Chainrings, Chainguides, and all the Sweet Pain that Followed - Shovel Summer Tour 2017

Sep 13, 2017
by Marko Carević  
The atmosphere

Summer is over… Obviously

What have we done this summer?

We gave our chainrings a proper test.

If we close just one of our eyes and pretend that we are a full strict company, our calculation of what we have done this summer will be precisely in numbers, values, and percentages. But as a company that enjoys working as much as being a biker, our summer report is made of trips, bike parks, friendships, beers, but don’t get us too relaxed, and great business too!

What have we done during these hot days then?

Visited France, the beautiful Alps to be precise; Les2Alpes and Alpes d’Huez.


Our greatest Shovel racing team was the best – in falling… just before the race… but the One, the Chosen One made it to the end of the race. We were racing at the Mountain of Hell (Mountain straight outta hell). Our own Josip Lovasić – Joža, better known as the Croatian Redneck who is made 90% from bacon, killed the race and ended up at the 375 place. Not bad for the first time.

Sovel racing team

What about business?

We had a Shovel tent where we demonstrated our products to the French market but ended popular mostly around the world. Just around the world, yeah…

We were showing our famous chainrings and chainguides. Why is it so "Wow!"?

They have nothing to do with the IT world but we can say they are smart-products. Our chainguides have an open mounted system which allows you easier mounting. And our chainrings were new this summer. We had oval ones too. They are Fat/slim and also badass looking. Everything is designed and produced in Shovel factory based in Osijek, Croatia!

We gave it a proper test, holding nothing back, and it was a blast. Feel free to check it here:

The oval Fat slim 34 104 BCD

At the Alpes d’Huez

We had a blast! Didn’t race cause of the falls we had earlier in the bike park at the 2Alpes. Or did we? If we were good looking we would probably have slept away the Megavalanche because of some ladies but nah, not even then, our wives would break our frames. And back, and noses… Not so manly anymore, ha?

But, what have we done at Megavalanche and why we had a blast?

The first day we also demonstrated our products and gave 100% assurance to some of the riders that they will come back tomorrow. Just because we have an eye for the bikes without chain guides and we can feel that chain drop. Not even have to say that we can hear it, motherly instinct.

What happened? The Megarow at MegAvalanche. Everyone needed a chainguide because the race was totally made for the ones who would ride it to the end with the chain on! As a result our chainrings just disappeared. The most popular product there was totally the oval chainrings.

Along the way, we drank a trunkload of beer, met interesting and cool riders, like Fred Leth and Lewis Bradley, and all in all, it was a great trip, an awesome experience which we shall do it again in 2018.

Long way home

It was almost two weeks of a slow ride by the van, but totally fast one by bikes. Not just in a physical way, it was totally a fast growth of our market. We introduced ourselves as the open minded, cheerful and fun Croats that just love bikes and their products cause they are made smart and with love (and blessed with beer).


Entire Shovel team

Story by Marija Lozančić
Shover tour team

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 Hey bro. RF will be released in about 1-2 months, along as the sram direct mount. Also, new guides are on the way also, so stay tuned. Havent been releasing due the heavy demand and lots of tours, but will pick.
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 The shovel girl is HAWT! The bloke to her right in the bottom photo thinks so too...
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 ha brilliant. And yeah she is.
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 KLAJBATRON !! Smile )
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 How does the chainguide work with an oval ring
  • 1 0
 Oval works lovely with enduro top guides. We gave it a sbitload of abuse in France.
Direct mount is comming up soon. Have you seen our rotors?
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 How long out is the oval chain guide? And stoked for you buddy!!
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 Hey man,

Oval ones are 1 month out. Just havent been publishing here a lot. How do you fancy them?
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 I love my oval rings. I have been running Absolute Black but I want one of yours and a guide when both are available. Are you doing Race Face Direct Mount yet or is it in the works?
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 @whattheheel: Hey bro. RF will be released in about 1-2 months, along as the sram direct mount. Also, new guides are on the way also, so stay tuned. Havent been releasing due the heavy demand and lots of tours, but will pick.
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 I am going to need a purple oval chainring RF style in a 32t and guide. I just run my card thru your butt crack? Jokes! I make them!
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 @whattheheel: ahahahaah
Lovely laugh before morning coffee
Ill post my progress here in blogs, stay tuned
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 Sounds great my man!!

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