Canadian Enduro Series Announces 2019 Schedule

Dec 5, 2018
by Ted Morton  
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PRESS RELEASE: Norco Canadian Enduro Series Presented By LTP Sports

The 2019 enduro season is right around the corner as we enter our fourth season organizing the Canadian Enduro Series, we were wondering...

Why is the enduro racing scene in Canada unlike anywhere else in the world? There's one word to answer that. Trails.

Enduro racing/riding is a breath of fresh-air that has been gobbled up by so many people across the country and whether you call it enduro, or just plain-old mountain biking, you can't deny that what makes this sport so amazing are the trails. Long before enduro was ever a 'thing' trail-builders were out building, simply for the joy of riding. Trails are a massive part of what makes racing and these events exceptional and we'll never be able to thank those people enough for allowing us the opportunity to ride their creations, so to all the builders, clubs/associations, volunteers, First Nations, and communities, thank-you. Seriously, thank you for allowing us to be present.

The Canadian National Enduro Series has only been around for three short years, it's younger than most of your favourite trails, and if you were to explore for a secondary answer to our question - Why is the enduro racing scene in Canada unlike anywhere else in the world? - most riders would probably answer - COMMUNITY. I would wholeheartedly agree; these events would never survive without the communities that support us, and yes, all racing circles in any discipline/sport have a phenomenal sense of community. However, the distances in Canada are larger, the towns smaller and we have this thing called winter. All of these factors can put a strain on a relationship and it always excites me when I see two friends from different towns or event provinces reconnect.

Trails and Community are the two main reasons why I'm passionate about enduro racing. This summer I attended an event at Silverstar Resort called Norco RADFest, a Rider Appreciation Day, where everyone is welcome. I was invited to attend as a thank-you from Norco for my dedication to the sport. The invitation wasn't anything special, just a simple email and a 'lets-shred'. It wasn't until I was on lap three or four, sitting on the chairlift, that I realized what was special: Every person on the lift was somehow interwoven so deeply into their riding community. Coaches, trail-builders, athletes, shop owners, manufacturers, sales-reps from other companies, these were the people that make racing and riding so cool.

What I realized was that as long as there have been trail builders, Norco Bicycles has been right there building community within the sport and providing bikes - from the classic Norco A-Line which we hucked off ladder bridges and loading docks, to the World Cup ready Aurum HSP. Ultimately Norco’s legacy supporting every aspect of the sport might explain why they were the most popular bike brand during the 2018 Series, which is a testament to how deep they grow their roots.

I'm elated to announce that Norco Bicycles, a 100% Canadian owned bike company is the title sponsor of the revitalized 2019 Norco Canadian Enduro Series presented by Live to Play Sports. Norco Bicycles sponsored the BC Enduro Series back in 2014 and every year since, the dialogue has always been, 'how can we help', whether it was helping a rider get a stolen bike back, to highlighting a local shop that went out of their way to loan a racer a bike part, they've added selflessly to the Canadian Enduro scene at every opportunity.

-Ted Morton // Race Director

*Thanks to you, the riders, over the past three years we've donated more than $110,000 to local trail organizations. Every-time you race, we donate a minimum of 10% back to the local trail association.

We've added one stop to the calendar, can you guess where?

It never rains on race day!

We'll be returning to Crowsnest Pass for yet another wild year in the fastest growing mountain bike mecca of Alberta!

What's New!?

• New timing system! We've just invested some serious coin into the latest timing system, fully fly-by, with live stage results and the easiest to use platform. We've partnered up with Zone 4, a Canadian Company!!
• Prize money for age category podiums.
• New category! Introducing Expert Men and Expert Women - This category is the stepping stone to the pro category, the only caveat, you cannot race in this category if you've ever placed top three in a pro category.
• Short Course - We've added a short course to every event except Bromont. Remember, this course is shorter, not less difficult.
• Sea Otter Canada - We'll be hosting the Blue Mountain Resort event in conjunction with Sea Otter Canada.
• Full face helmets are now mandatory for ALL riders at all events. Please read the rule book for more information on helmets, concussion testing and helmet requirements.
• Cut-off times will be amended and enforced.
• Sanctioned Championship by Cycling Canada - Only the Elite (Pro Men and Pro Women) categories are sanctioned, these are the only categories requiring a UCI License.
• EWS Qualifiers and Continental Championships - Just sit tight, their calendars will be announced shortly, but take a look at last years schedule, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.
• Event Prices - Prices are now tiered, register early and save big!

