Celebrating Tabletop Day - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

Jun 2, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  
Yesterday, June 1, was International Tabletop Day (according to this part of the internet). It’s actually a celebration of board games but c’mon, the tabletop is ours!

The humble tabletop is a sacred part of getting rad on a bicycle. In my opinion, the tabletop is so important that is a note from the essential “blues scale” of bike riding. It might seem simple but it can convey more feeling than almost anything else. A single note that you can spend your life trying to perfect, and when done well, it is more meaningful than any amount of complicated guitar noodling.

To drive home this analogy home, all the bar-spinning, bike-flipping, flimflammery in the world can’t equal a properly boosted, locked in, knees-tucked, flat-as-a-table tabletop.

There's lots of tabletop variations like these...

..and this one.

Purists like me will argue that the "invert" is a different trick than a tabletop, but you can certainly invert a tabletop.

Get out there and celebrate the tabletop anyway you can!


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 What rider has the perfect table? I have to give it to Vic Murphy - ep1.pinkbike.org/p4pb14482102/p4pb14482102.jpg

Important Vic Murphy table characteristics:
-Bars turned 78.5 degrees
-Head turned in line with seat tube, staring off into space
-Tongue out if necessary

It's interesting to me how different two good tables can be. Another often imitated, rarely duplicated is Rubens, with the bars straight, head down, both him and Vic have classic styles, but totally different.
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 Thank you Taj for bringing this important issue to light. Vic is legit, clearly, but I'm gonna vote Justin Inman as best pure tabletop of all time. It's all in the knees: www.pinkbike.com/photo/6856090
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 @TEAM-ROBOT: if this discussion doesn't bring TEAMROBOT out of is underground computer lair, than we are all doomed.
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 @TEAM-ROBOT: can't have this discussion without honorable mention about Chris Stauffer...
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 One of the most iconic tabletop pics has to go to Dave Vanderspek

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 That pic loses points for seemingly not having camo print shorts.
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 Re: Vic Murphy obvs...
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 Chris Stauffer, Josh Stricker, and Justin Inman all get my vote.
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 110% agree that the best tabletops in history are without a doubt Vic Murphy’s. The proof is in the table he performs off a gutter at the very end of the video masterpiece Eddie Roman made for GT: Code 4130.
So boosted. So flat. Off a gutter... Eek
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 See @GorgeousBeauGaston’s pic for visual proof that Vic is the man.
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 Whenever someone mentions tabletops that Vic Murphy photo pops into my mind. A simple one footed tabletop off a curb jump clicked as far as possible is one of the most iconic bmx photographs of all time!
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 @feeblesmith: in the words of Jay Miron "Stauffer's got nothin' to offer" but yeah his were dialed.
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 Speechless!!! I cannot table...
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 @nyhc00: Magzzz for dayzzz!!!!
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 That pic of Vic is as perfect as it gets
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 And off a kerb, so his boost is nearly all his arms.
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 This was taken when I was 15, 1978

I am now 55, this was taken last month.
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 That's awesome! Hope to be where you are in 25 more years.
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 Tim Judge of Hutch BMX fame invented the one footed table, and OWNED it. cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0371/5685/files/9._tim_judge_via_vector_bmx_large.jpg?621
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 This Taj Guy has pretty good tables too. If you have heard of him. www.odysseybmx.com/dailyword/archivesV2/1985/01/taj-mihelich-table.jpg
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 Yours are pretty epic too Smile !
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 @vinay: 3 thanks
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 Justin Inman best tables
Chris Stauffer best shoulderburn tables
Mike Aitken best invert / table hybrid

chase hawk honourable mention award
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 Scotty Cranmer best invert although mikey's are special in only the way he can do them.

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 These brighten my week
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 Hang on this isn’t a classic but I’m surprised no one has mentioned Tommy G! Genon has one of the cleanest tables I’ve ever seen.
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 Nice!! practicing the one footer this afternoon. I will finally be able to say I can throw a mean tabletop!!!

(or I could just sit my bike sideways on the kitchen table...?)
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 I'm just trying to hold a line and not endo on my face off a jump, much less do anything steezy! Great images and respect to all jumpers worldwide.
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 What about some Schleybletops?
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 Going to have to throw out NW legend in Darin Reed! Check out building the Underground video.
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 pretty awesome skills... i can barely understand my own handwriting... !
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 20" ain't dead. What is it about 20" and tabletops?
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 Keep these coming P.B.
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 Thomas Genon!!

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