Check Out - January

Jan 5, 2016
by Paul Aston  
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Check-Out is an article that gives you a glimpse at items under $300 that have crossed the desks here at Pinkbike that we've not had a chance to review yet, but feel that you may want to take a look at.

Velowürks Tubeless System Sealant

• Compatible with tubeless systems
• Seals punctures in tread area up to 3mm
• Non toxic, non hazardous
• Lasts up to 6 months (in use)
• Available in 90mL, 500mL and 2000mL
• Price: 90mL: $4.50, 500mL: $19.50, and 2000 mL: $76.50 USD
Velowurks sealant

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesWith its proprietary blend, Velowurks Tubeless System Sealant is an eco-friendly alternative compared to other latex based sealants. Featuring a 6 month in use lifespan, our sealant will not ball up over time, and when you do have to change the tire, our sealant will clean up easily with water, and there's no sticky mess.

EXTREME Audio Hangten Bluetooth® Speaker

• Bluetooth wireless audio streaming
• One touch NFC connection
• Nanofics® microscopic hydrophobic coating
• Ergonomic design makes it easy to carry
• Rubber feet and end cap to stand speaker
• Rechargeable battery with 8-10 hrs playback
• Micro USB charging
• Carabiner carry clip
• Neoprene carry case
• Price: £79.99
Extreme Hangten bluetooth speaker

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesHangten is the perfect pocket-sized portable Bluetooth speaker, small enough to squeeze into your back pocket but big enough to kick out a great sound. It also uses NFC for tap-pairing and has a Nanofics hydrophobic coating which helps stop moisture getting inside. Whatever ride you're into, on road, off road, no road..

Rogupak Bladders

• Fast easy filling and reusable reservoirs
• Self sealing
• Completely recyclable
• BPA-free and phthalate-free
• Made In USA
• Pack of 4x reservoirs w/ bite valve/tubing $24.95 USD
• Pack of 3x Replacement Reservoirs $11.99 USD
Roguepak reservoir

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesRoguePak cartridges are made of low-density polyethylene. This material is 100% recyclable and considered to be one of the safest, and one of the ones to look for in terms of human and animal consumption. RoguePak cartridges allow you to use a flavoured drink without the issues involved in continual cleaning and drying.

Alpinestars Slopestyle Shirt

• Heavy cotton main shell, strategically reinforced with wind-resistant membrane
• Ventilation opening on rear yoke improves all-round breathability
• Anatomically profiled, pre-curve sleeve construction
• Two shirt-style chest pockets, one waterproof
• Customized snap buttons plus Velcro® front closures for security
• Blue or red tartan
• Sizes: XS - XXL
• $99.95 USD
Alpinestars Slopestyle shirt

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesConstructed from a heavy cotton main shell that incorporates a windproof membrane, the Slopestyle Shirt offers convenience and style in equal measure while being perfectly adapted for colder climates.

Airshot Tubeless Inflator

• Fill to 120-160PSI
• Refillable with track pump
• Keep your pump attached to Airshot when pressure is released, pressure gauge on pump reads tyre pressure
• Suitable for all tyre sizes
• Simple and effective
• Made to last
• Designed in the UK
• $100 USD / £59.99
Airshot Tubeless inflator

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThe easy way to inflate tubeless tyres. Airshot has been developed to enable hassle-free inflation of tubeless tyres without the need for a compressor.

Fouriers GP-S001 Grips

• Silicone Rubber foam
• Aluminum end cap
• OD: Ø30mm
• Length: 130mm
• Color: Black, red, blue, apple green, orange, white, yellow
• $30.49 USD / €29.03
Fouriers GP-S001 grips

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThe special foam surface will increase friction, especially with sweaty palms, and comfortably shape in your hands. Securely lock and protect your handlebar with the unique aluminum end caps.

Fuse Echo 75 knee/shin pads

• SAS-TEC, soft and flexible Viscoelastic foam with extreme impact absorption properties
• Combo design with three quarter length shin protection
• Tough and durable Cordura and Duratex outer fabric
• Sharkskin neoprene gripper to prevent pad slip
• Articulated whip pads
• Extra side impact padding
• Sizes: Kids, S - XXL
• $99 USD / €89.95
Fuse Echo 75 knee shin pads

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThe Echo 75 pads use a perforated neoprene with a durable Cordura and Duratex outer layer and comfortable air plush inner lining. To protect your knees from impact we use SAS-TEC, soft and flexible Viscoelastic foam for superior comfort but also extreme impact absorption. The shin section uses a hard plastic shield with a soft dual layer foam backing. This year we also added Sharkskin neoprene on the inside of the pad, acting as a gripper to keep the pad from slipping when wet. The Echo pads also feature redesigned adjustable straps for a perfect fit.

