Cairns DH World Champs Team Videos

Sep 13, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  

In hot and dusty conditions in the tropical setting of Cairns, Australia, the YT Mob’s Aaron Gwin finished third in the UCI World Downhill Championships, taking home his first career UCI medal. Team mate Neko Mulally made a return to racing after needing surgery on his wrist and finished a commendable 19th place. Both riders will see a significant improvement to their UCI World Ranking after crashing out of the World Championships last year.

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Cairns World Championships closes out the 2017 season with Troy Brosnan finishing 5th. Thanks to all of our fans, partners, and sponsors. Video: Lucas Stanus

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 Better than watching the race feed. Clearly the race itself was exciting, but the video production and camera location resulted in the XC race being more exciting to watch than the DH race. Basically the only good camera was the one in the rock garden. All the others just showed boring pedal sections. Then they basically showed the entire race run again (but in painful slow mo) after the finish. I literally fell asleep before the top 10. What a way to blow the best WC season in a long time.

Kudos to Warner and Claudio for doing the job they did commentating that atrocity of a video feed.

The UCI clearly has learned nothing from the Rocky Roads experience. Selling out for just the top bidder is short sighted and in this case damaged the sport.
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 lack of coverage IMO, seems more a consequence of the track location than anything else. Isn't that one of the reasons why 'bike parky' tracks are such a sponsor favorite? cam locations can be tailor made, and none of those pesky, cam unfriendly natural features like trees. Who needs the fresh air anyways..
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 We have the technology to film and watch porn for free on a telephone for crying out loud.
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 @Boardlife69: what a world....
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 Just putting this up here.... Isn't that the same bungee jump in NWD where they did it with a bike?
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 @Boardlife69: I still remember the era of 14k modems, where you were downloading a pic of a chick and the moment... nevermind
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 Miranda Miller won and her country, my country CANADA, couldn't even watch! I still haven't even seen the shitty coverage....
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 @WAKIdesigns: the moment never came?
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 @Boardlife69: devil finds use for idle hands. Sht... got to stop with that, two new people at my office, both MTBers... it's only a matter of time when they connect the dots... my time on Pinkbike is coming to an end...
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 @scott-townes: Yep, just up the road from the 2nd carpark at the track!
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 They missed out on the whoops, mick's drop and cyclone drop... imo the best places to watch
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 @WAKIdesigns: you just need to tell them your identity was stolen by someone posing as you... some smoke and mirrors shit to throw them off the trail... or you could take them under your wing as apprentices
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 @fartymarty: Like a Swedish-Polish David Koresh.
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 Any ideas if there is a WynTV incoming?
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 Damn good question.
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 @murfio: yes there is i saw him at the track doing interwiews for it after the race
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 Aaron came 3rd with his rear shock locked for half the track? Mental.
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 Everyone lost it when Sam Hill for 6th on an Enduro bike, but Aaron Gwin got 3rd with a hardtail(ish)
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 Damn, riding a HT would've been faster then Big Grin
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 Yeah that was crazy. Couldn't believe it when he said it in press conference! Said he went to use the lever at the bottom and it was already locked
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flag DirtyDee (Sep 13, 2017 at 22:18) (Below Threshold)
 Aaron made a list of excuses again when he didn't win? Mental.
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 He runs his shocks so hard, it doesn't make much difference if they're open or locked ;-)
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 Where is the WynTV? Did the UCI shut him down?
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 SERIOUSLY. Wyn tv was the first thing I looked for on sunday/monday!
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 @evolixsurf: its coming Just a few delays
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 @wynmasters: better to cum late than never...
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 Awesome team and good vibes. Wishing them the very best of success in years to come. Neko...your bike looks like a BMX. Welcome back.
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 It seems like they have a awesome team setup. I guess that's what happens when you work with people who you want to work with. They seem relaxed but still professional. These are definitely my fav team videos.
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 I gotta agree with the appalling locations of the cameras in the DH... like seriously Red Bull... chumps like me can walk into the track and give a better feel of what the course is like in a 3 min clip than your big $$ productions.
Hire someone who knows what parts of a DH track are interesting in 2d.
Kudos to Rob and Claudio for working with what snippets of the track they could commentate to.

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 Is there a correlation between being consumer-direct and being able to produce sweet videos quickly? YT and Canyon delivered on those!
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 Need to see some coverage of Sam Hills run, bike setup and stuff!!
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 Is anyone still going to say that the track is "xc" after that? Cause if it so, XC is really more hardcore than what I remembered ^^
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 "used to look up to Sam Hill." Sitting next to the guy who beat him on a trail bike.
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 The YT video was actually up on YouTube yesterday. Their video guy is a keeper, exceptional quality for such a quick turnaround.
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 Guess we'll be expecting Specialized Fast Life on Cairns next season
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 @alexhyland : @suspended-productions does not believe in sleep
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 @fabdemaere: Having some experience in small team but pro quality video production and I can believe that, I reckon most filmmakers are probably just finishing sorting rushes by the time these get out, let alone edit, grade, sound mix and final export. Seriously impressive.
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 @chyu: No Red Bull integration with World Champs, so no Fast Life episode sorry folks.
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 @alexhyland: On top of that, he was also filming Vital Raw's this week-end. Dude is a machine
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And a santa cruz syndicate in two years. Man, when they aired an episode each race I was all about santa cruz. Now, not even close... Was really a bummer this year not to see their trials and tribulations. f*ck, Specialized fast life is stupid as heck too... Really a departure from what everyone wants to see in my opinion.
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 Think there's an extra 's' in the title of this post... there's not world champ team videos, there's A world champ team video. Lol
Wyn, where you at?
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 Lolol "got smoked"
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 Arron just cant gwin a WC.
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 Nope, he just wins what really matters, the overall!
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flag RedRedRe (Sep 13, 2017 at 13:31) (Below Threshold)
 @motard5: Rainbow stripes brings more $$$ than overall...
Unless you have a great season winning almost all races.
I have this feeling Gwin may end up chasing the rainbows like Steve Peat!
But I hope he (G)wins next year!
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 @RedRedRe: He will get it one day. It will happen with his win rate. It's just a matter of time.

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