How To Stoke Out A Deserving Grom - SGC Style

Mar 23, 2014
by Summer Gravity Camps  
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bigquotesI've been watching Connor ride and progress since he was about 8 years old. These days it's obvious to see that he's impressive on a bike, but the stuff that has always impressed me the most is his positive attitude, love for bikes, and dedication to becoming a better rider. The SGC scholarship is more about these things than anything else and any rider who brings these qualities to SGC will have a blast and see a huge boost in their riding. I can't wait for summer. - Cam McCaul

Connor just won the SGC Shredder Scholarship

Connor just won the "SGC Shredder Scholarship"

bigquotesI am ecstatic to be going to Summer Gravity Camp this summer! With coaches like the one and only Cam McCaul, and one of the best progression playgrounds on this planet, the trick bag's certainly going to explode! The amount of talented riders that are going to be there blows my mind! You got Red Bull rampage winners, Red Bull Joyride winners, and much more... The atmosphere there is going to be like no other. Thanks for choosing me! - Connor Gallart

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 i see this kid every time i ride at post office, still dont understand how a kid that young can have such style. Connor, you deserve it man!
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 Well I'm two years older than Connor, but guys like him motivate me the most. Btw it's awesome!!!
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 The kid had style thats for sure!
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 Looks like another up and coming c3 rider
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 Bseme scoping out his competition in a couple years!
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 Summer Gravity Camp? I just saw this kid in a video with C-Mac, Rheeder & Semenuk all hanging out at the same location. How does any camp beat that?

Congrats on being buds with the 3 raddest dudes on FMBs. Trek sure knows how to pick 'em.
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 Because Jordie Lunn isn't there, he has some pretty legendary stories.
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 I once heard that Semenuk got on the Trek team with some help of Shandro, and now Cam is doing the same thing for Connor. I've seen a few clips of Connor riding and I just can't believe how good he is. He deserves the scholarship for sure.
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 why is the video password protected... and on the front page ??

but congrats man!
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 its out now
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 its about time Wink
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 Yeah C-Bone!! Such a shredder!
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 What song is that playing at the end? It uses the beat from Tamia 'So Into You'.
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 Wondering the same thing. It is a sick tune.
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 so into you (ferris remix) - tarnia
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 Nice dude your a killer keep up your hard work 1#
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 yeah CBone!! killin it
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 Hell Yeah Connor!
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 can't wait to ride with ya there bud! gonna be a sick week
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 Ya c bone. Stoked man. Get some whistler summer shred on with u this year
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 But more importantly did he get some antlers?
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 So Rad! Well Deserved for sure!
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 That is too awesome! And he flips a little like R-Dog dont ya think?
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 This kid is amazing
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 YEEEAH Connor!!!
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 I HATE this kid!So good for his age!!!
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