ONE Industries Vapor Warp Gloves

• Light-weight, ventilated construction with stretch twill top of hand
• Increased breathability with perforated single layer Clarino® palm
• Enhanced grip and control with silicone printed fingertips
• Additional venting and comfort from stretch mesh finger gussets
• Stretch twill hook and loop closure strap for secure fit and reduced weight
• Sizes: XS - XXL
• $32.99 USD / £26.99 / €36.90
ONE Industries Vapor Gloves

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesThe Vapor gloves have been a staple of our riding lineup since their introduction to the bike range. A direct crossover from our MX product line the lightweight and breathable Vapors have become the 'go to' glove for riders in search of minimal, lightweight construction yet tough enough to survive any off bike excursions.

Sixsixone Recon Knee Pads

• Minimal, breathable chassis with XRD Technology in the knee area
• XRD® Technology conforms to your body’s every move, yet upon impact, instantly forms a comfortable protective shell around your knee
• Stretch mesh back with an elastic strap over the calf to keep the pads from moving
• PADLOCK connection system attaches to the Evo Short to keep the pads in place
• Internal silicon printing on top and bottom elastic
• EN 14120
• Sizes: S, M, L
• $60 USD / £47.99 / €66.90
Sixsixone Recon knee pads

From the Manufacturer:
bigquotesWe are bringing you the best in class Trail and All-Mountain kneepad. With the input of Nico Vouilloz and the help of XRD Technology, we created the all-new Recon Knee Pad. Size medium weighing in at just 140 grams per set, this is the lightest protection in our lineup. All-mountain, trail, descending, all day, the Recon can handle it all enabling you to focus on riding.

MENTIONS: @AlpinestarsMTB


  • 599 21
 EXTREME Audio Hangten Bluetooth® Speaker...Neg me if you want but I can't stand riders who blast music out of their packs. STFU nobody wants to hear your shitty music.
  • 57 5
  • 87 47
 better than people wearing earbuds, completely oblivious to what's going on around them
  • 88 20
 I don't like people that ride/hike with 2 earbuds in either.
  • 110 2
 After a few long lift rides with people bumping some very strange tunes I have to say I would take ear buds over ghetto blaster any day.
  • 49 1
 Ok that's it... if the ear buddy's and the speaker boxers can't get along nicely then we'll all have to settle for nature sounds and killer bee swarms...
  • 18 2
 Strange tunes on the lift sounds cool... it's the turds rolling up with Rage playing over the sounds of deer chirping in the back woods that gets me.
  • 16 0
 fast buzzing rear hub blazing down the forest....
  • 62 3
 I'd like to hear if Gwin is going to YT or not
  • 3 0
 Amen brother!!!!
  • 15 1
 I wear earbuds occasionally when I ride on familiar trails, but it's always soft enough to hear what's going on around me. My rule of thumb is that it has to be quiet enough for me to carry on a conversation with other people if I come across them, but loud enough to drown out the panting bear running after me. Cuz if I don't hear it, it's not there . . . right?
  • 3 2
 Fully agree! But, I do from time to time listen to my iPhone when solo making sure to turn it down when around other people.
  • 12 7
 I hate it when riders wear headphones. I try and politely tell them I am passing and they dont hear a thing. You are polite and say hi and they have no idea you are there. Seriously, you are in the outdoors, enjoy it and get away from the chaos of the world!
  • 14 0
 I like playing some tunes through a speaker when hanging out at and sessioning a dirt jump spot, or doing some building. But if I'm out on a proper ride I prefer to hear my rear hub buzzing and my tyres rolling on the trails.
  • 18 6
 Speakers OR earphones, neither belong on the trails IMO.
  • 20 68
flag mango123d (Jan 6, 2016 at 2:11) (Below Threshold)
 f*ck you f*cks, I wear headphones whenever I want when I'm on the trail. Your arguments are bullshit. What about deaf people? Do they not belong on trails, because you cannot easily pass them? Entitled f*cks. Get over your wheenis ass selves.
  • 22 2
 Deaf people didn't choose to block out all the sound, so not the same thing. Lighten up Francis...
  • 7 0
 This would be better for build days than use while riding IMO
  • 5 2
 For those against earbuds, its amazing you know how loud they're playing the music... I mean as we all know, the only way to listen to music with earbuds is by cranking it to 10. Wink

