taj’s old ti barcode
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 Same! I’ve currently got a ruben but a barcode at some point is the dream!
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 Oh, man. These are just great!
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 Merci beaucoup!!
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 Gawd, these really are awful.
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flag thesharkman (Apr 7, 2019 at 17:52) (Below Threshold)
 @haychaser I'm with ya, bud... wtf is the point in this??
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