This Canyon Sender CF 8.0 Needs a New Home

Dec 7, 2016
by Kim Brennan  
Canyon Sender

The Share The Ride team are stoked to watch our goal of $45,000 get closer and closer - we are currently sitting at 58% of the target. With just over 2 weeks until we close the donations page - we still need your help!

With every $5 that you donate, you get one entry to win this sweet new Canyon Sender CF 8.0! Donate here AND you contribute to making kids around the world smile over the holidays and beyond.

Check out the sweet line-up of prizing that we have for lots of lucky winners -

• Three Kali Shiva Carbon DH Full face Helmets
• Two Kali Interceptor Enduro Helmets
• Two Kali Lunati Helmet
• One Rockshox Lyrik Fork
• One SRAM GX Drivetrain
• Six TSG Evo Skate helmets
• One Race Face waterproof Agent Jacket
• One pair of Race Face Agent Shorts and Sub Zero Knee Pads
• Three prize packs of 100% Goggles and Gloves
• Two Whistler Bike Park 5 day lift passes
• One Yakima Hold-up Rack
• One SR SUNTOUR RUX or Durolux 27.5" fork
• One Heli Bike drop with Blackcomb Helicopters
• One EVOC Trail Blackline bag
• Two Passes for Scandinave Spa Whistler
• One Giant Bicycles Prize pack
• One Flow Custom 20" bike
• Two Pinkbike prize packs
• Two Dissent Labs Prize Packs
• One major tune up from Velofix

STR 2016

Image for Share the Ride

If your company would like to help out by donating more awesome prizes contact

MENTIONS: @Canyon-PureCycling / @SramMedia @rideTSG / @KaliProtectives / @SRSuntour / @raceface / @ride100percent / @evoc / @giantbicycles / @dissentlabs / @velofix / @WhistlerMountainBikePark


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 I'm volunteer for bringing it home if nobody wants it
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flag carlitouk (Dec 7, 2016 at 12:21) (Below Threshold)
 I'm still rocking 26, but seriously, move on.
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 @carlitouk: We were even talking about wheel sizes! God damn people on this website can be crazy.
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Looks like a Sender

- I entered.
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 @chillrider199: Hm, maybe if the initial slur regarding non 26'ers had not been edited my response would have made more sense. Ah well.
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 And the $5 donation is being used for..............?

"Making kids smile"

What the heck does that even mean? Are they handing out $5 bills to a bunch of kids?

Perhaps while giving detailed descriptions of what we could win, maybe a little time spent on what they're doing with the donations would be awesome, being thats the point and all.
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 They have been giving bikes to kids for years who otherwise probably couldn't get one. You must have missed earlier posts. It is only $3.88 US so it is a great deal. Chip in it is now almost 30k. Merry Christmas. I'm in.
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 Hey @johnnygolucky - if you would like to see more about what we are doing with our Share The Ride campaign - you can visit We raise money to get kids from around the world who may not necessarily have the opportunity to enjoy bikes, on bikes! A great cause!
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 Gawd ive always loved that bike. A shame they don't make them big enough for me :/
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 Why is it always americans complaining about sizes?

It's a real question, do you guys tend to ride larger bikes or what? (Like american cars are larger than european ones)

It's weird, considering that people are, on average, taller in europe (google it if you don't believe me)...
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 @Aprilfisheye: Americans take up more space than Europeans...
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 The XL has a 480 reach. How big do you need it?
  • + 11
 Pretty sure that was American sarcasm at work. Which is usually bigger too.
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 @Aprilfisheye: I'm 6'3", about 190.

Damn you know what, it was about a year ago I was looking and I don't remember seeing the "reach" in the specs, I was basing it on TT Length (being only 635 at XL) that seemed to make for a tight cockpit comparably.

Hope for me yet? Now if I could only come across a demo...
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 @Aprilfisheye: I myself will ride a huge frame. I come from the motorcycle back ground. The 480 Reach sounds super comfy but if I was like 6 foot tall it wouldnt be. Just me though. But Ive been asked why I like a huge frame
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 @Vudu74: Seriously there was no offense intended, I've juste noticed that it's often north american riders whor are complaining about bikes being to small in the comments. I'm just curious, I mean I'm not that small (180cm), and I ride my bikes in M/S, so i'm always surprised when I see guys finding a XL bike to short...
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 @Vudu74: never!! We are the kings of sarcasm, as sarcasm is one of the highest forms of intelligence!! We didn't vote Trump before you ask
  • + 7
 @sewer-rat: no my friend, you are the kings of cuisine. Wink
  • + 2
 @Aprilfisheye: ha! Sarcasm noted. Well played sir.
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 @sewer-rat: You did not vote at all.
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 @Aprilfisheye: I took no offense I was just playing along. I'm 6'2" (187.9 non-American) so I'm up there in height as well, I think with pinkbike being so global, humor is not translated the same. I go xl every time, because I can!
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 @Aprilfisheye: Definitely to each his own. I have a 6'5" friend who loves the smallest bike he can possibly cram himself into. Also happens to be the best rider I know personally.

I need that extra foundation on the bike to smooth out my bad technique haha
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 @sewer-rat: I'm not American but think voting Trump was more intelligent vs brexit. Just saying.
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 @Vudu74: agreed, I didn't get the off-beat humour because of english not being my Native language, my bad.
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 I have to wonder how many people are registered on PinkBike's site. $26K I thought for sure the pot would be bigger by now.
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 I didn't donate for example.
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flag kev1n (Dec 7, 2016 at 14:30) (Below Threshold)
 @colincolin: well you suck then
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 As of Today, there is a solid 1044301 users... I wonder how many of these are active users, because I see a lot of them being just blank users.
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 @kev1n: his honesty made me laugh
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 @colincolin: hahahaha a truth teller ! i cant give either since i have no credit card to my name
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 remember that thread about how a bike could be aesthetically pleasing and perform?
this kinda proves the point...
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 love it,buuuuut im from 1st country where they are going to donate those money/bike stuff, but sad is that 5$ is here 2h of minimal wage which brings me to hypotheses that i can not win it because im from poor country.
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 Yeah... if only I had a home to put it in
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 I’m happy to spend some $ for the smile of kids instead of buying the newest bike-crap. Thanks pinkpike!
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 I gotta ask, $5 canadian or $5 USD ?
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 Canadian, so 3.88 USD.
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 Feels so good to donate
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