It depends on the ride. Sometimes music is nice to keep a solid pace going or helping to keep focused on a solo multi-hour ride. I agree with everyone that loudly blasting music is f*cking annoying, haha.
  • 6 5
 Apparently you've never blasted a good pennywize album well shredding the trails. It's a great way to get pumped and in the flow!!!
  • 5 0
 Only music for me while riding is my bike smashing down the trail and the sound of high fives at the bottom.
  • 5 2

Pretty sure you can accomplish all those things with one earbud in. That way you're not an ass that can't hear anything as well. It's a win-win for everyone
  • 6 2
 Usually one always does. I've got some pretty cheap ones. I just disagree with having such a hateful attitude towards everyone riding single track with both earbuds in. You can turn them down pretty low, it hasn't inhibited my ability to hear what's going on around me so I find that prejudice to be really weird/unnecessary. Chill out, just ride your bike and enjoy the ride and handle situations if they ever come about. It's a win-win for everyone. We've all had at least one negative experience with every user, including mtbers not listening to music.
  • 2 0
 I've heard good things about these:
Not affiliated in any way, but I'm thinking about buying...
  • 3 1

The prejudice comes from history and bad experiences
  • 2 0
 You look like a turd.
  • 6 0
 I'm going to buy a $99.00 slope style flannel said NO ONE.
  • 3 0
 when i ride i want to hear the fucking birds not Justin Bieber cause your in a fantasy land dream riding in a edit.
  • 2 0
 I don't think anyone wants to hear Justin Bieber when they're riding!
  • 1 0
 Okay so musical taste aside it might work to let wildlife know your coming, in which case JB might work best to send those critters running.
  • 3 0
 Yeah, animals tend to have pretty poor senses. A bike moving through the woods wouldn't really cut it. Thank goodness for a device that can blast whatever garbage those damn kids are listening to these days.
  • 2 0
 Invest in a nice hub and tires instead. Thats the most beautiful sound there is anyway.
  • 1 3
 I don't care what you think but I listen to music out loud riding with my friends. Most people like it and think its cool. But if you don't like it don't be a wimp and do something about it.
  • 4 0
 Oh my, thank you for fitting the stereotype so well. "Bro you don't like my music, force me to stop playing it!" Good god, man.
  • 2 0
 You wanna rumble? Greasers vs. jocks? Meet me at the old mill; Friday night, 9 pm. Stay gold, Pony Boy!
  • 3 0
 Can we schedule a wheel size brawl too while you're at it?
  • 1 0
 Moral of this story:

Ditch the ghetto blaster, get earbuds but only keep one in.
  • 2 3
 Yeah you can still all blow me. Most of the shit I ride is directional. All I need is my eyes and arms and legs. I don't need to hear a twig cracking behind me. Can't hear it over my loud noisy hubs anyways.

But, you presumptuous twits ASSUME I listen to music too loud to not hear... And that isn't the case. Even when I have no music in I will sometimes STILL get run over nearly by a*shole STRAVATARD dentist types trying to correct their midlife crisis. No on the left, No passing, No behind you, just run me off the trails.

Moral of the story here is:

1) Most people are f*cking a*sholes
2) MTB Community full of opinionated c*ntsores
3) I like listening to music, so blow me.
  • 6 0
 ^ Moral of the story here is, I do not miss being a sexually frustrated and socially immature teen boy.
  • 1 0
 Shit wrong person, never mind!
  • 2 0
 No i think you got it.
  • 1 0
 Scott, was that to me? Ha.

Definitely not sexually frustrated, socially immature (well, most of the time) or teen (crap, that was like 15 years ago). I am definitely immature, though.

