Video: Semenuk and Rheeder Look Back at Rotorua's Crankworx

Jul 8, 2015
by Trek Bikes  

It just wasn t Semenuk s day. The Technician came up short on the third jump ending any chance of a win here in New Zealand.

bigquotesI think its amazing that Crankworx decided to do a triple crown for their slope style events. I'd expected this to happen sooner, Crankworx is the backbone of slope style, I've just been waiting for this to happen. - Brandon Semenuk

Brett Rheeder took his first win today. After battling a stomach flu he was the one who found the gold at this first Crankworx.

bigquotesThe Diamond Series is something I've been working towards winning for the past four years. Ive ended up with a fourth, third and a second, and there's only one more place for me to get. I mean thats definitely a goal that I've had, its a huge career goal because its so hard now espically with the level of riding thats going on at these contests - Brett Rheeder

For Rheeder this has been a long time coming. Do pull this off after being ill all day yesterday just goes to show how solid he is right now.

Video by: Harrison Mendel
Photos by: Matt Delorme

MENTIONS: @trek / @rheederboyz / @hmendel / @mdelorme

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 Brandons Truckdriver to Whip, the Nolly Whip down the Boner Log and the Corked 7 Bar Spin are out of this World ! Thats Progression
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 Taught him well, didn't I?
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 Brett's Horsepower video and Brandon's Raw 100 video are some of the best videos that have ever been shot. Probably my two favorite slope riders out there!

On another note...Logan Peats bike looks like a session. A mini session. A ticket. Wait, what?
  • + 8
 I think santa cruz's custom slopestyle bike wasn't ready for logan peat in time so he just rode a santa cruz-branded session instead
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 @Twallywilly yeah these vids are Sick!! but in my opinion the best Brett Rheeder's video is: "Brett Rheeder in Kamloops" !! Smile ( )
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 my favorite brett rheeder video is the one filmed with sony action cam, where he goes setting kickers on the city.
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 @prurient-possum He was riding his SC slope prototype the week before in Queenstown.
So he was either not satisfied with it or he snapped it.
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 The down tube doesn't have the rounded part by the steertube like a ticket. It also looks a lot beefier than a ticket.
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 Brandon definitly would have won if he had landed that cork720 barspin !!!!
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 Yeah and I'd be a princess if I was the daughter of Kate Middleton.
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 that was insane. have already watched it like 5 times.

brandon's run was the greatest thing i've ever seen

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 Ontario riders who ride in BC and make the slope their playground giver like no other. Look out for my homies from T-Dot area....Logan....Brett...many many more! That said Semenuk is so fun to watch and it's tough choosing either over the other.....they are both off different hooks.
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 I so hope for Semenuk to finish his run this Saturday in Les 2 Alpes and slay the course and competition! Smile
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 It´s funny how Semenuk thinks that everyone haw bag full of tricks like him. I love how he puts his runs together, he has something unique for every course. In my eyes that makes him better then Rheeder.
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 *have, than
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 Really enjoyed that was good to see it all from the riders perspective, good luck to Rheeder this year would be great to see him win the over all
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 Its really a shame that brandon couldn't finish the way he had liked. would've liked to see how he did
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 Haha. How about 1st place. Cork 7 with bar spin. It looked so beautiful until the point of landing.
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 "Not too big".... These jumps were scary big to watch let alone ride
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 Was 'Unreal' to be there, next year fo sho !!
  • + 2
 You mean.. Notbaaaaaaddd Well done!
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 brandon is simply on another level #insane
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 I saw Kelly Macgazza........Does he compete? Is he already healed?
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 cam zink triple crown. rampage, crankworx, fmb overall
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 Does anyone know the song names?
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 So epic! Songs anyone?
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 concussion.... no good

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