Cane Creek Announces Hellbender Bottom Brackets

Sep 4, 2019
by Cane Creek  

PRESS RELEASE: Cane Creek Cycling Components

We are proud to announce the all new Cane Creek Hellbender Bottom Brackets, designed to complement the quality and durability of our eeWings crankset.

bigquotesAt Cane Creek, we are all about making technological advancements that make cycling better. The demand for Cane Creek to make a bottom bracket has long been on our radar. But we wanted to offer a product that wasn't just another placeholder. We wanted to bring to market something we were proud of - something that will make the rider's experience better.Sam Anderson, Product Manager for Cane Creek

Hellbender Neo Bearings were developed to complement the quality and durability of our eeWings crankset

The defining feature of the Hellbender Bottom Bracket is Cane Creek’s all-new Hellbender Neo bearing. The bearings incorporate Swedish manufacturer SKF’s patented MTRX technology – an oil-filled, solid polymer matrix that completely fills the free space in the bearing. During use, oil is released from micro-pores in the polymer, continuously lubricating the bearings. The Hellbender BB is machined from 6061 – T6 aluminum with a two-stage anodize black and gold finish and is available in BSA threaded, PF41/92, PF30 and BB30 variations.

• BSA Threaded - BAI0086 - 91g
• PF41/92 - BAI0106 - 80g
• PF30 - BAI0091 - 126g
• BB30 - BAI0087 - 104g
• MSRP: $120 - $150 USD
The oil within the polymer cannot be washed out of the bearing, eliminating any possibility of dirt or grime entering the system.

Reliability Meets Performance

Traditional bottom bracket bearings degrade and are prone to contamination. They creak, and are not safe to wash with high pressure when cleaning your bike. We wanted to find a solution to these issues before we implemented a bottom bracket into our product offering. And with the collaboration of SKF, we were able to bring a product to market that solves those issues.
Solid Oil Bearings are bearings that are constructed with an oil fill polymer matrix that acts both as the ball bearing retainer and a constant source of lubrication to the bearing. Oil is released through micro-pores in the polymer which allows the bearing to be constructed without grease and supplies a more consistent lubrication than traditional grease. Depending on the variation a 12 notch 46mm bottom bracket tool or a standard press fit bottom bracket tool is required for installation.
Benefits of Solid Oil:
• Longer lasting bearings
• No bearing degradation over time
• Wash your bike with confidence
• Environmentally conscious
• No need for re-lubrication
• Reduces creaking

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Hellbender Neo Solid Oil bearing's rolling elements are safely contained and lubricated, without any risk of contamination. The Hellbender Bottom Bracket is engineered to provide unmatched performance and reliability in all conditions, perfectly complimenting our Titanium eeWings Crankset.

Availability for Hellbender Bottom Brackets is November 2019.


BSA Threaded

Additional information:
Hellbender Bottom Bracket Product Page.


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