Hit me up, let's ride PC!
  • 2 0
 I accidentally gave @mango123d a +1 instead of a -1. Crap. I guess I was still stunned by the brilliance of "All I need is my eyes and arms and legs."
That is just a classic line! It gets even funnier when you say it impersonating different voices.
  • 2 0
 @UtahBikeMike nah man not you. mistakened mango for someone else.
  • 2 4
 You guys sound like some gigantic faggots. Seriously.
  • 3 0
 Oh look a gaper acting like an immature idiot. Shocking, you never see jerrys doing something embarrassing that makes you cringe... Wink
  • 1 2
 You're the ignorant f*ck that thinks he should dictate how people ride their bikes. I'm aware. I didn't say I couldn't hear people. Jump on the f*ckin bandwagon. I'm involved in the local trail system, I maintain a set of personal trails, and I also dig at our lift serviced bike park.

Never had anyone have an issue with earbuds except on the internet. Grow the f*ck up and stop trying to force your idea of the way things should be on other people. Literally, go f*ck yourself while simultaneously dying in a grease fire.

Should I not wear my full face because it makes me less aware and unable to hear as well? Same f*cking idea. Get off the internet and go ride. I rode 4.5 hrs of park today. How about you?
  • 2 0
 Man, I'd like to think I played a small role in starting this. @Mango123d .. your full face argument is a logical fallacy called a False Analogy. I also see a ton of Ad Hominem fallacies as well. Probably could also make a case for an Appeal to Authority fallacy as well. Want some help cleaning that stuff up?
  • 1 3
 oh, you took ethics 101. cool. did you take the class where you go f*ck yourself?
  • 1 2
 Your entire argument is based on a fallacy. If this were truly something that was a big deal it would be against the law. But... It's not. Your belief.. Is based on anecdotal experience or knowledge of some negative thing involivng music on the trails. I mean come on. I was trying to make a point but I guess it flew over your head. You were to busy using logical fallacy yourself to support your beliefs. Sbow me proof that wearing headphones is bad while riding bikes. What about hats. What about earplugs. Make your argument and then check it flawed logic. Like you did mine. Show the its a bad idea without using flwed logic. Or don't bother... I'm not going to respond again either way. Instead of condescending and trying to look cool and well read, why don't you look at my comment in the grand scope of this thread I was pissed at people bickerinf about fucking headphones. I said fuck you guys people can do what they want. Meanwhile people are getting upvoted for saying it in a different way. Wait I forgot you must be INFALLIBLE right. That's what you're eluding too... There's no way you could be wrong. Waste of time. Going to bed.
  • 4 0
 Good argument buddy. Calling names and telling people to fornicate themselves is a surefire way to win an Internet argument. Go put some earbuds in and ride your loudass hub for 4.5 hours in the park today.
  • 2 0
 Sleep well, I imagine you would be pretty tuckered after throwing all these fits Razz
  • 4 0
 hahaha I like where this headed.
  • 1 0
 It's been rainy in Van lately. I need a distraction!
  • 1 1
 This is funny as hell. I was just voicing my opinion and so many people hated what I had to say. #nochill2k16
  • 110 1
 The $100 slope style shirt makes me want to come and slap the stupid out of someone
  • 26 1
 Slap the stupid out of the person that set that price or the person that pays that price?
  • 55 0
 The answer is... Yes
  • 13 4
 same goes to branded plain white tees.
  • 4 12
flag mudmandhbrazil (Jan 6, 2016 at 3:35) (Below Threshold)
 Slap Pinkbike face for that
  • 5 1
 What about the $100 pressure vessel for seating tires that I built for less than $10 out of a coke bottle & some brass fittings?
  • 2 0
 $99.95 USD for a basic cotton shirt? Wait... what!?

I think someone must have misplaced the decimal point...
  • 2 0
 @groghunter: Well try filling the coke bottle up to 160 PSI and let me know if you survived the blast. I have made one too, but I get nervous when I pump it over 50 PSI (although it should stand about 120) and wouldn't want to move it anywhere while pressurized, the aluminum bottle seems way more confidence inspiring.
  • 3 0
 @Pedro404 have you needed 160 PSI? I've been fine with 60, even for plus tires. For really stubborn tires, I screw the cap onto a 2 liter instead of the normal 1 liter. 160 PSI is frankly more dangerous for blowing off the tire than the coke bottle exploding. (I actually blew up a few bottles playing with different types when I made mine. They just tear, they don't shatter.)