The 2019 Norco Canadian Enduro Series presented by Live to Play Sports

Registration Opens December 10th

Our new tiered pricing will see a small jump, $5.00 increase for anyone 21+ and a $10.00 increase for the U21 categories. This only applies to the first tier, so be sure to register soon and save!
• Lift tickets at resorts are NOT included. They are often discounted deeply!
• Revelstoke Event - You must be a Revelstoke Cycling Association member to race, you will be prompted at checkout to register, it's easy peasy!
• EWSQ/C - EWS membership or licensing fees are not included.
• The Championship race is price capped at $110.00 for Elite (Pro) Categories, as they will have to hold a UCI license in order to race in that category.

We have a few different discount programs for 2019, so be sure to check our website for all the information!
• 2019 Norco Range Discount - If you purchase/ride a 2019 Norco Range, you can apply to get 20% off of your registrations. See website for details.
• 4 Race Discount - Register for four races at the same time and get 10% off
• 5 Race Discount - Register for five races and get a free race, plus 10% off your remaining order.
• Camp Fortune Discount - Register for Camp Fortune and you'll receive a free entry to the championship race at Panorama (*You actually have to race Camp Fortune)
• Past podium discounts - see the website if you were an Overall Champion in 2019, email admin@bcenduro.com before January 1st, 2019.
*Cannot be compounded with any other discounts.

Fraser Valley, Revelstoke and Sea Otter Canada
• Practice and shuttling for Fraser Valley and Revelstoke will be restricted. More details closer to the event, you can expect one lap per stage and a time limit on shuttling.
• All participants of the Revelstoke race, must be a club member with the Revelstoke Cycling Association, you'll be prompted at checkout.
• Sea Otter Canada is the venue for the Blue Mountain Resort race, the event will remain largely unchanged and we're encouraging enduro riders to check out the other events and claim all the podiums! Oh yeah!

Ride a 2019 Norco Range and get 20% off all events!

The Rundle Mountain Cycling Club will be stoked with all the short-course offerings, this is likely the largest enduro training program in Canada!

Remi Gauvin won the 2018 Canadian Enduro Championship, will he be able to defend the title, and claim the first-ever Cycling Canada Enduro Championship?


Panorama Mountain Village plays host to the 2019 championships, as part of the first-ever Cycling Canada Gravity Championships, where the Canadian DH and Enduro Championships will be hosted on the same weekend. There have been a few emails (three exactly), wondering how the schedule will play out for riders looking to do dual duty. While you'll likely want to save a bit of energy and grip strength for your preferred event, we can assure you that you'll be able to meet all the requirements for both events.
• Friday = We'll have the DH course closed for a portion of the day for track walking and there will be two hours of exclusive enduro/dh racer lift access in the evening from 6-8pm to ensure you get the time you need on the courses. The lift will be running the entire day from 10am for general access.
• Saturday = Enduro Race and practice/seeding for DH. Riders in the Enduro who wish to race in the DH will be the last riders to seed in the DH (as per rulebook), and the lift will be running late to allow you time to change gear and equipment etc.
• Sunday = DH race and enduro party! The bike park is open all day!

As mentioned, only the elite level categories (Pro Men and Pro Women) will be sanctioned for the Cycling Canada Enduro Champs. These are the ONLY categories that need to purchase a UCI license.

EWS Qualifiers and Continental Championships
More info coming soon (we need to wait for their calendar release), sorry!

JF doing what he does best, creating unforgettable experiences.

Camp Fortune, QC was one of our favourite stops and we're excited to visit in hopefully cooler temperatures!

Elliot Jamieson went from enduro star to DH World Cup legend last year, proof that our grass slalom makes you a better rider!


These events do not happen without our dedicated volunteers, every year I'm absolutely enthralled by the passion these people bring to the event. If you're interested in volunteering at some of our events, please reach out and let us know how we can make your summer exceptional!

Every volunteer gets a free entry to another race, volunteer for two races, get three for free!

Register as a volunteer here, or email admin@bcenduro.com with questions.

Kamloops has been a mainstay and rumour has it there are two new trails, one for fun and one for speed. Check out Jakob Hartman's edit on the new Pimpernot trail, surely someone will link it in the comments.

Will 2019 be the return of the K9 category?

Need something? More information?

• Visit our Website
• Athlete Inquires & Volunteer Information | admin@bcenduro.com
• All other inquiries | 1-250-899-0096 | Ted Morton (Race Director)

