Burgtec Introduce the New Bartender Pro Super Soft Greg Minnaar Signature Grip

Jul 2, 2021
by Burgtec Limited  

Press Release: Burgtec

The Goats Grip just went Super Soft.

Greg is always looking for the final pieces to the ever-evolving puzzle. Developing products to rider’s needs is what we’re all about, and Greg’s latest grip is no different. Burgtec’s knowledge combined with Greg's clear needs made this process effortless.


• Super Soft Compound
• Black Only
• 31.5mm Diameter
• Single Lock-on
• Tapered Core
• RRP: £21.99

Prototyped through the 2020 season and based on the World Cup Winning pattern of the Bartender Pro as used by Greg, as well as; Nina Hoffman, Danny Hart and Angel Suarez.

The Super Soft compound is a unique blend that fuses together additional suppleness with an extra tacky compound. This combination ensures that hand pain doesn’t start to creep in even at the bottom of the most pounding world cup track or chasing your mates down flowing singletrack.

Grab ‘em from your favourite Bike Shop while stocks last!

For more information click here.


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 Why people are still using plastic lock on grips with a thin rubber veneer is beyond me. They all feel like crap. Investing in a can of spray paint and a pair of ODI longnecks is the best upgrade I’ve ever made.
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 Spray paint since only pink is in stock?
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 @noapathy: use spray paint instead of hair spray to stick on lock on grips and they will never slip or move.
  • 2 0
 Any spray paint brand/model recommendations that hold on especially good? The grip glue with my renthals didn‘t do it for me in the rain
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 but longneck lock ons are great too, absolutely love them.
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 @Stokedonthis: Hammer and nails also does the trick.
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 @Stokedonthis: Avoid any type of oily plasticity type spray paint. I just use cheap Matt black or satin with longnecks in the ST compound. I’d need a Stanley knife to get them off.
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 This man speaks the truth. Long necks on all bikes
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 @thenotoriousmic: We always used wire if hair spray didn't work. Never heard of paint for this.
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 I agree, non-lock-on grips have better dampening and feel, but is the convenience of being able to remove your grips easily when working on it. The best I have used are Lizardskins Northshore non-lock-on grips. Great dampening and feel. The lock-on version is pretty good as well.
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 why did you click on the article?
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 I have longnecks on my BMX and they're awesome. Comfortable and good grip, and decently durable too.
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 "They all feel like crap" to you. There are tons of lock on grips out there that are super comfy.
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 @seraph: I have Clarks lock-ons on my hardtail and there are no complaints there.
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 @tacklingdummy: you can take your bars, shifter, brakes etc without removing your grips now though so it makes lock on grips pretty pointless.
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 @thenotoriousmic: Some bar components still do not have the hinged clamp like Shimano shifters (XT, SLX, and below). It has been one of my major gripes about their shifters. Lol.
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 i can agree. odi longnecks feel good, ill probably still try these
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 SQLab 711, can't do better.
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 @tacklingdummy: seriously, ridiculous
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 @seraph: ODI Rogues are as comfy as any non- lockon grips I've tried.
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 But none of them are as comfy as non locks @seraph:
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 Glad Burgtec is making the Lizard skins charger since they discontinued it
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 Did they? Oof. Bad call. Great grips.
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 @KennyWatson: my fav. Had to hoard some.
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 With lizard skins it was either the dual lock on charger with that hard outer clamp to piss off your palms, or the non locking
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 @WoodenCrow: I'd assumed we were talking about the charger Evo, single clamp.
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 @KennyWatson: non-evo is discontinued.
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 @WoodenCrow: personal preference I guess. most comfy grips Ive run. I dont have big hands though, so could be a factor
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 @me2menow: @KennyWatson:
Thanks I wasn't aware they changed the Charger model from the one this Burgtec looks identical to... to that single-clamp Evo that's completely different. Love it when companies keep basically the same name for an entirely different model
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 You'd get more sense from the bartender, to each their own, peace

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