But you can build a pressure vessel in other ways if the coke bottle bothers you, a piece of 4" black pipe & endcaps would cost you less than $20, &easily hold the pressure... or you could buy a bigger volume of the same bottle they're using for $20

Seriously, it's a $20 retail paintball tank with a custom fitting. $100 is INSANE.

edit: look, a 5gallon, 125PSI airtank for $40.

again. $100 dollars. IN FREAKING SANE
  • 1 0
 @groghunter The price is too steep for me too, but I can definitely imagine someone richer than me buying it instead of messing with a DYI solution, so I can't fault them for the price if they've got customers, that's their prerogative. The 5 gallon tank is not a fair comparison, since it would be a bitch to lug around, but yeah, the price difference is definitely startling.

As for the pressures, I've had a few tires that didn't wanna pop in with 2L @ 60 psi, and my friend told me that once he had to use 100 PSI to seat something properly.
  • 2 0
 Offering something for sale/=having customers/=selling in enough volume to make a profit. As evidenced by Fox dropping the price of their dropper by $100 when they didn't sell in the quantities they needed.

They have prerogative to price something however they want. I have the prerogative to point out their product is a rip off.
  • 80 4
 Slopestyle shirt? Really? New years resolution... Find a new hobby.
  • 40 0
 Guess my plaid shirts are now "slopestyle specific"... maybe i can resell them for 10x what i paid...
  • 44 0
 100 bucks for a flannel shirt specific to dj. Alright... or like 45 bucks for a flannel specific to being a shirt.
  • 47 0
 This kind of product smells like rollerblading
  • 3 0
 No that was just a simple flannel and they were trying to make it something it wasn't 100 bucks for one is more than a rip off I can get the same thing and you might think this is weird but a nice quality good cool flannel at Costco for 7 bucks or you could pay 100 bucks for name brand shit
  • 4 2
 ever wonder why slopestyle riders don't get injured on hardfalls? It's obvious Martin didn't wear a slopestyle jeans that day.
  • 5 0

Please, take all my likes.
  • 4 0
 Dude, it's only 100$. Think of how good at slopestyle you'll be if you wear slopestyle specific everything; lol. Also, if you don't have certified slopestyle specific shoe laces, think of how they might get caught in your front sprocket!
  • 2 0
 If you get this Slopestyle specific shirt, then do you have to wear super tight Slopestyle specific skinny jeans too, with a shoe lace as a belt?
  • 3 0
 @chyu rogatkin must have been wearing his black slopestyle shirt at rampage as he cheated death a couple of times:
  • 9 1
 Listen guys, if you can't pony up for the $100 slopestyle shirt, Alpinestars also sells a $40 t-shirt that (and I quote) "can be worn both on and off the trail". What could be fairer than that?
  • 2 0
 At least it's not an enduro shirt.
  • 8 0
 Enduro shirts typically run about $150. You can't possibly Enduro in slopestyle shirt, so you'll need one of each. DH is another shirt as well.
  • 1 0
 @shrredderboy have you ever gone OTB with a normal belt buckle? It hurts cuz I jabs into your stomach. Shoestrings don't do that.
  • 1 5
flag src248 (Jan 6, 2016 at 8:19) (Below Threshold)
 $100 is expensive, buy not ridiculous for a good shirt; The name is awful.
  • 5 0
 @jbutland good point, i tried to enduro (xc) in my downhill flannel shirt once, but i literally couldn't pedal uphill, i had to get off and walk up all the hills - You gotta have the right gear!
  • 1 0
 If it was named an enduro shirt and Jared graves was wearing it in the pic then hell yeah I'd buy that sh!t. Cuz marketing.
  • 27 0
 Six six one pads look exactly like g form pads...
  • 2 0
 Ya, they have the same squishy/harden on impact stuff. I would get g form before those. I worries me that there is a short attachment system to keep them from falling... G-forms stay up and they don't have that
  • 1 6
flag larryssman7 (Jan 5, 2016 at 22:54) (Below Threshold)
 Even the XRD material is exactly what G-Form has been using for the last few years, nice try 661
  • 22 1
 That's similar to saying Maxxis made a new tyre out of rubber. Michelin have been using rubber for years, nice try Maxxis.
  • 3 4
 Not really paula... maybe if it was padding specific but its more like comparing specific rubber compounds
  • 2 0
 if they dont fall down in wrecks like my current 661 pads do i'll buy em.
  • 1 0
 But they have the cutout in the back of the knee. Lack of that is the only thing that bugs me about the g forms. These also look like they have a little more coverage in the shin.
  • 1 0
 Maxxis tried making pads, but the Maxxis pads were a bloody mess.

