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Cedric Gracia's Megavalanche La Reunion Run - Video

Dec 4, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  

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 That guy in the pick-up was stupid
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 Wtf was his problem.
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 So there is a story behind this. Apparently cg got pushed/helped by an ebike during a uphill, one local racer wasn't happy with this as he was just after cg, and the father of this racer was the driver of the truck. There were some arguments during the podium ceremony and in the end no sanction was decided for anybody.
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 @zede: Did you watch the video ?
There is no push, no ebike, no cheating !
However, there is Sicard's dad hitting CG with his truck.
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 @Spadluv: Actually you don't see if CG's getting a push or not. You can see though he speeds up at some point and he starts pushing Sottocornola. It's cheesy that someone waits for CG at the base of a climb in a race...
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 @zede: I didn't see that CG got pushed by an e-bike rider, but even if that really happened, what pick-up driver decided to do was very dangerous. If I was CG, I'd submit the video to the police and file charges for reckless driving.
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 @hseagle2015: yeah I'm definitely not saying what the driver was good! He is a complete idiot, he could have injured cg and scoto. I'm just explaining that their is a background to this story. Its really not clear what happened it could also be that cg was joking around as usual and it got mis interpreted
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 @Spadluv: this video is not the complete raw footage of the race. I doubt that there is any video of the uphill in question otherwise what really happened would be known. Anyways Sicard had a good run (podium) and he would have done better if he didn't crash (and cg was not responsible at all of this crash).
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 I can't say for certain CG was cheating. I'd like to say no because he is a fucking OG but then again he is French....
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 @zede: What are you talking about ?
Of course this is the complete run totally raw. He speeds up the video during the climbs, but you can slow it down in Youtube (parameters at bottom right of the video, speed and go down to 0,25).
I checked and there isn't one single cut in this video.

The background is Sicard's dad needs to change his glasses because he saw an ebike that didn't exist and riders pushing each others who didn't do anything wrong.

Bro, it's gonna be hard defending this one if you don't change your mind.
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 @hseagle2015: I'm sure he would just shrug it off, have a beer and all is forgiven. Little crazy though.
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 @szusz: video proof or its just conjecture and sour grapes. Not saying it didnt happen but you have nothing to back it up. Cedric has the proof that he was nearly run over by the psycho in the pickup truck. The driver of the pickup should have his drivers license revoked. There need to be consequences to horsesh!t like that.
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 @rockin-itis: I'm not saying CG was pushed. I'm only saying that I can't say 100% he wasn't. Other thing is that he most probably gained nothing if pushed, so I'd say it's all good by me.

Truck driver should get his license revoked for sure. Nothing to argue about here
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 @szusz: Agree 100%. Cheers.
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 @Spadluv: dude were you there ? Do you speak French? Did you read the local newspaper from La Réunion? I like CG and I'm not saying he cheated, I'm just saying something happened and we won't know for sure what it was. I doubt that a guy on an ebike can push two people at the same time, without making it obvious on the video. And I would not be surprised if Sicard was making some things up. But then he would have be sanctioned because of was his dad did.
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 @Spadluv: I watched again the video and I check on the side of the road I didnt see any ebike. So I don't know but I saw where the pickup was parked and i guess sicard s dad has brain issues. He probably saw the guys helping each other and he became batshit crazy for no reason. I checked on the newspaper, the issue supposedly happened during the race and not the qualifying, so I guess we should see it if anything happened. The main reason I'm defending sicard on this one is that he is generally described as a good racer and I can't imagine him asking his dad to hit someone with his truck ?!
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 @zede: I heard Sicard was devastated by what his dad's behavior.
However, Alexandre should come out of the woods and make a statement.
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 @zede: I wasn't there, but some friends who attended told me the story.
And oui je parle français
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 @arnoldtm2: Get out of that body Donald J. Trump
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 @Spadluv: Dad's are responsible for their sons not otherwise...
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 The dude in the pick up probably went crazy when he saw Cedric pushing the other dude, doing nothing wrong. Hope Cedric submits this to the police because it was really dangerous and he hit a cyclist on purpose. Also hope the dude loses his drivers license permanently and gets banned for a lifetime from being near cycling events.
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 Here's the recap of what really happened; @Spadluv shared it underneath and I thought I'd also put it here so everyone in this conversation sees it:


Long story short: Cedric didn't do anything wrong. Sicards dad went nuts about nothing creating a very dangerous situation by hitting Cedric on purpose. Sicard himself had no idea it was his dad at the time and what was actually happening. Cedric is awesome as always.
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 "Here is the story behind the truck :
The dad of a racer upfront tried a new technic to avoid my friend and I catching up to him.
I guess running over other riders with a truck is one way to do it…
I don’t know how I didn’t break his face because it was straight up stupid and wrong.
Don’t worry guys, Karma is a bitch and I did pass his son."
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 @vikb: good to know.
To sum up, some guys started to spread this ebike story under every article about the race, and at the time there was no video or explanation from cg, so I wrote above here "Apparently cg got pushed/helped by an ebike during a uphill, one local racer wasn't happy with this as he was just after cg, and the father of this racer was the driver of the truck. There were some arguments during the podium ceremony and in the end no sanction was decided for anybody". Turns out the ebike thing was complete bs, i should have written something like "some people are writting that cg got pushed[...]".
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 That was a blast to watch. Felt like I was there. Loved the commentary...the riding tips along the way are golden. Please beer gods let him have many more with no weight penalties...haha.
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 Awesome video. Smile
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 "...because I heard braking was for losers."

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 I think you may be on to something with this post race commentary CG. Outstanding!
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 CG needs a chainguide sponsor....
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 Fer shizzle! I'll keep my MRP Micro. Thanx!
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 17:40 douchebag with the truck
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 Thanks Cedric!
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 They broke the mold when they made Cedric!
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 No safety first, it's camera cleaning first.
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 Excellent trail and race management insights. Watched from start to finish
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 30 whole minutes of my life just flew by watching this...

Do I regret it?

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 Quality skids
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 CG,you legend!!
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 Brutal! Nice work CG! Glad nobody got taken out by that truck. Maybe the Italians put out a hit on you but you were too damn fast!
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 Commentary was funny...great video. Was hoping he'd come first... Can someone tell me what tyres he's running in that video thanks..
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 I've never enjoyed watching pov footage, but I just watched half an hour of it and loved it. It'd be great to hear CG back in the commentary box with Lord Warner.
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 That was awesome CG! "Safety position!" Lmao!
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 so with one by systems they claim you cant drop a chain??
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 They really go insanely fast
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 Epic... Ok kids, everyone into the "safety position"!
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 That's was very entertaining, awesome
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 CG explains "the truck hassle" on his latest Vlog on youtube
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 Yes, here is the link : www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ_leND55pE
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 Cedric wipes his GoPro lens to make sure it's clean. "Not safety first, clean camera first" HAHAHAHHA
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 Truck driver should have his license suspended. After watching the whole video that part really pissed me off. >.
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 Oté la Renyon... na poin komantèr' en kréol???
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 Definitely on my bucket list
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 "I"m not done to pedal, I"m done to ride bikes" Smile so good
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 massive ride

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