Videos: Cam Zink's Official Record Flip Details

Aug 22, 2014
by Pinkbike Staff  
Analysis of the flip from X Games hosts:

Cam Zink's post World Record Flip interview:

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 there are those girls behind him in the interview but his fiance/wife, whichever, is prettier than all of them put together
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 fiancee* spell check didn't tell me it was wrong Frown
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 without makeup and plastic surgery those girls have nothing Wink
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 i'm a little surprised his "wife-to-be" let him rock that flip without a neck brace
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 You're just watching to a Happy Family, who cares about the people around around ?? Bless'em 3 ... He's got a tuff job. when he gets injured, not a lots stayed around to support him .... Well-done Cam ! big up.
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 @sicsoma I guess it is easier to flip with a neck brace. you can move your head more and spot your landing quicker.
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 without. I have no idea what is going on with my ability to type these days
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 Yaya but still… If those are Monster Girls I want nightmares for the rest of my life.
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 I still think his flip at rampage was waaaay gnarlier ! Big Grin
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 everything at rampage was way more everything.
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 yep, props to him for getting the WR, but the rampage flip is written into the fabric of freeride MB history.
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 Red Bull autoplay videos are drooling kids with leather helmets from the beginning. Please don't put two of them in the same class...
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 I thought the whole thing was WAY too long of an "event" for 1 trick. Get a bunch of riders out there and make it a Jam session. Something worth an hour of time.

It was a pretty sick flip and he pulled it off perfect though.
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 Why does he have another rider follow him done? Is it a safety thing or was he filming from behind...anyone know?
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 I thought the guy behind was the one whose speed was being measured so that zinks bike didn't have any extra kit on it. i may be wrong though
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 I think that's Kyle Strait guys. Best buds, you know. He probably offered to follow him to check the speed and also wear a camera for another perspective.
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 Its Kyle Strait...... and he's getting video footage and speed.
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 the guy behind i think he is kyle strait!
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 It is Kyle Strait no question about ti.
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 I was really hoping Kyle was going to hit the jump and get a follow cam of the whole thing. It was also surprising that there was no mention of Kyle in the entire thing seeing as he was doing the follow cam, as well as being good friends with Cam and being last year's rampage winner (and the only 2 time winner). Not to take anything away from Cam, I just thought it would've been cool to get another rider some face time on tv as well.
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 Well the stupid little league baseball game took forever and cut into it and I'm sure we missed a lot.
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 ah sweet thanks
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 I loved espn security going in at the end of the jump and telling all his boys to "get out of here" so he could have a nice "family moment" for the four letter network
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 Lol at kyle hitting the jump too....if Zink crashed then he'd be doubly fucked, while Kyle would be singly fucked
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flag Zach22 (Aug 22, 2014 at 10:12) (Below Threshold)
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 Hadn't watched the second video yet. my bad
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 You clearly didn't watch the whole thing. It's definitely strait. They have these crazy things called airplanes that literally fly people thousands of miles in only a few hours.
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 and the back of his jersey said strait..... WTF people watch it before you talk. Maybe watch the full event at under replay and search mammoth.
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 Yes it was Strait. He had a live camera on that they used in the original footage of his speed check.
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 He made that look like I could do it…… Zink for president!
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 Have a strong feeling this record will be beat very soon
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 Probably, but after doing some checking even the biggest MX flip is only > 130'. Surprising & kinda disappointing if you ask me. :s How tits would it be to bust the MX record on a FMB. Lacondeguy, Montgomery? You guys listening?
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 you don't know what you are talking about. Wes Agee did a 4th gear pinned 190 footer in Black Friday.

and he backflip heel clicked it.
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 Wont play on mobile because no flash player. Damn!!
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 DAMN... landed that so smooth he could that with his slope bike No Problem!
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 He has balls of steel and can take huge hits but when his fiance is crying he's trying to stay strong and not cry!
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 What an absolute fucking beast.
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 "You are officially amazing" ahaha yes!!
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 Yeah he wasn't amazing before.... But now he's officially amazing! Odd how it take Guinness to give a person like Zinc that title...
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 He made it look so smooth. Props Cam.
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 So stoked I got to watch this live!!
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 48 MPH backflip haha

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