Carson Storch's Third Place Run - Red Bull Rampage 2016

Oct 14, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  


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 Hear him whisper "F*** this S***" at around 0:55. I would agree on that.
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 might have been "I got this shit" too though.
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 @VTwintips: Yup, pretty sure he was prepping himself for the massive 360 off the drop.
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 @VTwintips: i think you're right
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 I think he said "this is for my peeps at pinkbike, yo".
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 I think he was mentally writing down what he wanted for tea that night. Think he said 'I want peas and chips'.
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 You know it's gnarly when pro riders are genuinely relieved to simply still be alive when they cross the finish line.
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 Holy cow. That kid has skills.
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 Damn! So gnarly, so technical, so smooth. He seemed to be riding and training just full of stoke, not fear. Cool as a cucumber the whole time. Best style in my opinion.
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 I think if he would have tricked the step up. he would have gotten a better score. But he was prolly in "awe" from landing the massive 360. Either way, a deserving run for the podium.
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 Could be, but it's hard to argue with a big whip transfer like that!
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 @RockyMountainBicycles: that whip was noiceee. Carson was really smooth, almost looked like he had his GoPro mounted on a gimbal. And I was really impressed with how he pumped and carried speed through some of those sections, particularly through the awkward spot around 1:10.
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 My favorite run. My heart stopped watching that spin off the drop.
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 Freeride is alive
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 Greasier than Mc'donalds french fries.
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 So gnarly. I didn't notice for some reason that both of his tricks that run were 3's. So crazy that multiple guys are dropping 3's like that now. It's suck a high consequence trick at those heights... well all of it is. That top line.... wtf!
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 Proud to say he waited behind me in line for coffee that morning.
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 Nailed it ! Sickness.
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 So sick
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 Soapy wet Brackin @Boskoebeen100
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 Let's hear it for Kelly. You were here brother.
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 Saw that in person. Scary to watch. So damn impressive.
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 Why this run did not win, is just funny to me. Huuuge!

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