Canadian Open DH: Crankworx Whistler 2016 - Video

Aug 21, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
Whistler Crankworx

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 The cameras in the live feed were placed really poorly. You only saw a couple of jumps and lots of pedaling. No rocks, no roots.
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 Yea that
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 Anyone know what happened on Hecklers? Heard rocks were being thrown at the lifts, fitzsimmons had to be emptied of riders and the lift was stopped. Delayed the race 30 mins. I'm all for rowdy but you guys are f*cking up one of the coolest parts of crankworx whistler
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 I know something was bad... I was at the road gap and saw some RCMP tearing a55 up there. That said, I saw peeps throwing stuff in both directions! Towards the lift and off the lift.
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 It got pretty rowdy, RCMP turned up just after a bollock naked dude climbed the lift tower. Definitely didn't see any rocks getting thrown, but there a lot of empty (to begin with) beer cans, which was a little shitty.

Race was delayed after the pros had come down, I think they just wanted the crowd on the rock to disperse before it got any rowdier.
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 @kingtut87: Yeah... I saw beer cans. No rocks or anything.
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 "Fun is fast"
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 Fast is fun
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 Announcer said 'here' a lot after making a he comes to this jump here, tree section here, fast time here...constructive critique, free of charge
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 Here here!
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 PFFFtt Sagan could have won this if he competed on it!
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 polemic comment
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 To the fools who went too far at Heckler's Rock this year: This is why we can't have nice things. Throwing beer cans at people? I mean WTF? Who the hell does that? You asshats have wrecked it for all of us. The idea is to have a few beers, watch some racing, cheer everyone on and have some fun.
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 For everyone that complains about the camera placement you need to think about the reality of the situation. In order to run full 1080P the cameras have to be hardwired to the production truck. This means running cables for each camera up the mountain. That means time and money. This is not a few GoPro's connected via Bluetooth.
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 Send up a chopper to take aerial shots where the riders look like ants instead.
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 I'd rather have better camera placement with poorer image quality than 1080p shit.
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 @metaam: no idea what the cost of running cables up is, but a helicopter carrying a cameraman will be anywhere between 1200-2000CAD for Transport Canada tariff, plus about $650CAD for a tank of JetA, with a fuel burn of about 100L per hour (on say a Jet Ranger with a capacity of 380L). If one were to just go down the street and rent one;-)
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 It could be though.
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 They seem to make it work fine at world cups.
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 @tkeegan1: exactly, this isn't a world cup
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 Or Drones? Cheaper and safer as well as more mobile and can have more than one running at once.
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 Live go pro footage? drones following riders? c'mon crankworx is so progressive in so many ways but the coverage does suck
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 @pigman65: Meanwhile its posted all over a competing website that the Canadian open DH "is the most prestigious race of the year"
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 @ukr77: There was a helicopter. Don't know what it was doing if it wasn't filming. The roar at the top of the track was deafening.
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 @BDKR: It was filming, which throws away any argument about money being an issue....
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 @robaussie99: Well I was too busy spectating as opposed to watching it on a TV so I have no idea what they were doing.
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 The mountain is covered in fibre optic which all runs to the base.
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 @lewi26: You mentioned in a post below that 13 cameras went down 2 hours before the race started. Care to expound on that statement?
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 @BDKR: I was walking through the lower woods section and I asked one of the video guys if I could stand in one place and not block his shot and he said it didn't matter cause his camera wasn't working. He just sat there and watched the race, lens cap covering the lens the whole time. No idea why it wasn't working.
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 @BDKR: the mountain have fibre optics running all over the hill that feed back to the base. The cameras essentially plug into the those in different areas (pump houses, lift stations etc). Unfortunately something happened with that feed (I'm not sure what, above my pay grade!).
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 @lewi26: Bummer! It would have bee
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 @lewi26: Ignote above comment. Browser crashed!

Bummer about the issues. I work in tech and have had to deal with my share of show stopper issues in the past.
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 I work for the production company. 13 cameras went down 2 hours before the race and there was no time to fix the problem.
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 Was that T Hannah chucking the champers on Tippie during the Mannon inter? Made me laugh.
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 Thats a gnarly track - glad the top guns managed to all get # fullpulls...
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 Yeah! And the steep sections were covered in dust!

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