Cam Zink On Felt In 2008

Dec 3, 2007
by Tyler Maine  
Felt Bicycles is pleased to announce pro mountain bike rider Cameron Zink (USA) is the newest member of the 2008 Felt team. A highly accomplished gravity rider and competitor, Cam is perhaps best known for slopestyle and freeriding ability. His past accomplishments include a US National Championship, a member of the US National Team and a 1st place finish at the 2006 Crankworx Slopestyle event in Whistler, BC, Canada.The 22 year-old Reno, Nevada resident is in the final stages of a knee repair and is feeling healthy and motivated for a great 2008 season beginning with the Sea Otter Classic in April. In addition to this Cam expects to be at the 5-event Qashqai Urban Challenge Series peppered throughout Europe, as well as the Adidas Slopestyle (AUT), Colorado Crankworx (USA), TEVA Mountain Games (USA), Kokanee Crankwork (CAN), Bearclaw Invitational (CAN) and more.

"I am super-excited to be heading to Felt. Their products and reputation are absolutely first-rate", says Cam. "After speaking with their design and engineering group, it is very clear to me they really know what they are doing and are into continually developing their bikes and ideas with direct rider input. Look at what they have done in other areas of the sport. The whole thing is a bit of a dream come true."

Felt USA Marketing Director, Doug Martin says, "Cam is an excellent fit for us and I am sure will be a tremendous ambassador and source of ongoing feedback. He is young, talented and understands what it takes to be a pro – a winning recipe. Between him, our award-winning Equilink™ suspension bikes, and what will be more upcoming athlete announcements, we feel like our fat tire program is right on track."


