Calgary unReal Premier This Friday

Jul 6, 2015
by Stephane Pelletier  
Calgary unReal premier Friday July 10th 9pm The Plaza Theater Kensignton

Bike Parks Calgary is pleased to announce the Calgary premiere for the Teton Gravity Research film 'unReal'. Check out the trailers and articles here.

Join us on Friday, July 10th from 9pm at The Plaza Theatre in Kensington to check out this awesome film. Tickets will be $10 in advance at bow cycle or online and $15 at the door. All proceeds go directly to the funding of the Calgary Bikepark.

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 This little jewel was so damn funny. I will not give it the nod of best mtb film ever, Builder still holds that place for me. This is a close second tho. This film also has enough humor/plot that you could watch it with a noob/ not yet mountain biker, and they would still make through to the end.
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Didn't complain, I gave my opinion and why. I enjoyed the scenes... The video quality, the obvious money they pumped in and the originality. I guess I'm just tired of the same old same old. For example the recent piece on pinkbike on Wade Simons, great filming, riding and the added touch of human value. I think I understand your perspective, I don't think you understood mine. As for your statement that the bulk of mountain biking would be slow, spandex and cheap bikes...it's a highly limited view, doing some market research and some traveling would help display that the bulk of mountain biking is not cheap bikes, is not only spandex and or slow. I spend a considerable amount of time biking ( dirt jumps, DH, Enduro, tech XC) all over Western Canada and the United States i see fewer jumpers and DH riders theses days than All Mountain bikers. XC riders are not slow necessarily and some can kick ass going down hill with bike geometries that I can't imagine riding.
The piece on Wade is as much about the sport as the people. It offers a far greater perspective. I and despite the filming techniques and various interesting spins added to Unreal, the piece on Wade does a much better Job at reaching a larger amount of the biking community. Regardless of riding styles, people ride for different reasons all are valid. Unreal is a valid movie, it's actually good. I simply provided my opinion. You provided yours. Great! If our opinions can help someone decided to see or not see the movie, pay to see
It on the big screen or wait until they can rent it that's good also. In closing, my main critique on the film Unreal is that it's tone, is not that different from every other movie that the bulk of the "star riders" in the movie have been involved in. Other creative movies like life cycles offered great biking and an original flavour that made me want to go ride a bike way more than this one! The movie was way more about the sport than the individuals and their specific tallents. Spray gets old and dry. To prove my point in life cycles who were the riders? None were in tight spandex or slow but regardless of who they were or the generations of bikes they were riding they, as well as the movie inspired me more than Unreal...the cord AH films tried to pull on the Unreal movie did not reach me as effectively. It sounds by your statements that it did reach your demographic and maybe your their target audience. Never the less, I'll still likely see every other movie on biking I come across.
Biking is always fun and should promote an open critical mind. Don't like my opinion then don't read it I guess at the very least don't try to tell me why I'm wrong to think the way I do...it's a bit weak minded. As I've already said, I get your perspective I can even appreciate it, I just don't share the same opinion.
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 Normally I would not have even spoken up, other than I was stoked to see this film, and had read your commentary before the movie had even been at a venue where i could see it, though your commentary was not a plot spoiler, it did tarnish the experience. We via keyboards are far too critical; Would you tell the director to their face that their work was "non original" ? The best way (and arguably the only way) to criticize a work of art (or any work for that matter) should be to 1st ask the question what message is the creator trying to send, and 2nd is that message effectively being communicated? If you cannot answer the 1st question then there is a problem, and if the answer to the second question is no then there is a problem. If your banter revolves around your own dissatisfaction with the content or delivery then you dont have alot of grounds to make such criticism unless you are a content creator yourself and dont respect other content creators.

Your commentary quashed my stoke before the lights even dimmed. Instead of ruining others experiences by speaking of how other artists could do a better job, you should put your money where your mouth is. If you feel this film is "non original" (I dont think this was part of the message of this film as can even be detected in the title) than perhaps you should create an "original" film. Yes they movie did lack originality in places, the semunuk bike change scene has already been done with semunuk in another film, but the film was chalk full of orrininallity in other sequences (the last sequence); but the film was not called "original".

Coal Miners today do not shovel coal as depicted in this film. Office stress does not get physical as depicted in this film. Walk in fridges in restaurants do not frost up as depicted in this film. Why did you not comment on how this does not reflect the bulk of working life?

more than half the bikes on the street today are garbage "mountain bikes" this is the bulk of mountain biking. the stuff on the shelves at walmart and toys r us. even look at the majority of bikes for sale at your lbs. they are not high quality and will mostly be on the street around neighborhoods.
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 Forget about telling the director how "non original" you found the film would you even tell the people who worked to get the film in the theater for you to watch how "non original" this movie was. I would just say thanks, even if i didnt like it as these are people who worked for me....
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 Watched a premier in Canmore a few weeks ago It was a good movie, neat segments but overall kinda non original and not really where mountain biking is going. No one is going to ride on glaciers and or with horses. We don't build remote slope style courses in the alpine.... I've watched better videos on pinkbike
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 Wow thanks for the heads up, see I ride glaciers with horses all the time and your right riding on just glaciers or with just horses well lets hope mtb doesnt go that way.
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 Sarcasm is a beautiful thing. So is slope style and slope style is fun. It much like freeride biking is highly over done, over covered in media and doesn't represent the bulk of the mountain biking community interest.
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 That and the mountain bike community is three dimensional and these performers were only two dimensional. And to tell you the truth I don't think I have ever seen the sky dump soft dirt like that.... To capture the true bulk of mtb the film would consist of real slow - buying a piece of junk "mountain" bike at walmart and letting it rust on the performers balcony, to the exciting action - Tonnes of spandex crotch shoots and hard tails grinding out 30+ k trails when they should have just bought a road bike and been a part of that executive club on the side of the highway in their spandex.

So funny that you complain that the movie was not representing the bulk of mtb, when the entire premise of this film was escaping that what you refer to as the bulk. Even the tittle is "Unreal"
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