Cam Zink Potentially Out of Rampage With Dislocated Shoulder

Oct 16, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

bigquotesExcuse the language. Not a good way to start the day... On a positive note, I managed to land and successfully ride off another 4 foot drop with one functional arm without dying.

We hope Cam's Rampage isn't over and have reached out for comment.


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 My buddy's arm used to do that until he got surgery. Seriously I would have to put it back in every time we snowboarded, not even from falls. Heal up Zink!
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 Is Randy your buddy too?#Randyforrampage
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 @Boardlife69: Randy got robbed ????
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 @Boardlife69: Randy would definitely get top 21 at Rampage!
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 Yep, same for me. 9 dislocations in a year and a half. Was so loose by the end that it would go out diving into a pool or even in my sleep. Surgery + rehab was 4 months, but that was late 90s.. I imagine the procedure may have improved by now. On the bright side, 20 years later I still have 95% original mobility and strength, don't even give ridong a second thought. So glad I got it rebuilt back then! Hope Cam gets the chance to het it repaired and do some proper rehab on it, lots more miles left to ride for that guy.
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 @mikealive: what was your actual injury that they fixed? Torn labrum?
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 @mikealive: I had a shoulder surgery three years ago mainly for restoring a torn labrum which was the result of an mtb crash. I was able to leave the hospital two days after surgery, rehab took three weeks, although full recovery took me about 2.5 - 3 months. The shoulder went back to 100% stability and strength, which is amazing. I’d definitely say that getting your shoulder fixed isn’t too much of a big deal these days. That is, if your health insurance isn’t a dick about paying for the procedure.
Get it fixed Cam, and make Red Bull pay for it! Big Grin
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 @Boardlife69: Seriously now, WHO THE HELL IS RANDY ??? :-D
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 @sino428: Yep, torn labrum. It was 'obliterated' if I remember the surgeon's words correctly. Left with a bit of hardware in that shoulder, but once healed no lingering pain.

@loamylaps Man that's stellar to hear the healing process is a bit quicker these days! I've seen the repair on other people since, and it looks like they can do it less invasively now? They sent a scope in from the back, but I have a nice 8-9" zipper on the front side from it. Worth noting, I was seeing a chiropractor for my neck after the surgery and they would hit my shoulder with some high intensity ultrasound to loosen up the shoulder area. By the time I hit physical therapy for it the staff were all really impressed by how much mobility I had in the joint already. *Still* took 6 weeks of rehab at the time. I agree, if you can get insurance to cover it, well worth the time to get it patched up. Happy to hear you were able to bounce back so quick!
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 @tulipanek: A buddy from Noahcolorado. Big name rider for Cannondale. Just wait until EWS starts in 2019. It will be #AlleyesonRandy The year of Randy.....Such a legend that he doesnt even have a last name.
Other than that, I have no idea.
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And you call yourself a mountain biker...
lol Facepalm
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 Hey this is surprising. A bunch of action sport athletes talking about how much shoulder suck.
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 @loamylaps: yep, i had torn labrum from wake boarding and torn meniscus-same session, 2 different wipeouts. Shoulders are most dynamic joint..
Hit up the doc the pros surfers use:
Kramer orthopedics
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 @Boardlife69: the "Summer of George" has nothing on the The Year of Randy.
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 @Boardlife69: Thank You Sir !
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You ever hear of Marco Osborne?
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 @purplenurples: OMG OMG, that is hilarious. I am totally better at mountain bike exercise than that guy!
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 "fist my armpit", been there many a times
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 Is it really Rampage without Zink? I say reschedule the whole damn thing.
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 Get this man some duct tape.
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 I feel bad for laughing at the chipmunk swearing. Hope this works out for him!
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 "you piece of shit...." hard not to laugh at that one.
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 Shit I took a lift up with him at Crankworx he said besides his family Rampage is all he cared about
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 You know you went big when you dislocate your shoulder without even crashing. Cam, you're an animal, hope you heal up quick!
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 Pretty sure his shoulder is pre damaged from former crashes.
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 @SickEdit: Pretty sure he torqued it in North of Nightfall, too.

Heal up Cam!
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 @endlessblockades: Yeah, pretty sure it was from there. Wondering though, isn't this something a physio could check before he gets cleared to compete? If it could pop out of place from riding like that, it is probably not ready for the typically rampagish sized riding and crashing.

I'm just really glad that he managed to stop in time. I was a bit afraid he'd tip over that edge because he couldn't control his bike. That's the most positive note to me.
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 NOOOOOO THAT SHIT SUCKS. Probably the most painful thing i have ever experienced in life.
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 give wallace his spot!
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 Give randy his spot
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 Dr. Scott Farner.....Kleinert&Kutz Louisville, KY. Have done full elbow reconstruction plus Tommy John and Full Shoulder reconstruction with torn Labrum and 3 anchors. This man gave me my life back. USE HIM CAM
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This is on King Kong, isn't it?
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 Noooooo! Dammit dammit.
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 Could be the Great God Gnar hinting that this year isn't the one Cam...
the Great God Gnar may just be testing you...
There's only one way to find out...


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 Or maybe its Jordies year. #letLunnin
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 or maybe don't test the shoulder gods and sit this one out.... this is really unfortunate but I'd rather see him heal up properly. I couldn't believe he did that other little drop to pretty much flat without letting go of the bars.
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 @Boardlife69: I thought he already was?
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 NNOOOO!!!! Be safe out there @EeehhZink !!!!!!!!
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 Calling all the reiki-ers to work on that shoulder, please!
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 Thank god he didn’t do it on a rampage drop.
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 Cam Zink IS Rampage.
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 Where did he ever imply that he isn't going to compete? Don't cause a riot cause you read into something that isn't there...
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 Cuz shoulder dislocations take forever to heal. He might be capable next week but it really just depends on how it heals. And even if it allows him to ride it’ll never actually heal. Been dealing with the same shit for a year and a half now, even after surgery.
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 @angrynipples: I'm well aware of shoulder injuries. Ive dislocated mine 12 times before surgery. Zink said he is getting surgery right after Rampage. What annoys me is that Zink has not made any statements indicating he will not compete. Pinkbike needs to watch their claims carefully.
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 That really sux! So glad it didn't end more seriously. Heal quick gonna miss your awesomeness...
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 What tire does he run on the front, Schwalbe?
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 I guess this means I have a good chance of winning this year! Razz
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 I predict
1st Aggy
2nd Randy
3rd @ELRookie
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 Ooph. Heal up, Cam! That obviously hurt.
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 Michelin tyres are ok , c'mon...
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 Oh no, terrible to not see him compete, Rampage is Zink is Rampage!
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 My voice does that when I F@*# Sh*t up, too... just not as calmly (or as sped up =) Heal up quick, Cam!!
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