Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp

Apr 14, 2017
by Ted Morton  
Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
March break will never be the same...some of the team couldn't make it, so we called in some ringers to round out the weekend.

From The Coach:
This winter we introduced the MEC Canadian National Enduro Development Team (Click Here for Article), coached by Blueprint Athlete Development and supported by OneUp Components. Athletes have been working hard in the off-season independently, and a few weeks ago we had our first training camp in Kamloops.

The goals for our first team camp were simple:
1 - Give the riders an opportunity to test and develop their skills, fitness, and mindset.
2 - Build an atmosphere that challenges yet supports each rider in familiar settings (i.e. on the bike and in the gym) as well as new ones (i.e. gymnastics, yoga, and pool sessions).
3 - Catch up with old friends, make some new ones, learn from each other, and have some fun.

Now that the dust has literally and figuratively settled, I'm happy to say that I think we nailed each goal. Every rider came away with new riding tools, a better understanding of their personal strengths and areas for improvement, renewed motivation, and a smile.

While there were some concerns regarding the lack of female presence on the team, I assure you that we would love to see more women riding bikes. Regardless of gender, we want to support every athlete. Selection criteria for 2018 is already live, and please feel free to introduce yourself at the races if you are hoping to join the team or have a question.

See you on the trails,

-Joel Harwood
Head Coach

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
Coach Joel, keeping those hips loose and heels dropped.

Check it out
This is a team made up of athletes aging from 14-20 years old, this team is very unique because it's one of a kind. Since Enduro is not a supported genre by the cycling associations, we've handcrafted this team to be very unique. Any support goes straight back to the athletes to help make them better riders by giving them more opportunities to get to the next step. Your funding doesn't go into a large pot for misc. supplies, it's for the riders!

We'll keep this article short, but here's a quick list of things to do:
Support the team - Joel the head coach and Ted are currently funding the program 'gratis'.
• Look for them at the races!
• Be stoked!

BCES Dev Team images
Not all the dudes could make it this weekend, so we pulled some others, like Hamish, Max Sharf, Ben Wallace and Jabrome Murray to round out the vibes for the weekend.

Thank You
This team was supported on this trip by not only Joel Harwood and Ted Morton, but the awesome businesses of Kamloops.

Thanks to Freeze Athletics (Cheerleading), The Plaza Hotel Kamloops, the Yoga Loft Kamloops, the Kamloops YMCA, Sam at Cedar Line Creative and Tourism Kamloops.
Also, massive thanks to the crew that keeps the Kamloops Bike Ranch and the Lac du Bois Trails running smooth! Thanks KPCC and KBRA!
We're lucky here in Kamloops that we can ride really early with clear skies, so if you're looking to setup a training camp, let me know!

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
The camp wasn't all serious business, we definitely made time to session jumps and hit some drops to flat! (Check our instagram) – Jonathan Helly, 13.

From the riders...
After the camp, we asked Jacob (Jabrome) Murray, who is vying for a spot on the team, what he thought...

Who are you? What disciplines do you ride? Where are you from?

My name is Jacob Murray, I’m from Squamish B.C. I race enduro and DH, but also enjoy racing BMX and riding dirt jumps.

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
Jabrome, eyes on the prize!

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
Kamloops is a true dream for early season riding! Jabrome, laying it down, flat pedals, feet on.

What are you going to remember most, or what's a funny story from the camp?

I think one of the most memorable moments for all of us at the camp was when our fellow rider Hamish Graham got super loose on a kamloops freeride line. His 100 millimeter travel XC bike was not ideal for this kind of riding, but he still sent it!!

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
Lycra? Check. 100mm XC Whip? Check. Knobless tires? Check. Full send mode in 3, 2, 1. #TallPostTalent #FreerideIsTheNewXC

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
The training camp featured 3 workouts a day, here we were having a little warmup at Freeze Athletics, prior to an evening of tumbling/gymnastics

What are you going to take away from the camp as an athlete?

As a rider, I came out of the camp knowing a lot more rad people than I did going in, it's rare that so many of us young rippers get to ride together, since we're spread out so far. Also this camp got me more prepared and excited for the season.

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
Andreas Massitti, with that perfect form...

Why did you attend this camp? All for fun? Want to get better? Want to be a racer?

I attended this camp because I thought it would be a great way to ride with new people, have fun and improve my skills and fitness.

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
Jacob Tooke, taking it to the steeps of Kamloops. This camp put the riders through everything from XC intervals, steep dh, jumps and more corners than an F1 track.

Who else was there? Did you know everybody? Who did you enjoy meeting most and why?

So many awesome people were at the camp. Most from B.C but also a few from Alberta. When I showed up, there were a few people that I had only heard of. As the camp went on, I started to realize that the Albertn boys were actually super rad. I really enjoyed meeting guys like Evan Wall and Andreas Massitti because there super nice and they both shred really hard!!

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
Learning how your body moves is important, efficiency, strength and control. Oh and fun! #CadenceThaDawg.

What did we do while we were there? Was it all slave driving, or was there some fun too?
From riding fast down single track to eating way too much at an all you can eat sushi restaurant, we had a ton of fun hitting jumps and slapping corners. We did have our fair share intervals and long rides, but hey! You don’t get fitter by sitting on the couch eating pizza all day do you?

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
The camp focused heavily on turns and riding skill. Carter Krasny - Hip Hinge.

Who would you like to thank?

I would obviously like to thank my parents for sending me to this amazing camp. Thanks to kore components and also the Plaza Hotel for letting us bring our dirty bikes into the hotel. Also a big thanks to Ted Morton for being our tour guide for the week, we couldn’t have done it without you. Last but not least, thanks to Joel Harwood for being an amazing coach.

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
Elliot Jamieson is also on the JR XC team, watch out for this young whippit this year!

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp
Big thanks to the Kamloops Plaza Hotel. They gave us a private and secure bike room, even went as a far as to buy a washing kit! A true bike friendly hotel!

A massive thank-you to this year's series sponsors and supporters
Blueprint Athlete Development / #blueprintathletedevelopment
One Up Components
Intense Cycles
Smith Optics / @SmithOptics
• And anyone who Volunteered with us and anyone who helped with a shuttle, a beer or a spare tube!

Canadian Enduro Development Team - Spring Training Camp

We Need Help!
We're always looking for parents, girlfriends/boyfriends or injured riders to help out!
What you'll get:
• Jersey
• Lunch
• Post-race meal and drink
• Discount entry for any other race, for you or for a friend/kid/dog
Contact admin@bcenduro.com, with your preferred race, phone number and email.

Need something? More information?
• Athlete Inquires | athletes@bcenduro.com
• Volunteer Information | admin@bcenduro.com

MENTIONS: @bcenduroseries

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 I love riding XC bikes like a hooligan.
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 Good to see kids and adults coming together to bring some real structure to pro-racing development. The future looks bright, the kids are all right.
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 Maximum jealousy, can't even recall the glory of riding with friends as a kid anymore.
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 Haha props to Hamish for sending it on that XC bike
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 huge baws
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 Awesome work Ted and crew! Lucky kids!
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 Heels down and eyes up Mr Harwood!
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 Go Massittis!

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