  • 21 0
 I miss the good ole days where these actually had bike PRODUCTS instead of accessories. I wanna see some deals on chain rings and grips.
  • 2 0
 And wasn't it $200 before?
  • 21 0
 where the f*ck am i?
  • 23 5
 Go home PB you're drunk. I hope you bought beer with the money you received for this terribad infomercial.
  • 4 4
 Pinkbike is sujesting products that they didnt testes??? What a stupid article... If they had testes perfect but how can you sujest something you didnt tryed????? Pinkbike need to change something. Like that article that sujest products with discount of 10%... That sucks
  • 10 0
 Props for the proper use of "testes" over and over.
  • 5 2
 mudman- I found these laying around and thought they belonged to you. Here ya go Smile ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • 3 9
flag mudmandhbrazil (Jan 6, 2016 at 9:24) (Below Threshold)
 Scott-townes at what time I can say f*ck you ass hole?
  • 5 0
 Why is this not at the top of the page.
  • 11 0
 Well that just won't do. I came here looking for an enduro specific flannel shirt. Oh well. Maybe next time.
  • 11 1
 It used to be under $200, why not 1000? What a deal
  • 11 0
 Then I read the article and the most expensive thing was $100. So confused
  • 7 0
 and a $100 "slope style specific" shirt at that.
that thing is stupider than "enduro specific" water bottles and other such bull shit that companies are pulling out of their butts to try and increase profit.
  • 10 0
 Forget the bladder, where can I buy those socks...?
  • 80 1
 They're slopestyle socks. $450.
  • 4 0

  • 6 0
 I'm checking the 'main shell' on all my shirts right now, see if they're up to spec...
  • 7 0
 That Alpinestars flannel is going direct to the clearance section.
  • 1 0
 Truth. It's products like these that make me think I'd do a better job of running a clothing brand than half the labels I see out there these days.
  • 3 0
 Certainly don't like the audio packs and stereo's that the world can hear, One earpiece is cool IMO as long as you can hear someone trying to talk to you. Makes no difference how good you are if someone is yelling "stop" or "lookout there's a pack of wolves chasing you! Hate it on the trails when people can't hear me saying "hello" or "passing on the...", Equally annoying on the ski slopes and chairlifts. Whats the point of good trail etiquette if the person can't hear you? Have to respect those around you.

*By pack of wolves I Obviously mean a group of ladies that just want to get a piece.
  • 5 0
 Anybody try those grips out? Or the esi foam ones?
  • 4 0
 Love the ESI foam grips! I've had them on my AM bike and XC bike and never had a problem. If you ride gloveless, they might get a little slick on long hot rides though.
  • 4 0
 ESI grips are fantastic and the ones above look equally legit. Install an ODI lock-on end-caps with plugs to prevent them (and your bars) from getting damaged. I'd personally never go back to lock-ons. You need to use a compressor and a spray bottle, filled with rubbing alcohol to install.
  • 1 0
 i use gloves. I tried the thick squishy oury grips and hated them, and have been thinking of trying the thinnish esi grips, but am definitely a fan of lock on, so I think I'll try the Fouriers first.
  • 1 0
 Curious about how long those lasts. It seems like the sun will go out before my rogues/oury die at this point.
  • 1 0
 Big fan of ESI foam grips. I tried to locate an online dealer for the Fourier grips. But they wanted $21.00 in shipping. ESI grips it is.
  • 3 0
 Those 661 elastic straps at the top and bottom look like they belong on underwear, not visible. Seems like a bunch of random items.
  • 5 0
 Shop at thrift stores and drink plastic 40s
  • 5 0
 PB should just open a webshop and directly hock this sh1t to us
  • 3 2
 Nice idea
  • 1 0
 I'm trying to figure out the reason behind that air bottle.
I watched the vid-albeit with no sound- and it appeared that dude had to plug in his floor pump to the air bottle, then the air bottle pumped up his tire?
I'm gathering that for the MAGICAL price of $100, this thing converts your floor-pumped air into bead-sealing air.
But for like 50-cents/ea., I get Co2 canisters that pop the beads on my tires every time. Plus, they also fit nicely into my pack or SWAT hole so I can use them to re-inflate a flat on the trail.
So the air bottle would take me 200 tire-inflations to pay for it, and even then I'd still have to keep buying Co2 cans so I can use 'em on the trail.
  • 1 0
 Well , I guess the bottle dumps the air into your tyre in a larger single push, which is what you need to seat some tubeless tyres. This is why people use compressors instead of track pumps, but compressors aren't always that transportable. This sort of product ( there is also a track pump with reservoir ) is something I'd like to have in the car for holidays.
  • 2 0
 You can do the same thing with a Coke bottle.
  • 1 0
 Do show yours
  • 1 0
 Look it up on youtube.. Just search for make your own tubeless inflator
  • 2 0
 yup. coke bottle. there's a thread on Vital as well. I went super fancy & used brass fittings instead of just old tubes like that one, still spent less than $10. I might steal the screw on fitting off a Stan's injector to make it really fancy. For $20 total cost you could probably build the vessel itself out of a short chunk of 4" PVC.

