Cam McCaul Surprises Weather Channel on Live TV

Nov 4, 2014
by Anthill Films  

Reporting live on location from the unReal world, Cam McCaul uncovers startling weather patterns that appear to be sweeping the land. How this will impact everyone in the real world (especially mountain bikers) has yet to be determined.

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 Cams sense of humor is unreal! I wanna drink beers with that guy
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 I wanna ride bikes with that guy!
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 One word legend
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 Such legend Smile
  • 24 2
 I wanna drink beer and ride bikes with that guy!
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 "So you bike riders actually build jumps? and ride in the snow that I can't predict correctly?" the immortal Sam Champion
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 I wanna ride beers and drink bikes with that guy!
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flag jsayer (Nov 4, 2014 at 16:00) (Below Threshold)
 I want to drink beers with that guy then ride.
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 He gave the best interview ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Props to CAM!
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 Mostly these TV interviews are just awkward but that was so incredible. He's an incredibility representative for the sport and damn, that footage is soooo sick.
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 i wish i could LOL in the office but i can't, LOL!
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 That dude Sam has a hell of a spray tan! From uber fake in the "real world" to Cam who is such a real dude in the "unreal world"
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 I love you cam. (MAYBE HOMO?! hahaha)
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 As funny as this interview is. It's probably the most well done and researched one too. They aren't calling him a bmxer or anything else. It was cringing to watch. Good on them for not butchering mountain biking on tv
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 The dude used the word stoked in the correct way too. They also didn't give him a stupid nick name like camy or something. Props
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 In Ireland the other week the enduro national champ was on the news and they kept saying "endura" it even said "Dan Wofle Endura Racer" in the bottom corner
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 8 hours for one tire! Hahahahaha....great show from cam. I like how the anchorman is trying to get a serious answer, but cam has no mercy
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 one set of tires.
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flag gonecoastal (Nov 4, 2014 at 15:45) (Below Threshold)
 Why not run tubeless?
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 maybe take a minuet and think that one though, if it still doesnt make sense Im not sure what to to tell ya.
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 Tubeless would work (assuming the tires and rims were tubeless compatible). The screws fill most of the hole, and I've seen a tubeless set up seal the hole after pulling a good size nail out.
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 That news host ( not cam lol ) knew more about mountain biking than the red bull anouncers for rampage. Cams hilarious, love that guy. Big Grin
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 \m/ Q \m/
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 This is why I love Cam McCaul. Hilarious personality, bad ass on 2 wheels. I'm stoked for Unreal
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 Hero on the bike and the mic. I officially start a petition for Cam to be commentator of all MTB events for the rest of his life.
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 Second that. He is the best representative for freeriding on the mic. He is entertaining knowledgable well spoken and professional. I've thought this since he co commentated Rampage a few years back. Not to mention he has been there and done that. I'm very jealous of all the lucky people in Unreal land where he does the commentating. I wonder if they get the shitty NBC commentators for the UCI DH.
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 That would mean he's not shredding, or not as much. Sorry, I can't sign that one...
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 I'd just like to see more of my heroes have a defined pathway to stay in the sport and make money when they retire. Tippie and Schley have done it a bit but, I think Cam is on another level both as far as where he has been and where he could go.
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 I think Rob Warner is the only way to go as far as commentating is concerned....for any sport. I'd even watch football if Warner commentated!
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 send some of those dirt flurries this way! sure beats the hell out of snow!
  • 7 2
 bite your tongue! it's november for fuck's sake! We be needing snow in them mountains! I will ride my bike in the meantime while I wait for the white stuff tho..
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 Ha Ha nice work Cam!
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 LOL - VOD!!!!!!!
  • 12 11
 maybe VOY
  • 17 3
 no not voy
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 Yes. The hype for unReal has already begun.
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 This was awesome, first news story about mountain biking that didn't make me cringe and hope it would end. Glad the news host actually new a thing or two and didn't call him a bmxer or something.
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 Love the hair Cam....Ron Burgandy watch out
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 Cam on! i don't know weather i should believe it - it was so UnReal !!
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 Nailed it. I vote McCaul for Anchorman 3
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 hahahahaha choking on the dirt flurry.
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 It was Cam McCaul that made that interview unreal!!!
No pun intended.
So great
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 yes……YES!!!! that was awesome. It was kind of reminiscent of Al Roker asking Kyle Strait "What is a Freeride"?
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 If only winter was just a time that it snowed loam. Then there would be no winter blues and riding would continue on!
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 Well it snows snow in the realworld but for me riding continues. Nightrides and just rushing down a grass hill with snow on it.
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 i bet when they ask him what he wants to do he whips out a half eaten crayon and frantically draws it out... in the air in front of his own face. then he finishes the crayon.
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 "Cam McCaul: Mountain Biker" is the understatement of the year.
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 Cam McCaul, thank you for being Cam McCaul !
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 That hair and interview were great. Dirt furies for the WIN!
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 Cam will be successful beyond riding his bike. He is a great personality!
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 Should have used a 11nine HEMICYON - FIXED PIVOT FULL SUSPENSION DOWNHILL with 45NRTH Dillinger 5 Tire 26x4.8 Studded would have saved 8 hours ha but such a Rad Vid!
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 What a legend!
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 great idea! well done Cam !!! Smile
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 That was amazing, I was was laughing pretty hard.
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 If only every news was like that
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 how can he keep a straight face?
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 has anyone seen is 17 question vital mtb its so funny
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 What would work better cams drilled an spiked tyres or gwins ride on the rim approach like at leogang?
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 He needs to win a grammy for this performance.
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 Hhhhhhhhhhhhh unreal for sure!
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 Cam is the best. Where was he all this year?
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 In another world
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 I can see what hes gonna do when retire from riding bikes!
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 Haha awesome!
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 Hilarious!!!! can't wait till the film comes out
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 Hahaha, thats awesome Cam Big Grin
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 They did not see that one coming
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 LEGENDARY ! these ICE jumps are lookin' huuuuge !!
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 Hilarious! I'd expect nothing less from Cam.
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 Damn! That is some funny shit right there!!! lol
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 hollywood is waiting for you cam!
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 Cam McCaul you're my hero!
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 that is insanely good advertising. thanks for the laugh Cam!
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 HAHAHA damn that was great.
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 Nooo! funkzander, I meant to pos prop you. Damn sorry
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 So did he actually put spikes on the tires?
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 hahahaha best interview ever!!!
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 "it looks like there's jumps"
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 Stoked for UnReal now!
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 aaajajajajhhaaha Superb!
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 lol yes!!!
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 Cam's the man!
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 epic troll
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 I got his otagraph
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 I wana fuck that guy
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