MENTIONS: @canadianenduro


  • + 17
 Proud to support this awesome race series, and all the great work they do to build the MTB community!
  • + 3
 Norco LTP support=awesomeness!
  • + 14
 Will they be drug testing on this circut or is that just for EWS? Wanna know if i can have some bong hoots in the parking lot before the race. Smile
  • + 13
 Ryan, we've seen you ride, are you sure that will actually enhance your performance? Save the money and by a gym pass or upgrade your shock, better luck there! Smile
  • + 13
 Parking lot bong hoots are actually mandatory this year
  • + 2
 @canadianenduro: My comment was more of a tongue in cheek rip at the recent changes in the EWS with the UCI partnership. But to awnser your question yes if you're already a regular user it absolutely is a performance enhancer. It helps to relax pre race jitters and keep me focused. The cbd helps with inflammation and recovery afterwards. Wouldn't reccomend it for a non regular user though, propper dosages a hard to nail down if you're a rookie.
Curious tho if you actually have seen me ride. Don't remember my first name being in my profile anywhere and I am in need of a shock upgrade pretty badly atm. . . you're trippin' me out man! Wink Big Grin
  • + 2
 @arrowheadrush: They are every year. Just now i don't have to worry about getting picked up by the fuzz.
  • + 4
 @canadianenduro just wanted to say thanks for organizing these races! I just started enduro racing 2 years ago. At 46 years old I’m not your target market and I’m certainly one of the slowest competitors out there, but I really appreciate the opportunity to race and push my own personal limits. I’m thankful you’ve added more short courses, it makes this type of race a little more accessible for people like me who wont be anywhere near a podium and don’t want to try to race down double blacks, but really enjoy this type of race. Looking forward to it!!!
  • + 6
 I actually had to reschedule Mothers day 2019 because of this race. FML the pushback was unprecedented.
  • + 3
 Such amazing work you've put into building this series into the premier Enduro series it has become. Thank you Ted!

This schedule looks so sweet, and these races are amazing ways to see new trails. I wouldn't truly know how awesome some of these areas are if it weren't for attending BCES/CNES races over the years!

Stoked to be part of it all again this year!
  • + 3
 Its awesome to see the series growing and gaining traction not only from the likes of the Enduro World Series in the past couple years, but Cycling BC as well now. This can only be good for the sport! Nice Ted!
  • + 2
 Thanks @canadianenduro as a coach I’m stoked to see short courses at most of the events!! This is big news for our younger riders of the @amp.enduro team. You’ll see us at more events this season!! Keep up the great work!
  • + 4
 Sounds awesome! As a general comment, I wish there were more fall races. Everything local seems to be in May/June.
  • + 3
 Agreed. Im still just coming out of ski season at this time, would love to see a September one again like the Sun Peaks ones after the park was closed.
  • + 4
 @AndrewMacNaughton: Us too! We'll have some surprises in store for you late fall!
  • + 5
 As the first American commentor. I want to say I hope to race Vedder.
  • + 1
 It is worth coming up for Vedder!
  • + 1
 is there anything, anywhere about registration for sea otter canada? I've seen somewhere it was mentioned that registration was open Dec 1st, but their own pinkbike article and the CNES website for that event do not link anywhere (the register here on the CNES doesn't do anything)
  • + 1
 @RideGuides - Hey Tim > They should have registration opening up in a few weeks, as we put in the article, we won't have registration open until December 10th, expect Sea Otter to be around that time as well, along with more info about all the events at Sea Otter Canada
  • + 2
 Curious if there will still be the BC Enduro portion similar to last year? Or will these events be run by their individual organizers/unaffiliated with you guys?
  • + 4
 @matt-c look for the BC Enduro announcement in a wee bit!
  • + 3
 So stoked. Looks like it's going to be a rad season for Canadian enduro racing!
  • + 2
 This is rad! Awesome to see an awesome race series bring on a great Canadian brand like Norco and have Ted and the crew evolve the sport even more! Awesome stuff everyone!
  • + 1
 @canadianenduro: pretty psyched for our AMP Athletes already!

Ted. Thanks for all the efforts you and your team has put in to develop these events.

Looking forward to be part of another banger year!

Cheers bud????????
  • + 1
 @canadianenduro Will norco provide mechanics like Mec did? And if I buy a different norco do I still get the same discount as the range option?
  • + 2
 After the success of last season's events we can't wait to host both the Enduro and DH Champs over one killer weekend.
  • + 2
 K9 category for sureeee should be a thing! Looks great Ted! Hopefully I'll get lazy my ass to a few others this year too!
  • + 3
 So stoked for this Ted!
  • + 2
 Racing in Ontario in July??? Hmmmm
  • + 2
 So pumped ! Its a great calendar . Great work Ted
  • + 2
 Where can we see the schedule with dates
  • + 3
 @jeff444 Theres an image in this article, or head over to www.canadianenduro.com
  • + 1
 On the internet!
  • + 1
 Is there a typo in the schedule? Two races in the series scheduled on the same day (Alberta and Quebec on July 21st) ?
  • + 5
 @jayacheess - Nah you got it! Two provinces, one cup...
  • + 1
 Unreal, I can’t wait for all the stops this year!
  • + 1
 Nice to see this series really picking up!
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