Cascade Components Announces New Brake Products

Oct 7, 2021
by Cascade Components  
The final brake caliper prototype

PRESS RELEASE: Cascade Components

At long last we are formally announcing our lineup of brake products! These have been garnering a lot of attention and we’ve been looking forward to getting them out there. The lineup includes a more powerful caliper that is compatible with Sram Code levers and a cam for Sram Code and Guide levers that utilize their SwingLink.

North Fork Caliper

It’s 2021 and bikes are faster and more capable, trails are steeper, and the level of riding the sport sees continues to progress. Over the past handful of years, the maximum brake rotor size has shot up 20% while brake calipers have stayed relatively constant. As everything progresses, calipers need to get stronger too. The North Fork Caliper is compatible with ALL Sram Code brake levers and offers 20% more power than a stock Code caliper. This is achieved through the use of an 18mm and 16mm piston as opposed to 16mm and 15mm. The piston retract has been tuned to account for the larger piston area such that the brakes have the same amount of lever throw. Along with the increase in braking power, we have also found they manage heat better on long descents.

Brake caliper colors
The calipers are available in electroless nickel, black, and purple.

When we began designing the caliper, we drew from our experiences riding many different calipers over the years. The conclusion was that, not only did the calipers need to be reliable and perform, but they also needed to be easily serviceable. So, we created a caliper that utilizes easy-to-find parts and has an already established bleeding system. The caliper utilizes the Code pad profile, is compatible with Sram’s Bleeding Edge system, and Sram parts exist for everything other than the two large bolts holding the caliper halves together. This means if you need new parts in a pinch, a shop is much more likely to have what’s needed to get you back out on the trail.

Specs and Details:

• 20% increase in braking power
• 18mm and 16mm phenolic pistons
• Designed for use with any Code lever
• Compatible with Code pads
• Bleeding Edge compatible
• CNC’d from 6061-T6 in the USA
• Colors: Black, purple, electroless nickel
• Cost: $283 USD per caliper.
* Please note that not all post mount adapters are compatible with these calipers due to their size.
Phenolic pistons

Brake Cam

Brake cam

Many things about bike set up are personal preference. One of these things is how your brake levers feel. For those of you that like brakes with a faster bite and less lever throw, we bring you our brake cams for Sram Code and Guide levers that use their SwingLink (RS and RSC models). Brakes levers have leverage curves too, so by swapping in these cams you will significantly change the feel of your lever. The new cam profile ramps quicker and then levels out so that the finer force required for maximum braking power isn’t increased.

The change in cam profile has its tradeoffs so they aren’t necessarily for everyone. Because of the faster ramp, more finger force is required for low-range braking so if you trail the brakes a lot you will likely notice more hand fatigue.

Specs and Details:
• Hard anodized for durability
• Compatible with Code and Guide levers that use SwingLink
• CNC’d from 6061-T6 in the USA
• Cost: $37 USD per pair.

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 How about new master pistons? Those are the bits that usually fail, and metal replacements are kinda weird and shaky to get ahold of, with expensive and slow shipping.

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