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 odd how another high profile rider is riding for a not so high profile company
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flag mikeyybro (Dec 3, 2007 at 11:31) (Below Threshold)
 cam zink fell off! hes washed now, like cowan and no one wants him cause all he does is drink with 26 and do shitty at crankworx
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 dude he won crankworx in 06
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 cowan was in NWD 8 he is still riding good he still rides for kona
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 cam zinc is a prety cool guy and realy good rider, when you watch some of his stuff you come across and pics its surpsirisng how much he had done and can do. he won crankworx 06 throwing so much techanical crazy shit all over. so dont count him out!
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 i've never heard of felt bikes
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 dude at least felt is better than who he rode for before, haro, i dont know what haro is like in the rest of the world but in Australia Haro is the equivalent or Americas walmart bikes
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 I'm stoked for Cam. He gets a chance to work with a company who might listen to the riders input, unlike Haro. Plus he gets renewed faith in his amazing skills and a chance to dominate in 2008. Felt has a lifetime warranty on all frames except the dirtjump hardtails which have a two year warranty. Good support.
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 "ramquatch" are u kidding me haro's are sweet bikes i rode them for 3 years and i dont have any complaints
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 "ramquatch" I don't have a Haro, but i do know that they put a fair bit of work into their bikes, so you shouldn't knock them.......and don't you ride a Norco? In most of North America they are known as pretty "standard" bikes...
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 hey crotchram... i mean ramquatch. i've been riding haro for 4 years and recently signed full factory with them. they build sick bikes and are a solid company. losing cam is kind of a bummer for haro.
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 lol, lies. Your opinion also = immaterial, seeing as how you are paid by them.
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 [quote]mikeyybro (6 hours ago) (Below Threshold) show comment
cam zink fell off! hes washed now, like cowan and no one wants him cause all he does is drink with 26 and do shitty at crankworx [/quote]
who ever thinks that guy is a complet retard give a prop
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 Congrats Cameron! Don't listen to the haters. They haven't recovered from a blown out knee before- so keep your head up Cam! I'm looking forward to seeing your part in NWD9! Yeah, I said it. NINE! John Cowen has more talent on his little pinky toe, than most of ...........
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 steve romoanick going with mongose?
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flag kevinthelilbiker (Dec 3, 2007 at 11:50) (Below Threshold)
 i heard hes cracked a handfull of their frames pretty shitty deal to risk riding under engineered bikes.
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 how many specialized demos cracked when they came out??
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 mccaul on trek...trek is a huudge company, they have been around forever and they make siiick bikes, felt is dope to, no compny is instantly hudge takes time and people like cam zink to help promote the company, their bikes are sick cam is sick!
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 Mikeyybro is full of shit. I would say a 1st a 3rd and a 5th and 11th are real bad results. Second John Cowan is 36 years old. And third, 2 six will take on anyone who wants it, I will personally guarantee that. Cam will be riding a Virtue R in slopestyle.
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 who says felt is shitty? the mos talented bmxer in the world rides a felt and noe they have an extremely talented mtber. pinkbike has to many haters.
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 I just did some brief research and came to the conclusion that he will probably be riding the Redemption with equilink suspension, 165mm travel. That is THE burliest, most aggressive bike in the entire lineup. It will probably work well for him and his slopestyle ways, as long as he specs it out better than the completes on the webpage(which is obvious). Interesting..
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 dhangelofdeath, I really dont think that there is a pro rider out there that rides with the bike the way that is is spec'd on the website. 99.9% of pro riders have more than one sponsor. Take Romo for example, yeah he rides a Mongoose frame, but that the only thing he has from Mongoose. Also, I dont know why there are so many haters on here, What the HELL kinda Bike co. are yall sponsored by?
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 it truly amazes me how some ppl are able to judge someone's decision so quickly having such a crapy knowledge on the subject! goooo Zink, u rock wherever u are, not matter what bike ure riding!
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 Dude if cam gets his shit together and stops getting hurt felt will be unstopable ing street dj mtb and bmx. They have scotty and cam WHOA!!
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 hey felt have a name in bmx and they build very nice dj bikes with pretty short chainstays which I think is extraordinary nimble like chase or atomlab... I look forward to watch what a super talent rider like zink can do riding it. good luck cam!!!
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 what kind of slopestyle bike will he be running?..redemtion, compulsion?..?
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 guys above, trek is the biggest cycling company in the history of forever! i know the guy who came up with the name. and felt doesnt even make gravity bikes??? what the hell???
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 wow... hes only been ridinng haro for like, a year... that a pretty fast switch...
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 Wow that sucks I ride a Haro i have the 357 magnum in gold. he rode it in white in NWD 7 I don't think he can be my bike hero anymore hahaha Nah hes still a sick rider how are these new bikes whats Haro gonna do they will have no good riders in free ride and those bikes will die out I think Cam mcual will try to switch next because he will want to keep up with all this he rides a sick trek though
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 frames are tight just the components on the complete bikes are garbage for what cam is doing.
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 good for him. i don't know much about felt other than their road bikes, but i've never been the biggest fan of haros.
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 its all about the money! he would ride with any company i they will pay him more than fely or other companies!
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 awesum cam zink is 1 of the gnarliest riders out there
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 BY THE WAY Haro didnt even try to resign him. So people need to understand. And besides that felt bikes are better, stronger, lighter and far better engineered.
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 Has anyone looked at the 2008 felt bikes? They don't have anything that I would even try and Freeride or DH on. There frames are like sticks and aren't strong at all. I think Zink's going to find that out very soon and will need a new frame every time he rides!
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 Mongoose is on the move and has some great designs---unbeatable value and they have stepped it up in technology and designs. Felt is solid in BMX and road...they are looking to fill in the blanks with Cam. Cam didn't do much for Haro except get hurt a bunch and probably didn't take things to seriously....i am not sure, but he seemed like a partier.
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 mongoose sucks. period. They have all this technology that just makes the bike haevy, loose and ugly. You say ceaper? You can get a stinky for like $2000 and it comes with proven technology and other stuff. STEVE SOLD HIS SOLE SO YOU COULD RIDE CRAPPY MONGOOSE! are you happy?
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 what bike will he be riding???? they only have road and am/xc bikes. i saw a shit dj frame though
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 oxide (2 hours ago) (Below Threshold) show comment
Mikeyybro is full of shit. I would say a 1st a 3rd and a 5th and 11th are real bad results. Second John Cowan is 36 years old. And third, 2 six will take on anyone who wants it, I will personally guarantee that. Cam will be riding a Virtue R in slopestyle.
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 its cam man they will prolly let him make his owne cause they are hurting for riders
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 cam zink is an excellent rider it sucks that he didn't do to well in crankworx this year
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 why a virtue r? thats seems like a strange framset choice. It's a super light xc frame
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 Felt????? Good road bikes!
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 i dont know why u guys are saying that stuff cause ur all sitting at home on a computer and cam and john our out pinning it and getting what they need to ride
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 Here's my input for this completely pointless debate: who gives a f*ck what he does or who he rides for? Jeez, lighten up.
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 for suure ! i think he should move to canada too win our olympic games for biking if we have them but we still have boyko hey british coulumbians
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 Whos the other?
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 well cam mccaul for trek, which is good, but not quite as popular as company's like specialized and kona
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 i would say trek is a huge company... i would think cedric gracia switching to commecal would be a good example
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 trek is one of the biggest companies in cycling
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  Does felt make gravity bikes???????????????
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