Canada Olympic Park - Mountain Bike Burn Out Series

Sep 18, 2008
by Tyler Maine  
Source: COP Photos: Dean Bradley

Canada Olympic Park is proud to announce that our Mountain Bike Downhill Races are returning this fall, featuring our brand new downhill course. The new course offers riders of all abilities a fun and challenging race environment where speed and technique will come into play. To go along with these popular events we’ve also added a Dirt Jump Jam on the morning of race days sure to bring out some big air, gnarly tricks and lots of fun.Prizes will be awarded to the top three riders in each category for the races and jam. Impress them with your tricks. Dirt Jam awards are based on votes by participants and COP mountain bike instructors. Downhill racers will need the clock on their side as awards will be handed out based on race times. Come out on Sunday, September 21st & Sunday, September 28th to take part in these events.

Dates: September 21 and 28, 2008

The Masters (18+ years)
The Dudes (14-17)
The Future (U14)

Lady Shredders (all ages)

Registration: Register the day of the race in the Daylodge at the west ticket counter.

Dirt Jump Jam 9:30 – 10:15 a.m
Downhill Race 9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Dirt Jump Jam 10:30a.m. – 12:15p.m.
Downhill Race 1:15 p.m. – be at Course Start and 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. – Race


Dirt Jump Jam Immediately following the Jam
Downhill Race 4:00 p.m. – On The Deck


Dirt Jump Jam Season Passholders $5 Non-passholders $10*
Downhill Race Season Passholders $10 Non-passholders $15*

*Lift tickets not included

On September 28 bring your old bike to the Park and donate it to “Bikes for Humanity” in support of the Colin Rudolph Foundation.

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 The real question is, will the "fast" lift be running or will it be the slow arse one? I'm racing pending chairlift lines...cause if it's the slow one...eek I can pedal faster.
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 the fast one is done for the season
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 Good to hear! Thanks for the info. Pic madness and a good time is just around the corner!
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 I was up there two weekends ago. I managed to get 3 laps in a little over 3 hours with that lift running. I'm done at COP. Kudos to COP for hosting some races, but I would really recommend that any racers organize their own shuttle as you won't be able to get many runs in with the slow lift running.
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 agreed, Im not wasting my money there anymore unless they do something about their park, my go shred one last time but IMHO id rather take the drive out to moose than ride cop.
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 I dont think that its worth driving all the way from Toronto to ride COP at the end of the season. Why dont you just ride Blue Mountain?
The drive from T.O to Calg. Takes approx 2 days if your driving 15 hours days.
Oh and just so you know, it will cost more to drive and a hell of a lot longer.
Save your money. Its only COP!
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 haha quinner yea we were over there a few weeks ago and the slooooww arse one was running and it took over 15 mins just to get to the top.
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 Yeah with the slow lift we just ended up pedaling/walking up and it was way faster
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 look it up on mapquest dude, trust me flyin is way better, any way, the course looks flowy from the pics, never bin, so I dont now how technical it is, looks like fun though
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 i wanna try the new downhill course.
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flag cools320 (Sep 18, 2008 at 9:09) (Below Threshold)
 NO you don't man, I was all hyped up about it and I rode it like a month and a half ago and, i haven't ridden it since, it's pretty gay. Last years was the sickist downhill they had ever had, they should of just kept last years, and added stuff to improve on it. Las year you could basically ride the dh all day/summer long and never get sick of it. Trust me man this year was a big disappointment, it just about made me cry lol.
  • 1 0
 haha no last years was no better, All the bullshit jumps. Keep the steep lips and shit to the DJ park and stick some gnarly rock gardens, berms and steeps in there. I almost wish they still had that drop in the trees where the gap was last year that you could just rip on
  • 0 0
 do u mean putting jagged rocks on landings not like together but spaced apart so u die as gnaly rock garden
  • 0 0
 ahahaaha i liek how these kids are bitchin at even AHAHAHA good luck wit that this years DH isnt the best that they have had but they did oput alot of effort into it so lets all shut our mouths and jsut ride our bikes damit kids its not high school
  • 0 1
 yea, but think of it this way, i can put alot of effort into doing a test and still fail horribly. the fact they put effort into it means nothing when you have a bad course design from the get go. also most of the trails are too tight for big bikes and to hell if im gonna shred me bmx down the trails. IMHO it was a huge let down for me.
  • 1 0
 ahahahah if thats what you want to say then fine but iv ridden almost every sort of bike on the trails both breakless BMX and 5 different big bikes for full days and the trails were fin so why doesnt ever boddy stop bitching about the trails and sjut ride them we have a lift access hill in our back yard and i can garentee there are many people out there in different countreys and even in canada that wish they had a lift access hill that is super close
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 either way. they should build the jumps and drops more like at whistler because they are all still safe. Tombstones and roll able drops you can still rip on fast if your good enough. and the fact i didnt see the trail crew on the trails once this year makes me disappointed that they are hiring people who apparently dont care weather or not were riding decently maintained trails.
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 With a line it took us almost a hour to do 1 run! Faster to push your bike up the hill or organize your own shuttle
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 YA, we gave up on the lines and shuttled. Wayyy faster. They said the high speed was done for the year.
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 do i need a race licence to enter?
  • 1 0
 No, You really only need a license if u are planning on doing any of the ADHRA races
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 This event is not an ADHRA race but a house league race put on by COP.
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 Actually, you can race this race without a license. Its not part of the Alberta cup or any national racing series. This is more of a Show up pay the entry fee shred and have a blast.
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 ahaha i would be interested in racing if the course didnt blow so much balls.
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 i came on podium for under 16 and i am ten gotta show its awsome
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 uh if your under 14 you cant be in u 17. your in the u14
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 ooo yea that sick shit
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