$100 is ridiculous. Especially since, looking at that bottle, it's likely just a paintball pressure tank.

Also, there's contention that using Co2 messes up the sealant, so I avoid using it for seating.
  • 2 0
 Coke bottle. I call it my bottle bong. Cost me nothing and works everytime.
And whats with that sealent? Stans is supposed to do 6mm and fails so what hope has something that can only do 3mm have?!
  • 1 0
 I've been thinking about it, this may prompt me to actually write an instructable on building one of these suckers. I've been wanting to put a guide up for a while, as all I've seen as far as instructions were single pictures & "figure it out" answers. not that it's extremely hard, but the one I made is a lot easier to build, & probably use, for the $7 in brass fittings I bought, vs the almost free version with the old presta valves cut out of tubes.
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 Can someone please explain to me how it is a good idea to get a $100 flannel shirt when I can drive over to my local Target or Walmart and pick up a normal one for like 15 bucks?
  • 2 1
 Pick the 100 especificamente shirt and be a dick
  • 6 0
 Well... The one from walmart Is not slopestyle specific....obviously....
  • 2 0
 I will say that the more expensive button ups I pick up fit better, & are more durable than the dept store cheapies, but I use Steep & Cheap or Clymb for that, never going to pay full RRP, which even then, isn't $100 for the ones I'm getting.
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 Anyone else wonder if that airshot is really just a paintball CO2 tank rebranded with a fitting to use with a bike pump?
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 The fun thing about that, is you aren't allowed to refill those style tanks with air, because they corrode(from the water in the air,) you have to buy the more expensive ones. for using the air compressors at paintball places.
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 100 slopestyle shirt. What the fuck guys.
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 I'd like to hear what yoda Waki has to say on the whole music blasting out rider's backpacks and the theory of elephant mating.
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 And Remember to DOUBLE anything in GBP for us Cannuks Getting humped in the marketplace.
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 those sixsixone knee pads look like worth getting
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 where is the world going if they begin to produce slopestyle specific stuff ? Big Grin
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 Yeah but ESI grips are a pain in the butt to get on
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 I thought so too. You need windex. It has to be windex. Crappy store brand glass cleaner and glass cleaner in aerosol cans doesn't work.

Spray it everywhere on the bar and inside the grip. Use gloves (i use my riding ones for extra grip) and slide 'em on.

I slide a small allen (like 2.5mm or 3mm) underneath and spray windex along it. Capilary action pulls it in. I do it in 4-5 spots and rotate the grip until it's loose. Then i get my riding gloves and they slide off super easy. They don't need to be cut off and can be reused.
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 Ethal alcohol inside and out and jut twist, goes right on and evaporates in seconds.
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 Yeah I got them on it was just a lot harder than lock-on grips
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 Correct. But some rubbing alcohol at any drug store for $3. You now have a lifetime supply of grip installer.
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 ^And brake cleaner!
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 Air compressor for ESI grips easy On easy off
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 Yup, back before lockons were common, air compressor with a ball needle was a super common way to uninstall grips.
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 Hairspray works well too, slips on nice and stays in place and doesn't rotate on the bars after it dries/cures.
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 Sorry but that was just disappointing...
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 have you even seen your username?
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 Your username is disappointing
  • 1 0
 No dirt jumping with that shirt.
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