Aug 18, 2010
by Gunnar  
He is Carson Storch, the cyclist. I am Gunnar, the cinematographer. Together we share our passion of mountain biking through the art of film. Trigger Vision presents Carson Storch's 2010 bike season. In a few days I leave for college putting us down separate paths, but until then enjoy the shots we captured this summer.

Enjoy the video inside,....

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Carson Storch


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 did he scare the turkey or did the turkey scare him...
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 None. They were both atacking a bug!
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 video for VOD
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 wild turkeys are not to be takin lightly...
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 so true
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 haha i was talking to this guy the other day
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 sick carson
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 haha i love how uses the front tire to shield him from the turkey
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 very sick video but really... is the MTB filming community so small that they can only extend as far as bands used by everyone else and songs that are only different by slightly modified remixes? i know people are going to hate but look at any other industry (snowboarding, skiing, bmx) and they use stuff that haven't been heard from before or they at least TRY to.
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 As I put in the first comment under the video (didn't fit in the description) I have never seen NWD9 and had no idea they used Santogold until I was 3 and a half months into the project. I was so stoked on how my video was turning out that i did not want to risk re-editing it just to change the song.

Song selection is definitely the most difficult part of filming for me. Whenever I think I found a song that is perfect for a video, it is either turned down by the rider or has been previously used. This time I tried something different and let the rider select the song but after turning down at least 15 of his choices, I decided I really liked this one. It is definitely unfortunate when things like this happen, but hey, in this day and age everything has been done, right?
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 Great work! Very enjoyable, and the song worked quite well. Awesome riding too! vod soon, for sure....
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 that is very unfortunate, for sure. ouccchhh
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 Hey guys, great vid. You got some serious style my friend. Great filming and yeah I hate the music but Im old and out of touch, it worked great for the footage so forget the negative comments about it. Its been a pleasure just to see you hit jumps for the past couple years, good luck in college, study hard.
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 I hat turkeys on a bike. I hit one at speed a couple weeks ago resulting in a high quality OTB
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 that was sick. i think i saw a bend, oregon shot. was this all oregon stuff?
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 nice video. i too will be pulled away from all my riding buddies by college
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 Really nice vid mate, keep it up man
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 thats a sick picture!
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 Turkey Attack!
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 Santogold – Les Artistes (Hreve Remix)
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 Banger! Nice Guns!
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 The boy got game.
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 Turkey gobbler
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 That one made me laugh, +1.
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 Nice vid, nice frame

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