Carson Storch Launching Throughout Whistler - Video

Oct 4, 2017
by Chromag Bikes  
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Chromag rider Carson Storch and filmer Jasper Wesselman have been collaborating on projects since early 2015.

Since then both of their careers have grown exponentially, so when they both found themselves in Whistler for Crankworx this year, they decided to team up again. With all the added pressure that comes with competing and filming, they decided to focus on style and fun rather than limitless progression. Being in a familiar place like Whistler makes it feel that much better.

Carson Storch x Chromag Bikes


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 Music sort of makes me feel like i'll get murdered if i got to Whistler. Good riding though!
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 I felt like a heptapod was about to squirt ink circles
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 if you guys could go ahead and make alchemy 3, that'd be great

but really this is why i support chromag; they release awesome content for free and support awesome riders. keep killing it guys.
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 Deer God that was a good edit.
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 I almost thought it was shot in Venice son.
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 Ya Buddy! Send it at Rampage Carson! I have loved watching this kid progress over the last few years.
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 I work for a corporate company. They publicly trade, hire a ton of people, pay well, and have good benefits. I attended a paid lunch. They have these "question" cards at tables to ask the top executives questions. There's always a stupid question like "who is your favorite super hero?" Some kind of question to make your eyes roll in the back of your heads.... This biannual awards ceremony/lunch, I wrote "Who is going to win Red Bull Rampage?" The executive who read the question is a super cool guy. So much respect. He vocalized this because he himself didn't know, but asked everyone else if they did. He asked the audience of about 150 if they knew what this was by a show of hands. No one answered... Wow! Being that we all live in Utah. I raised my hand, and did the short/appropriate education lesson. Then, said Carson Storch will win... duh. "I'll see myself out." Made a brief joking motion of leaving, and made a good roar of laughter. So much fun to share our world with those who don't know. Nothing like catching everyone off guard in a different way, then do your generic super hero questions do... Carson FTW! This is your year!
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 @AdustytrunkMonkey: As a person who also works at a corporate entity in Boise, I can totally relate to your story and absolutely love it
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 that editing and filming were fantastic and cool song choice. I liked slow-mo shots of the deer.
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 that man has a trail deer
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 I hope he named it "Spoke" or "Digger" or something cool!
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 Love the Zed's dead in Slo Mo!!! I love Rocky Mountain bikes!!! Carson Storch is a champ! Thank you for the inspiration to do unwieldy great things! Everyone involved makes me motivated to do well as a person! You guys are the best! Cheers!
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 Best part of the video was him looking right at the little girl (with the hearing aids) and saying, "Nice to meet you. I'm Carson." Well done, sir!
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 Great video of an awesome rider, My boys were lucky enough to be at the Whistler river dirt jumps when they were filming this and Carson was awesome what a first class individual and great role model for the sport!
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 oh deer
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 Unique style! Love to see your jumps.
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 I'd love to see another chromag family album series. Those were my favorite.
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 great piece of film there !
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 loved the no-nonsense editing.
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 I have a feeling rampage is close
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 That was mint
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 Every time an edit reminds me of The Collective movie is a good day
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 Just a so-so teaser video to warm you up for his rampage podium!
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